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Hi! Nice product but isn’t your product and the link below same products?


Moreover it shows this product is exclusively sold on Codecanyon but on the other hand its actually being sold on the above website too via paypal.

Strangely when I try the live demo on Codecanyon and click on “GET PULSE” link it is taking me to the website https://www.pulsecms.com/ for buying and NOT codecanyon market place.

What’s the difference in the product on the link I have mentioned above and the product on codecanyon?

Look at your profile status on the right take your mouse over the pink hexagonal image it reads “Exclusive Author…..” Whats the difference between the two products? one here and the other on your website?

By the way, click on ‘Live Preview’ button on your product page. On Demo click on “Admin > > ” Now Click on ” GET PULSE NOW” and it is sending a visitor to buy from your website and not codecanyon.

Thanks @prosenjeet – changed

The product is the same on the site and codecanyon accept the one on the Pulse site comes with full support (codecanyon only 6 months) and access to other SEO tools.

Odd that the price is different here than at http://www.pulsecms.com – is this really your software? It looks like PulseCMS has some heavy license requirements. How does that work with the Envato license system?

Thanks Lucas – yes it is odd and torpedos the main site so have asked Envato again to adjust to $39 – we have no control – they set the prices unfortunately.

Yes it’s really my software and in the process of changing my user account to show that.

No heavy license requirements – just pay per domain like with Codecanyon :)

Sorry i dont trust you, if you want that customers trust you then open a sticked thread on pulsecms forum as admin about the product that you are selling here.

Thank you.

I understand but to be honest, I’m really shocked by such a frosty reception / welcome in general. Codecanyon looks like it has a lot of claws in the community. Just very surprised :(


I actually purchased this item from the official site, and I’m upset that I paid a lot more for it than its listed here. I’m also upset that it says it’s an exclusive product to Cold Canyon when I currently own this license and purchased from their site. I hope for your sake this is your software and if it is I’m a paying customer that’s upset that you have it sold for two different prices. Part of me wants my refund but I’m not going to stress it.


Don’t fret it’s teething issues here on codecanyon. It’s not exclusive to codecanyon, that was an admin setup mistake. The price is also too low and dictated by them. If it’s not raised, it will have to be removed from here.

Also the product you bought comes with full support (codecanyon only 6 months) and access to other SEO tools.

does that mean, that I have a front-end for any html template ?

yes :)

I meant, HTML Templates from themeforst not by your CMS ?


You buy a template and then add a couple of Pulse tags and hey presto, CMS HTML site. Should take around 30 minutes.


@sanayar2008 its a backend for every html template.
- new folder (you can name it) with the cms inside
- and instead of < p >your text< /p > a “php include” which implement the content of a text file -> no database needed - inside the backend you can create the text-files for your php-files (.html have to be changed into .php) and include the snippeds into them. - Editing the text can be done with a WYSIWYG editor

Really easy management within a small amount of time. When its correct that “rangerman” is the new owner than buy it fast before envato change the price ; )


(just for info – I have no partnership and still not participating in any kind)

Thanks @extensionforge for the review and endorsement

I’ve been using Pulse on both personal and client sites for a number of years now and I love the simplicity and ease of getting stuff done.

I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share links here but feel free to ask questions if you have any.

Thank you Timoid! :)

You wrote as a reply to someone here and I quote :

“The price is also too low and dictated by them. If it’s not raised, it will have to be removed from here.”

That means if someone buys your product on codecanyon and codecanyon Admin do not increase the price as expected by you, you will remove the product and the buyers who bought it from codecanyon will be stranded without support and future free product updates…that’s certainly not fair!

No…. you’re putting words into my mouth.

If someone buys then and that happens then I will communicate with them directly / privately and come to an arrangement. Why do you think buying from codecanyon guarantees free updates? The license agreement with Envato doesn’t require that and is up to the author.

But at the end of the day, Pulse is a real application and we want to help freelancers and developers be awesome at their projects. No one is trying to swindle anyone. It’s a win win.

But envato launched this product too quickly and are too slow to communicate and have set the price too low so yes there’s teething problems but we’re in this for the longhaul and will support anyone and everyone as best we can.

Can everyone just calm down please and get back to making great work and enjoying the early summer weather?.. thank you.


Best of luck with the product ;-)

Great – thanks!

Very cool to see this in the CodeCanyon community. PulseCMS has been around for a LONG time and its amazing to see how far the code and concept has come since the early days. Maybe we’ll also see some of the theme designers for pulsecms also dropping their themes here as well. :) (I’d buy a copy but already own a license.)

Congrats and good luck with the project.

Thanks @benjamin for the nice words and appreciate the feedback :)

Yes that would be amazing.

