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nice menu – would be interested in purchasing if you had an extended license.

Thank you for your comment RedFlamemedia,

All the products already have an extended license, but Envato change their site and now is a Combobox or Select next to the price.

Cool thanks didn’t notice that – Envato should change it back – in that case look forward to getting an extended license soon!

Yea, but anyhow, I hope this help you and have a nice day


Pre-purchase question: I quickly read the documentation and it seems as though all the links need to be established through the javascript function. Is there no way for it to use HTML content like a lot of these other menus? My menus are generated dynamically into HTML

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Puma Sidebar is generated dynamically, the position is fixed left or right. But as yo say, you can’t add custom HTML content.

But tell me what kind of HTML content do you want to add, maybe is a good thing to add for an update.


I buy this script but not work in a old version android (2.3.4) with the default navegator.

is posible solution?


I tested on Android v4 and iphone with ios 6 and 7 and works well.

I will need to find some kind of emulator to check, but I can’t promise a solution right now, give me some time to find at least someone that have that phone.

I already have a slider in my page that requires Jquery 1.7.2. It doesn’t work with newer versions. Does puma works with 1.7.2?


I just tested with that specifict version and works.

Check: http://sistematicocr.com/images/atiredDemo.png

It works like a charm. I had to customize the CSS and got answers from the author in less than 24 hours. Great customer support.

Hi, im already using swiper in my application, when i use this menu, everything goes wrong. i saw that you are also using swiper and this why there is conflict. what can i do?

P.S please add swipe and drag event (using Hammer js), and also make option to impliment this plugin on html menu (pre generated html), so you only need to impliment the open / close functions

thank you!

Hi OriTheMan,

Can you send me a link of your site using my profile? so I can test it and fix the problem?

Hi, i fixed this by changing my swiper classes. i recommend you to change in the plugin the classes to avoid from conflicts.

there is any option to create my own menu and just implement the open / close options?

another problem is on android the opening is laggy and not smooth

Hi, your own Menu? Well, yes and no. Not with the Puma Sidebar, but I will help you with the hide and close functionality.

For free of course :)

Prepurchase Q:

There seems to be no menu tag (action button) that is ‘flying’ with menu (when menu is in hidden mode).

Do you have an option to add one? like this menu for instance?


Let me know thanks!


Hi, I see,

Unfortunately no, but I’m giving a function that shows or hide the Menu.

In other words, you can use the click or touch function on any element just by adding a click function on it

Hi, there, i alredy purchase this beautiful sidebar, but i dont know how make it works on adobe muse. help me, please.

Hi, Sorry, but I don’t know what is Adobe Muse. I can help you with the HTML, CSS, or some incompatibilities

Adobe muse it is a plataform to make sites, there is a option to put the html, but i dont know how link the css appropriately

I see, but I can tell you, just to be sure the reference to the CSS and JS are valid, and in the page that you want to launch the sidebar call the plugin.

Can you upload your example, and show me, maybe I can tell you what can be happening

Good day,

The menu icons used in the Tutorials… are there more, a list perhaps, or is that it?

Thanks IH

Hi, will do thanks! Last question – and sorry for the ignorance – is it possible to call the menu with a javascript function instead, reason being I am using multiple buttons in the same page to call the menu and not only one…?

Thank you, IH

Never mind, I figured it out!! :) Thanks, I enjoy working with your menu! Freakn’ awesome!

Thank you Whoweez :)

Pre-purchase question : I would like to know if there is the possibility of Apiro the theme without the ‘effect of translating the page content, but simply resizing.

Example : http://preview.nyasha.me/?product=sublime

Thanks in advance

Hi Gurnaz

I don’t understand your question. Puma sidebar can push or not the page if you want. But I don’t get your question… Remember that I only give support to my plugins.

Thanks for the immediate answer, of course, my question was pertaining to your plugin.

What I mean is an effect like this


As you can see the content you resize once you open the sidebar You could have an effect like this with your plugin?

I hope I was clear enough

Sorry for the misunderstanding, I check that page on a cellphone and looks almost the same.

Sorry, but Puma Sidebar comes for now, with that animation only. Maybe in the future I add more.

7 months ago. nathobson asked a question about using HTML because his web site is dynamic. I now understand his question because I am having the same issue.

Other menu software allow you to simply add html divs and classes to the body to generate the menu. I have a page that generates itself dynamically using smarty template but it will not process your javacript dynamically also. It seems. to me when I write in html I copied from our menu it works but if I have to use your javacript to define the links I can’t let the smarty template engine to generate links dynamically too. It creates a conflict.

I will try just to insert html – Divs and classes and see if I can get it to work.


I understand your question, but that is not possible, because I use JavaScript to create a very responsive navigation when the user touch the menu on an screen, also it can be use to scroll to top and bottom or other page sections and the possibility to add custom links and callbacks and other stuff

This is more than a simple menu, sorry about that.

Thanks for your response. You have been very helpful in addressing my questions in the past. I understand your point.

hi, just about t buy but I have 2 questions.

1 can I reduce the width of the menu bar?

2 Can this be added to any html website?



Q1: Try using this CSS


width: 300px !important; }

Q2: Sure, you can added on any HTML website, is pure Javascript and CSS. But, if the browser do not support Javascript it will not work

Hello… Can you help me to put this sidebar in my site?

my email: julianzamora10@gmail.com

Sure, I am writing you an email right now.

Is there a way to have the sidebar be in the same position as everything on the website? In other words not have it push everything to the right or be overlaying thing? Also, is there a way to remove the close button?

I see, currently is fixed, push is optional.

To hide the button, you can add this class:

. psbClose{ display:hidden; }

Is there a way to manage the links and sub categories of links from some kind of admin/dashboard interface that can be created rather then editing the code?

Hi, sorry, but there is no way automatically.

Nice looking item. The docs link doesn’t work so I have a question. Can I have it show by default and the user can close it?

Documentation on the main page is fixed, thank you.

Yea, you can do that perfectly fine, this is a javascript menu, so you can hide it or show it at will

Hello, I am using the Avada theme http://theme-fusion.com/avada/. How would the fixed top menu affect this your side menu? Also can the button to open the side menu be placed in the top menu of this theme?

Also, how would one go about installing this menu on a Wordpress site?

Hello, if I can use any button to fire it the I can place a link/linked icon in the top menu that will trigger it right?

Exactly, that is some of the benefits of jQuery, you can trigger an event on any html element.

Even a picture, link, div, ...

Unable to get the menu to work in a bootstrap 3 setup. Is this platform not supported?

Unable?, The menu is not showing? If that is the problem, something must be wrong, because works with bootstrap 3, make sure you are not importing twice the jQuery library, as you may know, bootstrap comes with a version of it.

If that is not the problem, can you upload the page or send me a demo to check the issue?

Use my profile to send me an email, (you can’t attach anything there) but I will write you asap

in Desktop version is it possible to keep some part of menu to show the small icons?

Well, the icons are font-awesome icons, also, they hace a class, if you want you can create a CSS or something to resize those icons easily.