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I would like to buy it, but i don’t know how good it will be implementing in bootstrap. But looks great !

Thanks….. if you need support, i will help you.

Brilliant menu! Really awesome job on the aesthetics and the quality of the code. Its really sleek and your instructions and much better than average. Good luck with sales, it deserves to do very well. 5/5

if you really like drop-down menu then please rate it

Yes. Done. 5 stars. Best CSS3 menu out there.

Thanks for getting back to me on your other Menu Offering. Yet, this one may be exactly what I need.

Will I be able to easily integrate it with Wordpress?

Yes, If you know wordpress PHP coding, and functions then it is possible to integrate.


I’m useless with php and functions but well versed in php and html. Currently I use Catalyst a Framework like Genesis. Take a look at the navigation I currently have on the site: http://videoseogo.com


This menu is responsive but itself?

I mean the same code will work for the full-width layout and for the mobile? or I will have to use a spesific code for the responsiveness?

no same code,

I have a problem sir I purchased your item and i built a website using Furb Foundation 5 and I cannot see the menu with my mobile

Hi im trying to implement it but i got this http://findportugal.com/testpage Can you please help me? thanks

Hi – love the menu. How does it degrade in older browsers like IE 9 or 10?

Thanks, Mark

Hi, I didn’t understand from the description, screenshots and video if the menu will work on mobiles and if will drop from hamburger icon. Can you please confirm how it will work on touch operated devices. Thanks in advance, Simon