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hello ! i am purchase this apps this is nice, but how to add search button and social media share button

Hi. Thank you for your purchase. We are very happy knowing that you liked it!. As you have the source code, you can edit it, adding and removing any feature that you want. If you’re not an Android developer, we can offer our service to do the customizations. If you want a budget, please contact us by support@gocoders.net with the details. Thank you.

Hello, the new apk is not showing the number of downloads.

2.0 was approved and is alive! =)

Great Wiill buy it. Can the app show the thumbnail when the user is offline? currently the thumbnail is not shown if internet is not enabled on device

Sure, you can buy in confidence and we’ll do this update to you with no cost. Thank you.

Why don’t you add a GoogleAuthentication with firebase integration into this app can you guys do this.

Nice. We can do this customization (add Google Analytics) for you for free. The app will track events like publication’s downloads. Once you buy the license please ask for the customization by e-mail (support@gocoders.net) and we’ll do the job and send the final package to you with no additional cost. If you found any problem, please send by e-mail with a screenshot. Thank you.

Can you guys add a search button to the app for the user to find the issue more easily. can it be done?

Sure. We can do virtually everything. Please, just buy your license and get contact by e-mail in order to request a budget for your customizations. Google Analytics for free, as we promised. Thank you.

If i want a couple of menu buttons in order to guide the user to main magazine or something extra in the app… can it be done? than you for your answer

Sure. For a small customization (about 1 or two hours of development) we can offer it for free. In other cases we will calculate a budget. Please provide more details by email (support@gocoders.net). Thank you a lot.

Please Help me… badal12june@yahoo.com

Error:java.lang.RuntimeException: Crunching Cruncher splash.9.png failed, see logs Error:Execution failed for task ’:app:mergeDebugResources’. > Error: java.lang.RuntimeException: Crunching Cruncher splash.9.png failed, see logs

Answering by e-mail.

want to ask, for Mac OS if the publication manager app 1st time install on dropbox location xxx, now i want to exchange the location, how to doing the setting ?


Don’t matter the location where the Publication Manager’s files are located. You can start from any folder you want. If you have more questions, feel free to send for support@gocoders.net. Thank you for your purchase! =)

Would I get the backend hosting free from backendless ? Or u already setup this for the buyer? And can u give search button in the pdf and firebase analytics? Thx :)

Yes. You can create an Backendless account for free. The documentation will help you. Search button is not possible as the app do not use PDF file. The PDF is converted into images. I can add analytics to you as a bonus if you buy. Thank you a lot.

ouhhh okay. Actually I only need pdf file. Can u make the backend to accept PDF, and not converted to img? So the user will download pdf. And the user will open it with my own PDF library. Thx :)

Sure. I can but will need a budget in order to create an app exclusive for you. If you’re interested, please contact me by email (support@gocoders.net). Tks.=)

I am unable to see the panel which comes on the right side of the screen when opening localhost:8080. I have tried with chrome, firefox and IE on windows 10

Can you please send your question by email (support@gocoders.net) including some printscreens?

want to ask at windows OS how to extra PublicationAppManager.war

Sorry, I did not understand your question. Can you please provide more details? Please use e-mail (support@gocoders.net) for support requests. Thank you.

Hi, This is a great app. I have been looking for an app like this. I have a quick pre-sale question. Is it possible to support Video embed and HTML Links ? I do create magazine using Adobe indesign that enable use of video and html in pages . is it possible to do thesame thing when creating the magazine pages ?This will enhance the digital publishing capability of this app

At this moment the app does not have such features. This not easy to implement but we are available to discuss any kind of customizations if you buy the app. Tks.

Hello I want to buy but i have some questions in my mind. 1) Can I divide the content into categories? 2) Can I withdraw from the application by page number? 3) Can I download all cards in the application at the same time?

thanks regards

Hi. thank you for your questions. 1) You can create sessions for each publication. 2) The user can navigate each publication by page numbers. 3) Yes. The user can start as many downloads as he wants simultaneously. Hope you buy. =)

Hi Please what am I doing wrong ? am trying to run PublicationManager.war on windows 10 cmd but i leep getting the message” Unable to access jarfile PublicationManager.war” Please help urgently!. I think you need to do a screenshot for Windows same way you have for Mac

Hi. Great news!! If you need more assistance please feel free to contact me by support@gocoders.net. Thank you! =)

Hi I have this error when I import project into Android studio. I tried reading resources on the internet how to fix but am not able to figure it out. Please could you help me ?

“Gradle sync failed: Could not find method android() for arguments [build_61y2e9vwg2f80ufeznjdymj5n$_run_closure3@1f0ef87] on root project ‘PublicationApp’ of type org.gradle.api.Project.”

Hi there! You need to update Android Studio and all dependencies and check if project folder is not with a too long path. If the problem persists, please contact me by e-mail (support@gocoders.net). Thank you.

Question? Can you add in app purchase for issues of the magazine?

Yes, I can do it with a small budget. Thank you.

Hi so far am liking this app.. I have installed and tested and everything is looking for. I have few questions.

1. I need to have in app purchase with capability to set to free or subscription for issues. 2. When I used the sessions . It does not show labels or page numbers. Please how exactly does the sessions work? 3. I need to know how to set push notifications when a new issue is published.

Please let me know if any of these requires customization and how much would you charge

Regards, TJ

Hi globaintraco. Can you please send a print by email (support@gocoders.net)? I can’t help without error details. Tks.

I sent you an email ..I hope to hear from you soon

Of course, answered by email. =)