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Pre-purchase question>

Hi, you’ve crafted a pretty awesome menu system. Would I be able to use it on my wordpress site?


If possible, how hard would it be to implement? I’m useless at php but can hold my own when it comes to CSS and HTML .

If you are using static menu for wordpress then you can use this menu, but if you want to use this as dynamic so you need to do some custom PHP coding for that

Nice menu! Will it work on our Bigcommerce template?


Thanks, Yes it will work.

Hi, we just purchased this and would like to hire you to implement it. Please advise.

I can implement only CSS and HTML. I am not able to implement any dynamic site.

Hello, I wan to know what is the difference between u & this :



I don’t know the difference.

Thanks and Regards,

Is it possible to have the navbar collapse to a singe row with a hamburger icon on mobile (small screens)? I can’t have our navbar be multi-line on mobile. Thanks for answering.

Hi there, can I make it shrink and let it show only the menu icon when screen size is less than 760px? thank you

for that u need to edit CSS media query

Hi. The menu overlaps the content of my page. How can I fix this? Thanks

you not purchased item then how you can say this thank you

The mobile menu do not work in the examples provided for the sections labeled: Services

Can you please look into this as soon as possible.

Thank you,

yes sure Thank You

Any update on this? Please let me know

I m working on that sorry for delay


I love this menu but can I have a rollover option?

I mean instead of clicking the menu to have a dropdown what about a rollover to get a menu?

I will be expecting your feedback, thanks.



I am really interested in this code of your but I just really want to know the responsive framework you used. Is it Skeleton, Foundation, Kube, Boilerplate, Zebra, Gumby or Bootstrap etc. Your answer will help me know if I can easily integrate it into my website.

I will be expecting your answer, thanks.

its is custom css no framework use for that

Hello, Something is wrong when I clicking the menu to have a dropdow but it is back and it wont front show of dropdown next slideshow.

you get my email?

yes i got

Dear please check your mail

I’m not purchase, but before that I have question is it possible to have an arrow indicator when there is a dropdown menu. wait your answer the I’ll go for it.

Yes but we need to add manually and need to add some css classes Thanks

Can you please confirm if this is IE8 compatible? The Item Details say it is, but in the sidebar under Compatible Browsers it does not list IE8? Thanks

there is bug in Services Menu Tab ….. It is not working on mobile devices.