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hi, I just found: Pure CSS3 Shadows set 1 ….

a question: can I apply those effects easily to images on my web site?

question 2: it works on iPhones, right?

Thank you, Really.

Rotem Bor

The answer for your first question is yes,you can. It is not tested on IPhones and I’m not sure if it works properly on it.

Have a nice day :)

The effect is not display properly on my website.. confused!

Send me a link to see what is wrong!

does this work with any image size?

Css code is not responsive and you will probably need to make small adjustments for your needs

but lets say I have 10 different image sizes, can I use this code to apply shadow to all 10?

Hello, is there is support for this item, I purchased it , but have issues with using it !

Nice job! Well done!