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Hi, great item thank you very much!

I have a problem that I could really do with your help on if you don’t mind? I have made 2 widgets on the left hand side which work fine but when I place another 2 on the right hand side they do not show. If I inspect the element I can see that they load and the positioning is determined by the widget size but unfortunately they still do not show. Could you help me please? Many thanks.

Hi there,

could you please post a link to the page in question? I’ll be happy to take a look. If you wish, you can email me privately via my profile page.


Hi there!

Thank you so much for replying, I really appreciate it. I have just emailed you directly via your profile page. Thank you.

I am having trouble… I am trying to get this to work !

“show_on”: “click”,

It still working as “mouseover”

I changed the setting, uploaded it, but it has not changed how it operated on the website.

Any suggestions please?

I’m glad you got it working. This plugin offers pullout widgets – not static buttons. Sorry.

Have thought about creating one?

If you did I would buy… :-)

I might. I just need to stop working 2 full time jobs and catch up on my own projects :)

Hi this looks like a great script just one question I notice looking at some of the sites it has been set up on if you change the height of the browser window the button moves would it be possible to set the button to a fixed position like top: 160px; ?


Hi there,

yes, it has positioning settings – either fixed or relative to the document. You can see my settings generator with all the options here: – those are exact the same options as in WordPress plugin. One of the options that’s called “Scroll with page” – provides relative positioning – if its off, then the widget will be fixed.

Hope this helps.

Hi, Just noticed that if Javascript is turned OFF, the widgets text actually appears at the bottom of the web page (at least on Safari browser).

Any chance you could modify your code so that the widgets text does NOT appear on the web page if Javascript is turned off?


The JS is loading separately from the widgets themselves. Is anything these days not supporting javascript?

Not to worry – thanks.

Hello Great script! Question? is there a way to make the tab (instead of just the txt : OPEN) Have it just be a graphic? Thanks!

Good idea! Can you give me a sample code to edit??

hello!!! I can’t seem to remove the text and just use the background has the tab…

Hi Sara,

something like this should work:
.pullout-button {
  background: url('http://url-to-image');
  width: 100px;
  height: 40px;

.pullout-button span {
  display: none;

Hi. Great job on this product. I am having one particular issue. If you look at this page, you’ll see a video player near the bottom of the page. When the pullout is open, the pullout-content element displays on top of the video, but the pullout-button element does not.

I’ve experimented with setting the z-index on the pullout-button class to 100010 (as it is on the pullout-opened class), but that didn’t seem to work.

Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again for a wonderful product!


Hi Frank, I checked the page in Google Chrome and Firefox and see all elements of the pullout widget over the video, including the tab itself. What browser are you using?

Hello, Can I use iframe? Thanks

Yes. This demo displays a YouTube video in the top widget in iFrame

ok i bought this but I have no idea how to do half of it because , despite the tutorial.. it goes right into talking about how to administer the widget but there is no widget included in the downloaded package. So how do I go about getting this to show up on my wordpress. There is no plugin. Its all code as if to install only on regular html pages.

I don’t mind, but Envato is dealing with refunds at their own discretion without consulting with me :)

had no idea you could even give refunds But didnt say anything bad about ya. lol

No, that’s cool. I guess the point I was trying to make is that – it isn’t up to me and, as far as I know, Envato doesn’t usually refund money, since they can’t get product back. Of course, if things are completely wrong and every single client says so, they probably would refund no questions asked and removed the product all together.

Hi, Could you tell me how to get the tab to be a different color to the rest of the pullout? (the part that shows when closed).

Thanks for a fab script with a very user friendly UI.

You can change it via CSS like this:

.pullout-button { background: yellow; }

Hi, does this work in joomla? I would like to buy it but I’m not sure how to use it.

Hi there,

Sorry for the delay. This is not a plugin, so you would have to integrate it with Joomla manually. If you don’t know how to do that, then I can’t really give any advice, since I’m not very familiar with Joomla.

I have successfully been able to add two pullout tabs to my page however, they both seem to be picking up the same css layout. When I created them separately all works fine. Per the help file I am able to add the second tab to the .js file. Now, how can I ensure that the second tab pics up its own css layout. The help file provides the instruction to combine the tabs on the same page but does not give an example of how to style each tab differently. Can you please post instruction on this or an example of the html or css that shows more than a single pullout? Thank you! (NOTE: Outside of this issue the plugin works great!)

THAT DID IT!!!! Awesome… thank you for your support and your quick responses to my inquiries.

You’re welcome!

Now that I understand this script better I can see that the the customization abilities are unlimited. GREAT JOB!

Hi, pls tell me this plugin is responsive??

its disabled for mobile devices but look here… i can see it everywhere… Thanks

Ok friend, i will wait for the updated version as soon as possible pls! And something else and important pls…

add en extra option for the color of the tab itself and not all the container. I want to have the tab different color from the other body! Thanks

I fixed the bug. No new features, though. You can change the color of the tab via a simple CSS rule like so: .pullout-button { background: blue; }

Send me your email via the form on my profile page and I’ll send you the updated version to try out. If it works for you, I’ll make an official release.

Thank you!

HI, great! I send it right away!!

Best, xrisxal2000

hi, pls can i add a link to a popup window to open another page?


Sorry!! Wrong developer!! :-)