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Really nice job…you should do some multiple column and mixed content from a dropdown (like a multiple colum at the top with a full span with photo and text to the left).

It would really make it a standout menu.

Nice Job!

Thank you, I think it will add in the next version

Nice menu, first one that showed up this morning. Is this touch enabled also as in the other menu you have, I like this styling very much more and do I have an option of removing the icons with just a drop arrow where needed. Purchase eminent !!

Thank you! Yes, it is possible to remove icons where you need it :)

Thanks, I found that no icons came with it though. I will re-download it and see. May want to check that file if you included them.

This menu uses the font-icons http://fortawesome.github.io/Font-Awesome/icons/

I am currently working on an update and will be more detailed documentation, how to use them

Can you please get me implemented for the wordpress?? I want to add it on my wordpress theme, possible?

Please let me know asap.

Hi, I plan to implement the menu for WordPress, but not in the near future

Hello this doesn’t seem to work in IE 10 or 9. Can you please fix this since it says its compatible?

Here is a link showing you what i mean – I really do love the menu and would like to use it but need it to be working on IE 9 + 10.

Thank you! An urgent reply would be GREATLY appreciated.

further – we have got it working on IE8 by default, no problem there (and were using your live demo, not our own demo/code) if this helps figure it out

I found that in my demo menu not displayed by default in the frame, open the my demo and click “Remove frame” on the top left, or go to http://1.s3.envato.com/files/60708881/index.html

This works well if you are not going to use this menu in the frame I think it will not hurt :)

However, I’ll take the decision of this problem in the near future

Sound be able to work with that :-) Thank you so much for your support and excellent product – love the design!!!

Got it all setup; looks great! Not a coder but can you tell me what i need to do in the css file to make it so the menu isn’t as transparent but more of a solid? just wondering how i can adjust it for the drop down menus and where i saw the opacity settings under the h1.page_title figured i was in the wrong area.


I really enjoy this particular drop down menu. It adds a nice touch to my site. If you could, though, please tell me how to get rid of the background that came with the menu and change it back to my own. I’ve tried over riding it and nothing seems to work…


You must to include to the page of your site only css-file with name “css3menu.css” from the folder source/css, and no other one.

Is this menu responsive?

This menu have no responsive option

That’s a shame – but thank you for your quick response

In the documentation, the links to “show code” under each item do not work, they show a grey drop down about 2 lines deep. For a CSS newbie, this makes understanding and amending the code impossible.

That works perfectly -thanks

Hi – that link no longer works

Hi! I pay for this plugin 6 $ not 4$!And when i try to install it on my wordpress theme there is error:not valid.How to resolve it!

Hi, This is not wordpress plugin, it’s simple css3+html menu

I go to wordpress plugins and i wrote vertical menu and i find your menu. So now what to do with this thing that i can’t use.!

I’m sorry about your mistake, but i can’t help you, please contact Envato support http://support.envato.com/index.php?

you sorry about my mistake or about your “mistake”????And the mistake is that i search a vertical menu in the wordpress plugin and find your scam that you sell for 4$ but you should pay 6$.WOW

I do not make the rules of the search, and I did not set the prices for my goods. So that these claims are not related to my work

Hi, I plan to use the menu on Webplus x8, do you think it will work, and I don’t have to write any code with serif and hope the same with your software

Hi, Sorry, I can not say anything about WebPlus X8, but to create a structure to this menu requires writing HTML code

Thanks for your timely respond,

hi, I am very interested would it be possible to have the menu like the example here http://www.lws.fr/hebergement_phpbb.php#Tab0

Please Thank you.

Hi, You can see all the available options in the Live Preview video

Hello Sir,

Cannot download the item that i bought. There is no link for downloading this item dropdown menu you have. Please reply and refund my money

Regards, Ariel

Hello, yo can find bought item in Download menu, http://ameego.ru/pic/img/1441699171.png

Unfortunately I do not have opportunities to perform refund. You can contact support Envato

Hi i want apply this style for this code : < div id=”menu” > <?php $menu_language = (isset($_COOKIE[‘ts_language’]) ? $_COOKIE[‘ts_language’] : $defaultlanguage); if (file_exists($rootpath.’/’.$cache.’/menu_’.$menu_language.’.php’)) require_once($rootpath.’/’.$cache.’/menu_’.$menu_language.’.php’); else require_once($rootpath.’/’.$cache.’/menu_english.php’); ?> < /div >

Hello, Sorry I can not help you with PHP.