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When is the update coming?

I am stuck on step1 – doesnt do anything, just shows: “Install Purchasify Multi-Vendor”

I just checked the code – i am still stuck on installation – however: I can just recommend anybody to NOT buy this script. It uses very old MYSQL commands that are outdated many years and are NOT secure – example:

$connection = mysql_connect($sql[“host”],$sql[“user”],$sql[“pass”]);

i can sell audios in this marketplace script? thanks!

Nope but this option could be easily added.

ok, that would help, can you let me know when is added so i buy the script?

Sorry for the misunderstanding, this could be added as a freelance job.

Hi, it´s easy to add fields at product form registration ? Would like to buy but need to add some fields and how them at product page.


I was looking you admin .. for multivendor, there is no fee for marketplace ? Like seller gets 90% and marketplace 10% on sale ?

I’m interested in your script but Paypal and stripe don;t work in our region.

i would buy this script if you can consider or

i just want user to be able to add deposits to their account with this payment method and use their deposits funds for purchase.


bought Spreadrr before, can you please help me to send checkout.css , checkout.js and coutries.js ? because the website spreadrr not working now. Thanks

ONly paypal? no credit card? stripe?

No have new upgrade for see? Or new theme of or codecanyon… And pay for Stripe crédito card

add category display menu on header area.. so i will purchase your item

No have new upgrade for see? Or new theme of or codecanyon… And pay for Stripe crédito card

No have new upgrade for see? Or new theme of or codecanyon… And pay for Stripe crédito card

I can’t get this working, no account 404 error… even the damn documentation isn’t working.. does this guy even care about his customers? please help!

If you read the notice on the top of item’s description you will see that I’m not supporting Purchasify anymore. Thanks.

Is this same script which was sold as SELLIFY script?

Here is an access to our documentation:

You could still contact me at hello[at]

My pleasure :)


razooo Purchased

When is the new update?

Just an update for bug fixes and links updated but you need to wait reviewer approval.

Is this open source?

1. Do you have skype or discord? 2. What’s the Requirements for install Purchasify?

3. Does it have email templates, and does it send emails?

Yes of course but please, what you are asking is described in our product description.

This is a pre-purchase question im just looking around but with yours is there the possibility for the license feature i.e. regular and extended and ratings, comments and the checklist offered by envato Included: Quality checked by Envato Included: Future updates because with these this would be a top notch script

Hey why is installation not working. I am stuck at installation. The system does not save data into the database.