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may I ask you to add a buttons & home page for users like me who completely newbie in web design ?

I will do it as soon as possible ^^

so , I need to notify me if you add this feature

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Very nice menu. Can I add my own icons? Thank you

Yes you can. Thank you.

Hi, If I buy an extended license, do you allow me to use the menu for a template to be sold on themeforest?

Hello Khalid,

I have purchased Menu, how can I do following

1. Alignment of Menu to right of the page/div 2. How to make the width of horizontal menu to the number maximum width of buttons.

My website is civilarch.ae

Thanks for your support.

Hi There! Thank you for Bought my item. Please enter to CSS file and add the following code:

ul.puerto-menu { display: table; float: right; }

Thank you

Thats Great and thanks for quick support

Not work another icons from http://fontawesome.io/icons/ css file was update, and overwritten “i class” in html file

You can download the latest version from Font awseome and remplace it in that item, it’s so easy. Thank you for purchasing my item :)

how to insert my icon in the menu ? I tried

insert 1-first-layout-color.css .huawei { background: url (../ images / huawei.png) # e8f0f6 no-repeat; height: 25px; width: 25px;    } and paste in the html code <li> <a href="http://lan-pc.ru/index.php?pageid=30"> <i style="huawei"> </i> <strong> Huawei </strong> <small> </small> </a> </li>

it should work?

Hi! You can add your own icon, as following: .huawei { background: url (../images/huawei.png) no-repeat center; height: 25px; width: 25px; display: inline-block; }

and paste in the html code

I have purchased this menu, but don’t see any documentation on how to make it into a real megamenu. I don’t see any options for a column structure. I want to be able to display items in columns horizontally (rather than vertically) like a true megamenu. Thank you!

Hi, i have two problems.

On Ipad it simply doesn´t work. (Tried Chrome for Ipad)

On Mobile (android and Iphone) it works but when i click on a secondary menu it autoSelects the first element of second menu, and closes. So no chance to select an item on the secondary.

here is Online. Please Help!


It’s pretty, but doesn’t work on mobile devices Same as sonichos above.

I’m sorry! I’ve uploaded the updates, and right now I’m waiting for approving. You can check the demos. Thank you!

Hope this one works fine! GLWS!

If the item working well, please don’t forget to rate it. Thank you :)

very nice menu design, purchased and liked the code, all clear! however no advertised “documentation” on how to utilize or edit menu. I know its a proper noob question but … any links on how i can adopt this menu in wordpress would be most usefull.any hints, advices?

Hi, “Puerto – Responsive Mega Menu”, isn’t a wordpress plugin. It is just an HTML application that let you benefit from there code to your own project.
So, if you want to use it into a wordpress web site, you must make it like a wordpress plugin.
There’s a documentation help you to manage the menu :)

Thank you for purchasing & rating my item..

Only icon is only possible motion? Text is fixed.

fantastic work ! all the best for your sales

Thank you :=)