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if am have hosting in hostgator can i put this admin php or i must have vps

I mean the admin backend runs on hosting or on vps

Sorry, no plans for a PHP based backend.

Hi guys. I’m getting a strange error on Publication Manager. It’s giving me a message that says, “Please recheck the fields. Publication name must be unique.” But it doesn’t matter what I put in there I get that message. Any hints on how to fix that?

Solved by mail.

Can i upload this on Google Playstore? Also, can you help in installation?

Hi. Sure, you can, after you edit it, specially after editing the package name, that must be unique. If you need any assistance, you can request a budget by email ( Tks.

Hey, hello i want to buy this app, but i’ve a couple of questions. Can i use my own vps server instead backendless service? can change or customize the code in the app? Thanks..

You’ll need to host backendless on premise. You’ll get the full source code and all changes are permitted. Thank you.

I need subscription mode and user/password, any plans? If using your app to subscribers, how about licensing? Just Extended License will cover it?

Hi, you just need a free plan at Extended license will cover as many as apps that you want to publish on Google Play.

I need help installing the app

Hi Friend I still didn’t have any answer yet.

Hi there I had purchased Publication App recently, I found the website backendless is different (improved) than what comes in the documentation but I could handle it I came to the point 4. How to use Publication manager and couldn’t make it is not clear to me, when I put the values in the command prompt gives error

Can you help in this step Thank You

I’ve reply about 6h ago for, asking for a screenshot of the error. Please check your spam folder.

command prompt PublicationAppManager.war url http://localhost:8080 not work help me please

Hi. Please contact me by with screen shots. Tks.

Can this app be placed to notify users via message that there is another new post?

Hi there! Not yet, but it is really easy to implement.