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We received an email notification from your support team that our Support account at NowSquare was temporarily suspended. We need our support account turned back on as we paid for your Pulse Platform script and app separately – We merely responded to our tickets and your “comments” and was in the process of showing bugs before you suspended the account. We even asked you for a private post or email to send Please as we ask kindly again as we sent a support msg turn it back on. We paid for products and support. Not suspension. We expect a quick response. Thank you.


TXTFox Purchased

Also something you seem not to grasp. You did business with us when you collected our money for the script and the app. That is defined. Also – who is destructive? All we did was ask for support and point flaws in the script. You seem to ignore and just block our support. Where will our refund for support be? We have already paid a dev to work on the app and script and we dont plan on taking a loss over your laziness to listen to your projects flaws – so please explain how you wish to settle this.


TXTFox Purchased

We have NOT heard from you As you have cancelled our support 2 weeks after purchasing both of the products we demand a FULL REFUND.

Go ahead and request a refund. I don’t mind giving you your money back, but I don’t consider bugs or lack of support a valid reason. You received about 3 hours of support, but got rude if you didn’t like the answer or if it took too long in your opinion.

Hello I have pre-sales question. 1) Is this application compatible with eddystone so end users can get campaign notification via Chrome without downloading the native app.I donot want to make app download mandatory for users .2) Can I configure all beacons available in market with this platform or I have to purchase any specific beacon.

First, Merry Christmas everyone!

Many people think Eddystones can send notifications without having an app installed, but that’s not the case. There are three type of Eddystones and one of them transmits URLs, . Users needs to “scan” the area to see if these beacons are present. More info on how to do this:

You may already know the above, but I get his question a lot and you don’t need any specific platform to use URL Eddystones. You can transmit any url with these beacons. Also to mobile or landing pages created with Pulse.

And you should be able to use any beacon which uses the iBeacon protocol with the platform. Or more specifically, with the app. Because app development knowledge is more important for this platform than PHP knowledge. You can even create your own app:

Hello, I liked the product of yours in codecanyon, product is: I wonder if you guys can just leave it cleaner to use like this platform here: Because I want to use for marketing in (stores, shopping, market), generate information about items in museums, airports. I do not need those other items that come along, you get to leave with this platform and when it would cost to min. I need the platform (webserver) and the app (android, ios) in phonegap (javascript). You already have these products, would only need some adjustments like removing what you do not need that I listed above, can you do that for 400 dollars?

Watch these videos: 1 – (Https:// 2 – (Https:// 3 – (Https://

What I need, the rest that the platform of yours has not precise, if it needs to be modified, to get there, paid up to 500 dollars.

I sent you an email too, we can talk there. Not private.

Hello, the Landing Page Builder SAAS and the Mobile Site Builder are included in this package? Please confirm. Thank you.

They’re integrated, not included as seperate installations.

Hi! Can I integrate your loyality platform into this pulse platform? Because my clients need to create coupons and grow their members list. So Can I connect with loyality platform to create coupons? Thx.

Integrating as in combining the interface and access all features from one dashboard, no. That will take a lot of work.

Hi There,

Is there a iphone app where i can test?



Sure, please send a message.

Where can i send a message’s? :D

I read your “read this first” message which says everything short of this does not work and it’s half done. Are you any closer to putting out a product that does NOT have bugs and needs some other developer to fix it?

I don’t know why you felt the urge to post this, but you clearly didn’t understand the message. There is a demo so you can see how “half done” this is. This is an IoT project and I want to prevent people buying who have no knowledge about beacons. It’s no exact science and this is no simple form post script which just works or not. It depends on many factors.

Hi there. Great app Im keen on purchasing it. One thing though i would like to know if users would have to turn their bluetooth on to access the bluetooth beacon. If so that would be a tricky one since most users would feel insecure with their bluetooth on. Which other cost effective means can i use to connect?

This depends on where you live in the world, but the idea that bluetooth is battery draining and insecure is outdated. More and more people have gadgets like watches which require bluetooth. Besides, you can have a concept where people are willing to turn on their bluetooth. If you have an exposition and people can get additional information or discounts by using the app.

Thank you for responding so quickly. I will do a bit more research on it. Is there a specific model of the Bluetooth beacons i should get? Please recommend. Otherwise your app is great i love it and will be purchasing soon. Thank you once again.

All bluetooth beacons that use the iBeacon protocol should work with the app. AFAIK all beacons use this protocol, otherwise they’re called Eddystones. Please keep in mind the app is an important part of the project.

Hi, I have some questions,

I have to say that you have a awesome product.

1. Is it possible to have different apps on IOS/Android that work with the CMS/backend system. 2. Can I example make the beacon’s to work on all pages without scanning a QR or entering a code.

Kind Regards Sam

Thanks! You can have as many apps as you want. Pulse Places is an example app that uses the platform’s API:

Apps are the most important part of the proximity features, so I always advice people only to buy if they have experience building apps.

It is possible to create an app that loads scenarios without scanning a QR or entering a code. With Pulse Places you could achieve this by adding “default_bookmarks”:

Hi… Your figth with TXTFox finish? Solved? Because im need invest in beacons and use you platform to my new projetct, but not secure with position to NowSquare about bugs corretions and new updates. Do you clearify to me? tks.