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I just reviewed your script, it is good overall but there is a lot to improve starting with the most important concern, 190 ms from server location and taking around 6-7 seconds to get the website completely loaded.

- ReCAPTCHA to register and no ReCAPTCHA for voting? My recommendation, use ConfidentCAPTCHA or the new ReCAPTCHA API. - No cron jobs? How often are the servers being queried? Servers are queried everytime a user loads the index.php page? - A lot of SEO improvement starting with page titles.

This is a constructive feedback, I perfectly understand that you submitted this script 1 day ago so it is totally reasonable to have some stuff to improve.

Thank you for your response. I will do all what you said and also improve more other scripts. :) Servers are queried every 5 minutes

Glad to hear that :)

Hi Kakis10,

I’ve installed this correctly, but my page now looks like this:


How to resolve this?

Hello. ( We would love to contact you with skype to quickly solve your problem ) At first is this a hosting or local server on pc? What do you write in (Domain URL) at installation step? – How to write right? + www.example.com ( If this used then use website like http://www.example.com ) + http://example.com ( If this used then use website like http://example.com )

What about “rewrite” module is it Enabled?

For better support we can contact with skype. Skype: puressuport

All the best Minecraft server list websites have a monthly auction where server owners bid real money to be in the top 5.

The top 5 winners get their banners placed on the home page of the website above the other listings for the entire month.

We need these features so we can compete with these big vote list websites.

Here’s an example of one of the auctions: http://i.imgur.com/KlwtRkD.png

If you add features like this that the other vote list sites have you’ll out sell the other server list scripts here easy.

Ok , in version 5 i will try to add this cool feature :))

I uploaded all the files and then when I go to my website to run the install I get this: http://i.imgur.com/MBHU2dN.png

But, I never did the installation, it just thinks that I did.

Uhh, again this problem… I’ll fix it on next upload :)


The Live Preview seems to not load/ work correctly.

Regards, Caleb


Security question: Name of website? what website should that be ? do you want people to try the demo I suggest an easier question

Changed. Not used anymore.

Hi I contacted you on skype for help :) please accept

Accepted. :]

Hello good, install and perfect but now when you click on a menu item brings me to this link: http://www.dev2.duplet.lv/

Have u done everything what install says? Invite me in skype: kastad12

Is this is a top server list php script ? for minecraft

Yes . Sorry for late reply.

Check your Skype accounts and accept, i can’t seem to add servers it keeps saying they are all offline?

:) Ok , we fixed that.

My installation is stuck at “Please check if rewrite_module is enabled!” What am I supposed to do here?

Any new updates?

I’ll like to purchase! Can you give me your Skype! to contact?

WTH, Your script is not working how can I run that? my site alexaplanet.us

wait for update , i’ll try update it asap. sorry for late response .

I brought this, it says there is update, the index page (on this site) says that there is V5. But my version is V4..

I added you on skype, please respond.

New skype: mindaugspo

sorry for late response.

The demo site is not working.

I know , making update on project , will come out soon .

When I go on the website it is just a blank page (I have php installed and I have tried on 2 different hosts neither works)...

Ok, so I found out it was my php version I was using was wrong, now I have everything done in installation but when I delete the install directory and go to the website it tries to bring me to the deleted directory even though I already setup the thing… I did all the steps, changed the url, have my domain correctly working and have mod_rewrite enabled I don’t know whats going on here… Heres a screenshot with the green check marks: http://imgur.com/a/KinNv