Pulse CMS

Pulse CMS

Modular website building

The first of it’s kind here on CodeCanyon. Flat-file CMS!

New in version 4.6!


  • Migrate / Import blog feature! Import your Wordpress, Tumblr, Blogger, RapidWeaver or any blog using an RSS / atom feed and migrate to Pulse without manually porting it over! Text, videos and images included.
  • Draft blog feature! Add “draft-” before blog file name to put it in draft mode so “draft-1.txt” etc. Delete “draft-” to put it live.
  • New Pulse logo added to admin UI and login
  • Colours updated for hierarchy and on brand
  • Updated UI – removed footer – version number added to config file and help added to header
  • “Update” is removed from the footer as Pulse is now available to download on site, newsletter list and so on
  • Japanese included as default included language (with English and German)
  • Upload images can now be resampled or original quality. Good for creating an upload repository for photographers for example.
  • Markdown now included in Blocks also
  • Default timezone now JP baby!
  • Reqs information now included in admin/install.php for easier server checking after uploading (diag.php now install.php)
  • Anyone still using less than PHP 5.2 gets redirected to install.php to make them realise they have to upgrade – even PHP 5.3 ended support in August 2014!


  • Gallery outline bug fixed
  • Top referrers in Stats links now fixed
  • Ordered lists and un-ordered lists now appear in editor
  • Security fix
  • Various RSS & Blog error fixes
  • RSS now works with http or https + tag content now appears in rss.php