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Hi, I have installed the plugin on our dev site and it’s creating a 2nd vertical scroll bar and the page is stuck and won’t scroll down.

Any idea what we can do to fix?

You can view the site by entering PurpleHat1! at the password prompt for the website. Form is on the right edge of screen and says CONTACT US

Hi there,

I wasn’t able to login, but a possible solution to such issue is documented in the Documentation that is inside the plugin’s directory.

Try commenting out (with /* code here */) the following css rule:

body {
    overflow-x: hidden;
    position: relative;

Or you can simply remove it. It should be located in the /css/pullouts.css file inside the plugin’s folder.

Hope this helps.

Thanks that did fix the issue. My only concern now is that any time we upgrade the plugin that fix will need to be done again. I’d like to suggest in the next version of the plugin you add a checkbox setting that says “Check this if you are not able to scroll” or something like that which then will dynamically not use that code so people don’t have to edit the CSS every time they upgrade the plugin.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll take that to consideration.

is this compatible with the latest wp version 4.7 ?

Yes, it is. I just haven’t had the time to reflect that in the description.

is it allow multiple widget on one slider widget (1icon)? Then i can 2 icon such as icon 1 for list of 5 widget, under that icon 2 for list of 6 widget. similar the way you put one on right , one of left. But i want but same on left.
My theme had sidebar on right. Can i use this plugin to create sidebar on left. and still keep my theme sidebar on right. It mean that i will have defaul theme right sidebar + left sidebar which work similar menu, only appear when click on icon on right? I mean: I want to use this plugin as EXTRA slider sidebar without make me lost theme menu + theme sidebar

Hi Julia,

I’m sorry, while I have a slight idea of what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking of.

The PullOut Widgets serves as a wrapper for any widget (not a sidebar, but widgets). You can set any widget to be a PullOut, but you can not combine multiple widgets into a single pullout. I hope this makes sense.

If you want to have different menus on each side of the screen, all you need to do is set up 2 menu widgets and make them pullouts.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for reply. I found the plugin work for my need. Best sale!