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On Chrome fonts are not clearly viewed.

Thanks for you comment. I already fix this problem and now waiting when the files will be updated.

File were updated and problem solved. Once again, thank you for you feedback!

Nice work looks good. Good luck with sales.

Thanks a lot!

Looks very nice!

what I would love to see are “infield-labels” (as fourth type) and also “support” for IE8 (at least), even if that would need some jQuery…(as also the infield thing probably does)

keep up the nice work!

Thanks for your comment. I’ll add the infield-labels tomorrow and next week i’ll see what i can do for IE8 support.

IE8 support released. Grab a new version!

Yes, IE 8 support would be great.

Unfortunately there are enough people that still use it. (I think it is around 15% at this time, then there’s ie 7 and all that.). Why won’t they just die?

The check boxes and radio buttons don’t display when they are selected in IE 8, which is a problem if 15% of visitors to a contact form can’t use the check boxes or radio buttons.

Otherwise the documentation is excellent and the code is very easy to work with. One of the better ones I’ve come across especially for flexibility.

Thank you for the hard work, just voted 5 stars. I’ll watch for updates that will hopefully address older browsers.

Hi Voky. I uploaded the latest update and everything went seamlessly. Things now work well for ie 8 without any issues, within the limits of that browser version anyhow. Now all that is left is to hope that ie 8 dies a quiet death… never to be seen again. Thanks for your hard work.

I’d vote 5 stars for this script but it looks like I already did that initially. So 5* here. Thanks.

Thanks. I am very glad that you liked the form set and ie8 update.

The live preview doesn’t show. hH17 fails to load. Wanted to view it on a mobile device before buying. Kindly fix that. Thanks

Hello, I just checked the screencast ( http://www.screenr.com/hHl7 ) and it loads correctly. If you want to check this forms on mobile devices write me an email through the contact form on my profile page and i’ll give you a link to live demo.

Is there a Date field? How will you suggest for date fields to be handled? Cant see any sample in the screenshots

There is no date field. You can handle date with combination of inputs and selects. For example, day and year are input fields. Month is select field.

Any examples how this can be easily accommodated as Modal Forms?

Thank you for purchasing. I’ll create modal examples, but it requred javascript usage, so you can find them in nearest update for this item http://bit.ly/YuVzej

Great. When can I expect the update for Modal forms with overlay? Secondly, would I have to buy that package (the one in the link provided by you) or can I pay just for the upgrade?

I’ll release them in a few days. That package counts as another item, so you need to buy it.

Do you offer implementation of this code into the existing forms on client’s websites for extra fee?

Hello. No, I don’t offer additional services.

If you are considering buying this form, definitely do it. Voky helped me out via e-mail in less than 20 minutes.

I didn’t have to buy an entire admin template just to gut the forms, this is such a perfect product at a perfect price!

Thank for your words! I am very glad that i could help you.

Hi voky, seems awesome. Just a question before I buy, does this form export to a email or excel? I am planning to use it as a registration form for sweepstakes. Let me know and thank you.

Hello, thanks. This forms does not include server side scripts, so there is no possibility to export data to email or exel.

This looks good and My requirement using .net controls… Will it work for that?

Yes, i think it will work.

Regards, Voky

Great job on your Forms. Polished presentation. Finish the presentation by maybe turning on your microphone.

Why would you do a screencast without including audio telling what you are doing? It alleviates replaying, pausing, trying to analyze paused screen captures (with dimmed overlays that block the view of your beautifully designed forms) and all of the inherent difficulties with communicating online through forums and screencasts?

It took 15 minutes to view your video clip because we had to pause and replay it about 20 times at various spots. We could have watched it once (3 minutes) and known what you are doing and what you are selling if audio was included.

Maybe, you have a health issue with vocal chords, or another matter. I don’t know. But, a microphone is cheap. Enabling it is even cheaper. You can take my comment personal and be offended, or take it as constructive advice and boost your sales. It is intended to be constructive advice. Just sayin’


Thanks for your comment. I’l think about adding voice to the video preview.

Regards, Voky

Hi Voky,

I bought this forms set some time ago. You did a great work!

Do you know any way to include tinymce text editor? When I do it, the text editor renders terribly :-/

Thanks in advance :-)

Hello. Please send me an email (from the account that you bought forms set) through the contact form here http://codecanyon.net/user/voky and i’ll help you with this.

Regards, Voky