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There is a possibility to close the menu after click? thanks

Hello. It is css only menu, so it closes when you click a link and going to other page or when you mouseout the dropdown menu.

Menu is just great! That search feature is robust, implemented it immediately, but still can’t figure out Font Awesome integration.

Thanks. I am glad you like it. Please, send me an email and i’ll help you with that.

hi, is it possible to deactivate responsive option of this menu ? thanks

Hello. Yes, of course it’s possible. You just need to remove responsive section form the “pcss3mm.css” file (lines from 715 to 949).

Thanks for your help. My last question is can we change the icons ?

It’s very easy, you just need to change class of the icon. All available classes you can find here

Would it be possible to have a style for seperators? This would allow for visual grouping of menu items.

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. I do not quite understand your question. What separators do you mean?

Would it be possible, even if js is required, to have the menu open on the side where space is available?

You can choose side of the drop down menu by adding appropriate class. If you want to do this automatically you need to add some js code. By default mega menu doesn’t have this options, because it’s pure CSS.

Is it posible to combine the different templates ? I mean one nav bar with: Pin/Unpin and to colapse in a single line on mobile. :)

Hello. Yes, it’s possible.

Last question: is it possible to auto pin the menu when scroll down ?

Yes, but this function requres a little bit of javascrit usage.

Hello. I sent a support message a few days ago, and wondering if you can help me?

This isn’t working on mobile (or any Touch device that I’ve tested)...

On mobile, when pressing the “MENU”, the “HOME” link immediately appears, and also gets immediately selected. This makes it impossible to use the menu.

—this is because with no “hover” state on touch devices, the menu only opens with a click.

Maybe on menu-click, if the menu appeared/opened below the word MENU it would be ideal, but I’m not sure which elements to move.

Hello. Sorry for the delay. I saw you message but now I am in vacation and don’t have my workstation with me (i have only ipad and can’t solve this issue with it). I’ll back in a few days and first of all i’ll try to help you with this problem.

Works like charm + magic. Absolutely sexy, this menu is! Now just a quick question, how can I have the Collapsable mobile version and pin it to the top? Can’t figure it out?

Rating this +6!!!

Hello. Thanks a lot.

As for your question, it is very easy, you just need to add 2 classes to the menu container:

<ul id="pcss3mm" class="pcss3mm pcss3mm-fixed pcss3mm-collapsable"> ... </ul>

Did you get a chance to fix the issue identified by creativecomponent yet? I too cannot use this on touch devices or else it launches the home button link…

Hello. Answered to you by email.

Beauitful! But I’m a beginner,still trying to put in my web!haha

Thanks. If you need any help feel free to contact me:

Hi Voky

I purchased this menu and found with something i have not been able to fix, if you access my site you will notice before the tab “Share” there is an extra line between the other tab for that reason i have a empty space between the two tabs, can please tell me how to delete that extra line.

Regards, Juan


Thanks for the purchasing. Please sent me your code to and I’ll fix this issue.

Is it possible to use other icons along with the font awesome icons? Can you use just a standard img tag ?

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. Yes, you can use regular images, but there might be some problems with alignment. If you will have this problems, send me your code to and i’ll help you to fix them.

Is there a way to update font awesome to the latest version (3.2.1)?

Hello. I already created an update and posted it to the CodeCanyon. But it takes some time while it will be approved. If you need it right now you can send me a message to and i’ll send it to you immediately.

I’d like to put 2 menus with a different theme on the same page. Is this possible?

Hello. Yes, it is possible. Please, send me an archive with 2 menus to and I’ll combine them.

I am interested in purchasing this menu. I see in your demo that the first level links are floating to the left. I would like to have them float to the right in the section of the website I am working on. is this a simple fix?

Yes, you can use left and right positions. If there wold be some problems you can alway email me and i’ll help you to set up Pure CSS3 Mega Menu.

Hi Voky, How can I center the whole navigation in the screen, I don’t want to float left or right.

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. By default, there is no possibility to center menu elements, but I can create a small css modification for you. Just send me an email to

Can this menu be done vertical with popouts?

Hello. Unfortunately, there is no vertical layout. You check this menu:

Uh-oh I have my menu beautifully set up on my desktop. I just went to use it on the iPad and I’m having the same issue as creativecomponent. Would you be able to post the fix?

Another thing that I added might be of use to you, is that I have added some Javascript and CSS to detect container edges so that the drop-down menus don’t go off the page at the extreme right!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Sorry, I’ll correct that slightly. I’m not having the exact same problem as creativecomponent, but the issue is that touch is not just opening the sub menus, it’s activating straight away! So instead of clicking to open, and another click to choose another option, the menu is just going to the first clicked item :-(

Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. Please email me to and I’ll try to help you with this issue.

Regards, Voky

Hello. Nice menu. I purchased your menu and now i have a problem. After menu i have an image with link. When i’m hover a menu category, menu dropdowns, but when i want to click a submenu option i can’t, submenu disapear. Can i fix this?


Hello. Thanks for the purchasing. Can you please provide me a link to your site? If you don’t want to post in in the comments section you can use form on this page

Regards, Voky

I fix it. I forget at the end of line ” b / b “

Great. I’m glad that problem solved!

Hi Voky

Now, responsive menu it’s opened when mouse it’s hover. Can i change it by mouse click?.

Another question. Can i remove child li options when it’s on mobile responsive version? Ex:

Menu -Marketing —-Social Marketing -Human Resources —-Laboral

I want to remove Social Marketing and Laboral when it’s showen on iphone or ipad


Hello. Unfortunately we can’t change mouse hover on mouse click because it’s a pure css menu and I can use only hover event. And yes, you can remove child options on mobile version. Just send me your code to and i’ll show you how to do that.

Regards, Voky

Hi Voky, I’m trying to add validation to the login form. It works OK if correct details are entered but when the login is invalid the screen refreshes and my error message appears by itself on a white screen. Is there a way to display the error message in the dropdown maybe below the Submit button ?

Thanks in advance