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Hello, pre purchase question: Can i sell ebooks with your app? So user must buy the ebook first before downloading?

ivairtas, the app does not have this feature, but I can implement it using the best platform option for you (Play Store, PayPal…). When you buy the app here, please contact me by e-mail (support@gocoders.net) in order to request a budget for that job. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. I have sent you an email

Answered by mail. Tks.


fatih50 Purchased

hello. Is it possible to run the admin module in WordPress?


fatih50 Purchased

I installed the Tomcat program. On Localhost: 8080 the PublicationManager.war file did not work. What should I do?

Hi fatih50, for support, can you please use e-mail (support@gocoders.net)? It’s easer to exchange images and files. Tks. =)

can i have lower price. I do not have money to apply

Hi almodear. Please contact me by support@gocoders.net because I need to understand your needs. Tks.


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after a while error No network connection :(

Sorry? If you need support, please contact me by support@gocoders.net. Tks. =)

Hello. Do you have demo app ?

Sure. You can see and download it at: http://www.gocoders.net/publicationapp/demo/


1) When are you planning to add IOS support?

2) I have a problem to host backend side (java) on our server. (Plesk installed and Java & Tomcat supported) It gives 404 error.

3) Is it possible to modify it for use without backendless? I mean how we can develop a backend side with PHP and MySQL and implement it to the app?

Hi. As you already bought the item, can you please send the questions for support channel (support@gocoders.net)? Thank you.

Pre purchase questions:

1 – The admin dashboard is in PHP/mysql ? If I understanding your app, it transform the PDF in html format, right? What is the required configuration of the host? 2 – Where the PDFs files or similar will be storaged ? It can be deletede anytime? 3 – The dashoard can be storaged in a shared host like hostinger? 4 – The only way to post a file on cloud is using this Backendless ?

Então, na verdade você faz tudo pelo Publication Manager, o Backendless serve apenas como motor para todo o sistema. Tudo fica mais claro quando você assiste o vídeo e vê a documentação que está hospedada em http://www.gocoders.net/publicationapp/. Lá você também pode baixar o APK do Publication App, se quiser testar no seu smartphone. Se ainda ficar com alguma dúvida, me fala. Abs. gocoders.

Outra dúvida. No app não há funcionalidades de compartilhar o app (Share), Quem somos (about ), páginas de Termos de Uso etc. Podemos tentar inserir estes itens para atualizar de acordo com o que pede a Google.

Sim, você vai receber o fonte completo do APK e pode fazer as alterações que bem entender. Se precisar também podemos oferecer os nossos serviços de customização. Se desejar qualquer tipo de orçamento para customizações, basta solicitar pelo e-mail support@gocoders.net. Ok? Abs. gocoders.


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Is it possible to use it without slicing images of pdf pages or add an option to keep pdf files in a separate folder? I need it to implement current contents into also our ios application in an easy way. I’d be handled it myself if you would provide source codes of java application.

Hi, for support questions, please contact me by support@gocoders.net. This channel is dedicated for pre-sale questions. Thank you.

Hi gocoders.

Before I buy your nice app, I need to be sure how much does is cost if you enable in-app purchase on it? All what I can pay for the app+IAP feature is between 75-90$.

So if it’s OK for you, you can tell me “Pay it!”. : )

Thanks, Tamer

Hi tamerimran. I’m so sorry but I can’t promise such feature for that budget. Thank you.

Well, I would like to know the proposed price so I can estimate the total. And please tell me here.

tamerimran, I can’t provide values on that channel. If you want a budget, please contact me by support@gocoders.net. Thank you a lot. =)