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Hey sent you a PM about getting the latest update.

I’m gonna check it and answer ASAP.

Hi can you send me the update please

Please contact me at

Can people sell items and owners gets a cut like codecanyon can admin approve items is there built in way to contact sellers for support

Yes, it’s possible to contact sellers through Profile page like codecanyon.

Is it possible to charge percentage from the transaction?

Yes currently possible.

Doc links are down

Docs are available offline, just ask.

I’m interested in buying this script. Can you add the option to add an audio demo for digital products, like a mp3 upload?

Hello and thanks for your interest. It’s easy to add so yes I can quickly.

I think it is very important for a digital store to have this feature, many people sell music, sound libraries, etc. Can you tell me when you can include this feature?

Please send me an email at now and we’ll discuss about it !


I want buy this script, but without documentation, I can’t.

Where I can found docs please?

Best regards, Alex

Docs are available when you purchase the product. It helps you to install Purchasify.

Is there option to add coupon code to shopping cart so that customers can get discount on their purchase? Also would be great if customers can add multiple items to their cart before checkout and also have option to “continue shopping” and have ability to select relevant products :-) Can you build this into the script? Thanks.

Hello, thanks for your interest. These options are not planned at this time, sorry.

Not anymore sorry but you have screenshots.

this item doesn’t work undefined functions and no documentation at all

Documentation is available if you ask it. And functions are working. Please contact me if you need any help.

Documentation is available if you ask it ? why I have to ask for documentation while you wrote ( There is a full documentation included in every copy of Purchasify. ) your script doesn’t work man, so update it or just refund me.

Not available anymore.

Please provide me the documentation it does not work, and the installation process just leads to a blank page.

I’m gonna send you documentation files through the email you sent me.


krvaM Purchased

hello, u have demo?


Keston04 Purchased

Hey The Document Isnt Working Can You Please Fix Or Send ?

Hello, you just received a new answer to your last email.


Keston04 Purchased

Ive Jus Sent Another Email Apologizing In Advance If Am Asking Of Too Much

Hello can you please refund my purchase?

You rate 1-star, you’re not answering my email but you ask for a refund, sorry but sounds crazy !

You’re the one not replying to e-mails. I sent an e-mail 6 days ago stating many bugs and never received a reply – I also asked for a refund in this email. This script is full of bugs and many things aren’t working. For the third time, could I please have a refund? Thanks.

I was interested in checking this out. Other people have asked for a live demo, which you’ve responded “not anymore.” I’d love to know why that is, why are you no longer allowing potential buyers to preview what you’re selling?

The answer is really simple, I don’t own a server anymore where to host a preview.


krvaM Purchased

where i can find the changelog? you can show me?

Hello. I’m interested in your website, I need this to rent or sell 360 VR Videos, will this work for me? Do you have a live preview so I can check website?


There is no live preview but the script is working on the way of Sellfy.

check email. tried to install this on a web server and localhost. web server gave me a 404 error ( not found ), and localhost redirected me back to the dashboard. ( localhost/dashboard ) i either need a refund or help asap.

I’ve answered you :)

come on now. I sent you multiple emails and you haven’t responded. its been 3 days. I want a refund.

anyone please send me doc files…..

Hey please send me the documentation, here is my email