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Great form, but just discovered that including the maskedinput script file means no text field icons. Bummer.

Thanks. You can use icons with masked input script. Here is the demo http://voky.com.ua/demo/pcss3fs+js/mask-rules.html

Oh, ok.. what I was originally trying to do was use a combination of both the validation and maskedinput together, with icons.. and that’s where I started having trouble. Is that also possible? or am i pushing it too far?

I think it’s possible. Please, send me your code to voky.com.ua@gmail.com and i’ll help you to do that.

Hi Voky im interested in your form. I need a contact form but i need 2 fields for Date in and Date out, that pop up a calendar when clicked, would that be possible?

Hello. Yes, it’s possible. You can see demo with datepicker here http://voky.com.ua/demo/pcss3fs+js/hor-ext-datepicker.html

Hi, does this form allow dependent sub-fields? For example, specific form fields will display based on the selection of the first form field?

Hello. No, there are no such functions, but they can be easily created with a few lines of code.

Voky, what are the differences between Sky Forms and this set besides the validation? Is this the “PRO” version?


1. This forms set uses javascript and has validation, masking and modals. Sky Forms is a pure CSS solution without javascript features.

2. This is not a PRO version of Sky Forms (hope PRO version will be released next month), it’s an extended version of this item http://codecanyon.net/item/pure-css3-forms-set/3968049

It would be great if you added an additional css for a fully responsive form meaning: you can add break points where it switches from column to horizontal to vertical layout itself. I did this by myself but that would be a nice if it was included.

Thanks for your advice. I already did that with my css forms here http://codecanyon.net/item/sky-forms/5009033 and will add this feature to this forms too. But but it will later, after release a few new items.

Nice form set! I now need to integrated one of your forms on my WordPress site. Any suggestions or comments?

Hello, thanks. I think there should be no problem with wp integration. Just include proper css and js files and copy html layout from the demo page. If you have any problems send me email with link to your project to voky.com.ua@gmail.com and i’ll help you.


In the documentation you explain each functionnality separetely, but together there are some points to correct : – if you use masks and validation for a same field, it’s ok untiil you clear the field. It says it’s ok with the green border, but it doesn’t match with the mask (I attempt to have a correct input). – if you use validation and just placeholder (no label) for a field, the “red cross” appears under the field


Hello, Sam.

Unfortunately, it’s very hard to document all specific situations, so if you have any difficulties with some functions, you can always email me to voky.com.ua@gmail.com and together we’ll solve these issues ;)

Regards, Voky

Any news on an update with input-file field? Thanks

Which is better? “Sky Forms Pro” or “Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking” ?

Does “Pure CSS3” have anything that “Sky Forms Pro” doesn’t have? Does “Sky Forms Pro” have anything that “Pure CSS3” doesn’t have?

Once I have heard from you, I will make a purchase. Thank you.

Hello. “Sky Forms Pro” is definitely better and more featured than “Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking”. It has ajax submit, ajax file uploader, toggles, ratings, large amount of useful examples, etc. So I recommend you to use “Sky Forms Pro” instead of “Pure CSS3 Forms Set + Validation and Masking”.

Regards, Voky

Thank you, I purchased Sky Forms Pro.

And thank you for the purchasing. Hope you’ll like it ;)

I have emailed you with my doubts. Can you please check it out and reply to me. My email is jaguar@hitechforums.net

Regards, Jaguar

Hello, Jaguar.

I sent you an answer yesterday.

Regards, Voky

Hi can this be used with asp.net webforms. What about file upload control.

Also, is it possible to disable spaces in the username or use regex in usernames.


johnmax2010 – right

john max 2010 – not right

username should alow only alphanumerics without trailing spaces and space in between.


Sent you an answers by email.

Regards, Voky

hi thanks for the reply,

but pls help me how to validation using regex in jquery as well, for usernames, filter file types, required files etc.

Please, for support questions use email instead of comments section.

Hi, how do I add an email address for the submission?

Hello. Just sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

Can you please resend. I never got anything. Thank you.

Hello, please send me a message through the contact form here http://codecanyon.net/user/voky

Regards, Voky


drop down list does not work if i click on the Down Arrow. For the dropdown list to work i have to click on the middle of the element.

pls fix it


also validation does not work with asp.net ajax update panel

Hello, please send me an email through the contact form here: http://codecanyon.net/user/voky

Regards, Voky

Can I use ASP tags with input fields? e.g. <asp: TextBox ID=.... </asp:TextBox> etc.



Hello. Sorry, can’t answer this question. Never worked with ASP.

Regards, Voky

I am trying to get my form field and submit button in the same line (inline). Is there a way to do this? For example, just a single email address input box and the submit button right next to it on the same line.

Hello. Just sent you an answer by email.

Regards, Voky

i bought this long time ago, however dropdownlist does not show down arrow in firefox, any help for this

Hello. Thanks a lot for your message. I’ll fix this issue asap.

Regards, Voky

can you post any fix here if it is simple, i can update my codes. thanks

Hello. I can send you an updated css file. Jusl let me know your email.

Regards, Voky

Hello! I’m having some trobles with with JS1.6… Is it possible? Placeholder not shown, similar… Suggestions?

Hello. Please send me a support email with a link to your page and i’ll be glad to help you.

Can i easily integrate this plugin with a bootstrap 3 website

Hello. Yeah, there must be no problems with it.

Regards, Voky

Hey, i love the script! I’m curious, how do i place the error text within the input fields, instead of being below them?

Hello. Thanks! By default there is only one version of error positioning. So to get another placement you need to edit css file.

Regards, Voky

Hi. Bought and like it.

Just small tip for the future development. Miss “ready from the box” real responsive layout. Yes, there are both horizontal-responsive, and vertical-responsive. But, first is unreadable on small screens (labels and fields in one line – no space for it), second looks hilarious on big ones.

The real responsive – should be mixed. Looks like horizontal on big screens (to use their width), and switch to vertical on small ones – to keep it good looking and clearly readable on both big and small screens.

Keep the good job!

Hello my friend! Yeah, i understand what you mean and i’m totally agree with you. And this why in my next product http://voky.com.ua/showcase/sky-forms-pro/ i made some improvements to the layout and responsiveness. Maybe you can use it instead of this one.

Regards, Voky