One of the goals with this is to open the connection between Envato + Pulse. Could be two way. So the Pulse 3rd party developers can sell their Pulse CMS plugins and themes on themeforest + codecanyon; and themeforest makers may then decide to start to theme for Pulse. Which would be lush.

If there are any authors you can recommend / push to do that, that would be much appreciated :)

One last question before I buy.

Now that codecanyon has revised the price as per you – $39

Do codecanyon users get unlimited support as those who buy from your site and do they get access to other SEO tools on your site?

I ask this because you wrote this as a reply to a person who had bought it from your site.

...Also the product you bought comes with full support (codecanyon only 6 months) and access to other SEO tools….

Yes. Now that the pricing is the same, the offer is the same.

If you buy on Codecanyon you are also a member of the Pulse community and family.

Officially on here you can only get 6 months of support. However if you are license owner (from here or Pulse site) you can join the Pulse community forums and also email for support anytime.

We’ll also give codecanyon buyers access to the SEO tools and other updates and addons that come along.

I’ll update the download for Codecanyon for that. However if you buy before the update goes through, email me from the support panel and will send you direct :)

Be great to have you on board and part of the growing Pulse community.


Lealmar Purchased

I bought your product and it’s as if I had come down here TRIAL, I put my license Codecanyon, but my manager keeps saying TRIAL AND UPDATE. How to get the valid license since I paid?

Thanks put your codecanyon in without any ”-” in it – let me know if that works. If not, please DM your serial to check..

Sorry I clicked “moderate comment” as I thought the link in there wasn’t right, but it was ok :( Apologies.

Hopefully you can see my comment above. Be good to hear/confirm you got that M

Hello, trying to buy the “Ultimate Version” from your main website and it is not working. It connects via stripe, the other version use Paypal. Can you advise?


Tim – please try and purchase this again from the front and this should now work. Just sent you an email about it.

Let me know and great to have you on board! Michael

I also bought this from the main site many years ago… if in doubt – don’t be.. .its a great product, with excellent support and a welcome addition to CodeCanyon!

Thanks @yuraku for such a lovely comment and support!


bet0x Purchased

I just buy PulseCMS, kinda nice and kinda dissapointed. First of all, Notice: Undefined variable all over (Yes i desactivated your error_reporting). Second, your rewrite rules don’t handle private directories. If you call /admin/inc/ you will get a few errors more.

I hope you fix this ASAP, those are errors wich can lead to an attack.

Thanks and great to have you onboard!

Thanks for the feedback and will get on and test that right away. There shouldn’t be anything visible in /admin/inc – it should just 404?

Hi there, can i write cyrillic url?

I don’t see why not! Pages are encoded with UTF-8 so it should work in any language

I like the concept and I’m sure you have many loyal followers who are willing to pay the $40 for what I’m sure is quality software, but I think you are scaring off a fairly large part of your potential new customer base with the price (based on the number of reported sales so far). There are many other similar CMS’s on here packed with 500x more features for half the price. While I now understand part of the beauty in pulse is its simplicity and that alone probably makes it worth the $40, I think a lot of people are going to look at pulse, maybe mess around in the live demo for a minute or two, not quite fully understand it, and immediately pass it up because of the price (or at least that is what I did at first)... When compared to other CMS’s in the same price range, pulse looks rather basic but as I know now, that’s only because it functions in such a different way than all the other CMS’s. If it was <$30 I would probably jump on the wagon. I’m not asking you to lower the price for me or anything like that- just offering my 2 cents. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for the feedback @deviation56

Appreciate your comment and as you say part of the beauty in pulse is its simplicity and that alone makes it worth the $40. We sell this also outside the Envato marketplace (non-exclusive sales) and has been used around 4,000 times. That price is the same across all places to get Pulse.

Our goal is to help designers and site makers finish their client work with style, ease, less stress and look great. So a lot of hard work goes into the software and the community and that also means that the $40 also reflects the value this CMS creates and matches our vision and the direction we are going in.

Thanks again and hopefully you’ll be able to consider using Pulse in a client project in the near future.


If i purchase it, How can i integrate it to a html template? Is it easy?

Thanks @maniero!

Yes it’s really easy.

You can create (or buy from ThemeForest) an HTML template and just add a tag or two and off you go. Takes a few minutes.

Add this:

<?php echo $parsedown->text($content); ?>

in the body where you want the content to appear.

See the help section for more info: http://help.pulsecms.com/article/17-template

And let us know anymore questions

What are the improvements in version 5?

There are so so many. Already 100+ but we can’t list them yet as still only version 4.6.2 and 5 no ETA on release yet :)