Pure CSS3 Animated Buttons Megapack

Pure CSS3 Animated Buttons Megapack

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Pure CSS3 Animated Buttons Megapack

This Set Of Buttons Are One Of It’s Kind It Will Give You Power To Customize The way You want It to Be.It Will Give You Choice To Give Animation Effects To Your Buttons To Make Your Buttons More Interactive.This Set Of Buttons Also Includes Shadow Effects,Rotations,Outline,Multiline Buttons,Opacity,Text Shadow..etc.It’s Very Easy To Implement There Are More Then 50,000+ Possible Combinations Possibles And Every Thing Is PURE CSS3 No Javascripts ..


  • PURE CSS3 Buttons
  • No Images Require
  • 51 Color Variations
  • Easy To assign Diffrent Colores In Diffrent Button States
  • 20 Different Shapes
  • 9 Button Shadow Effects
  • 8 Text Shadow Effects
  • Very easy To Customize
  • 17+ PURE CSS3 Animation Effects To Choose From
  • Very Small In size
  • Only One Master CSS File Contains Everything
  • Smooth Animation
  • No Bubbling
  • 50,000+ Possible Combinations
  • Degrades Nicely On Older Browsers
  • Works On Input,Link,Buttons And Div Also
  • Auto Resize As Per Font Size and Length
  • Supports Side Image For Simple And Multi-line Buttons
  • Also Supports 2 line Buttons
  • Ability To Rotate Buttons,Textbox,Images Using Pure CSS3
  • Included Detailed Documentation
  • Option To Give Outline To Buttons
  • No Javascript Requires At All Everything is Totally Depends On CSS

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