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unvote is good feature, but the problem on this script is that one can unvote a vote that it isnt his vote. We should only be able to vote positively at the begining, then if a positive vote has been made by user, the possibilities of unvoting. Like on the websites you pretend to imitate.

No, that’s not correct. You can only unvote on your votes.

I luv this script. cyberbuff please help to get only number of vote by id , $pulse->buttons($row[‘id’], 0); <—this for total vote and like button right? so i need only the total of vote without like button. :) before i need to disable like button until my user not login on my website so they can see only the total of vote and not able to vote as anonymous.

Could you please send me a mail from my profile page, along with the URL of the page where it is not working?

Please check i send you email, :’( thank you!!

Sorry but didn’t get any mail. Please send a mail to abhisekdutt gmail


Just purchased, and would like to track “userid” instead of the “ip address.” Please advise.


Hello Thomas, Thanks for your purchase. This is a bit complicated but I would try my best.

Take a look inside PulsePro.class.php file. All functions are documented so you won’t have much problem understanding how they work. The `vote` and `buttons` functions are important. They make use of other functions. The first function makes the database transactions while the second builds up the gui.

Actually, to be simple, we need to replace the IP field (in the database) with the user_id field and replace `$_SERVER[‘REMOTE_ADDR’]` with `$_SESSION[‘user_id’]` or a cookie.

I hope that helps. Cheers!



On a php page, I would like to place 10 vote buttons for users to select. However, I only allow each user to select a max of 5 out of 10. What would you suggest?


Hello, You need to hack on the Javascript. Get a counter for each vote, accessible on the page by all vote buttons. Every time user votes, the counter increases. And on each vote, check if counter value is more than 5. If so, tell users they have voted too much! :-P


this is a nice script and it works well on dekstop browsers but I can´t get it to work under iOS(7). It does not recognize the onclick Event I think. Do you have any solution for your script to work with iOS?

Thanks in advance.

Hello un1ty, thank you for your purchase but I am afraid, I don’t have any solution for it, atm. I’d look into the matter and try to fix the issue on the next version. I would suggest you to please go for a sale reversal, if you are not happy with it. Sorry about that.

Pre-Sale Question: Can I use this script on HTML pages and/or non PHP pages or do the pages have to be PHP based? I am using a Moto CMS template to build my website therefor I can only use html and the HTML has to be embedded within widget boxes, please let me know if the script will still work.. Thanks!

Hello, Thanks for your interest but I am afraid this script works only on PHP based sites. :-(

Hi, is there a way to have a list of top 10 best voted?

Yes, thats great, but… I would need it to have a link to that page where Voting Component is, and percent bar, and i would need to have it publicly somewhere on my webpage so how visitors could have some feedback what are the most voted posts… Is this possible? Thanks!

Yes, that is very much possible but it needs to be built. Straight out of the box, it doesn’t have that feature, I am afraid.

Is that a difficult task? Also I think that this would be a very good feature… Do you do custom work or something? Thanks!

I put the code in the page and page is blank…...

Fatal error: Class ‘PulsePro’ not found in

I have all the config files correct.

Thanks for the purchase. Sorry for the late reply, was on a vacation. It looks like the path to PulsePro is not correct. Could you please check that? If the problem persists, please send me a mail from my profile page.

how many pieces can be installed in a single article ?

Hi cyberbuff, I want include your script in “ConfessionBox – PHP Confessions Script”, Could you explicate me how to make it support the loop? best regards

Sent you a mail! ;-)

I use a post slider for different pictures each page break, With other plug ins it will count the same like for each page break/picture, I want it to have a different count for each slide, can this plug in do that?

Yes, that is possible.

I could setup. please include a sample configuration file

Warning: session_start() [function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache limiter – headers already sent (output started at /home/imalatta/public_html/2/index.php:30) in /home/imalatta/public_html/2/pulse.config.php on line 6

White blank page all url in config are correct and so is the php no errors just blank screen

Do you have plans to update the script?

Is this script still current?

The demo site DNS is missing.

can the posts be sorted like They have it sorted by popularity. Most popular one top

Hello Mr.Cyber Buff, When will work your demo admin panel, because I want to try your product before are buy them?

How to change the like to a thumbs up and thumbs down?

figured it out