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Nice work GLWS :)

Thanks again :-)

Are the images built into the app or is it pulling them from the internet? Thanks

There is a plist file in the app with list of image URLs. Images are fetched from the internet.

Hi! Looks like a Good Source Code. Can you give me the documentation file before I purchase?

Hi, there is no source code samples in documentation. There is only explanation of how you can change the image URLs. It’s super easy to customise, simply edit the included “Puppygram.plist” file https://goo.gl/kbhyqd. The plist file is converted in Array. You can easily change the source of URLs and modify to your own needs.

I Know there is no sample code. I was just hoping to check if everything is doable from my side. anyways. does the code have a privacy policy included? as far as i know this types of app should have one.

Thank you

Yes, iOS app needs a privacy policy before submitting to App Store. This code doesn’t have a privacy policy. You will need to add it later when you are ready to submit the final project. http://www.iubenda.com is good.

hi is there any ad network on this app (admob…)

Hi, currently no, I will probably integrate admob in next version.

AdMob is integrated in the project.


Is there any sharing system for each single image? (other apps, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, save to device…)


I purchased it, thank you!

Hello again, I have a small problem: I’m trying to download remote images with 300dpi, but the app transform them to 72dpi, could you check it please?

Hi, images are scaled and inflated. Inflating compressed image formats (such as PNG or JPEG) can significantly improve drawing performance as it allows a bitmap representation to be constructed in the background rather than on the main thread. If you want to remove this I will send you a replacement method by email so you can try is it working in your case. Send me an email so I can respond. Best Regards

hi..i’m interested to buy this. im noob..so, can you please tell me the requirement to edit and build this code? i want to try to publish in appstore to earn a pocket money.. what version of x code i need? because i only have macbook 2008 model identifier 4.1 with osx 10.7.5(lion),therefore the only xcode i can get is version 4.63.. is it sufficient?

Hi, you need Xcode 6 to run this project. When you purchase the project you will find a document how to setup the project and quick guide video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m43KWcy4g2A&feature=youtu.be

thx for the reply. well if the requirement is xcode 6, then i need to wait to get my hands on a new mac before purchasing this and join the developer program..

I hope you will purchase a new mac soon. Best

Can it be changed to load the image locally?

Hi, need extra charge? Can email me the quotation?

Ok, no problem, send me an email, I don’t know yours. Best

Fantastic job


Will there be an android version?

Hi, for know no, there is no enough sales. Android developer started developing it but I told him to not waste time. Best

Hi should I add the images only through the plist file? anyway to upload it online like control panel

come one Brom waiting to buy it asap

did you forget?

Hi, sorry. I didn’t forget. I just don’t have time this days and I will have to create a new update and then a new video. Firebase and Fabric are merged together now so i need to modify the app. There is few new functionalities. Best

I’m trying to use offline url for the images So I create folder and put a pictures but it gives me loading mark and the image doesn’t appears the problem with the path or what? pics/Untitled0-ed2.png and /users/admin/Desktop/puppygram/pics/Untitled0-ed2.png

Find the method didReceiveRemoteNotification in AppDelegate.swift file and remove it’s content. Best

that caused errors !!

Hi, if you don’t want push notifications at all. Open Capabilites on Xcode and turn of Push Notifications.

“App is downloading images from internet and it can work with firebase also. If you need offline images, I can send you modified version of the app if you want. Best” <—Hi can you send me this modified version?

Hi, for No such module, you have to open the white icon, the workspace. For offline version, send me an email on brommko@yahoo.com. Best

Ok. I sent an email from escothservices at gmai..

thanks for your solutions. they worked. I have one more issue. when i change the name of the .jpg file and run in the simulator (the file was also placed in the image folder). The simulator just freezes on the intro splash page. and there are warnings in xcode.

i have sent an email about this. please take a look. it includes screen shots

Hi Brom, How to change the colors it’s very complicated

do you have facebook and twitter installed on your iphone?

this the simulator

try on a real device

Hi there, I am interested in purchasing, however, before I purchase it I was hoping to clarify whether it is compatible with iOS 11 at this stage? If not, will you be updating it to work with the new firmware?

Thanks for your support!


currently it is not compatible, I will try to update the app soon.