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Great job sanaz! Wish you great sales with this one.

Thank you so much Mazdak, I hope it will :D

sorry but im a newbie in this, could to tell me in brief how this is used? 1. Do i need a .net server to upload and use it, what are the requirements to use it? 2. can the items be added/edited/deleted by the end user using a web browser? 3. is this like a database form constructor where i can add any number of forms/filters to sort through the database? 4. can the database be modified online using a web browser to add data ? 5. can this be used to generate reports based on certain filters/criteria? example: student scores greater than 80 and also having grade ‘A’ in math

  1. yes exactly you need a .net sarver to upload published file and sql server as your database
  2. all of items that is on default Form can be added/edited/deleted/searched, if you would like to change items you can do it by help document
  3. your database configuration is static and it must be set before
  4. every changes on data from a web browser modified database immediately
  5. This project dose not generate any report

Greetings, Could you provide some sample of how to use this tool? Thanks Huambo

Hi Huambo, Thank you for your interest in this product It is very simple to use and the way of use this product is explained in help document completely.

Briefly you need to change your field name by your need in three parts:

  • Change the parameter name of stored procedure
  • Change the array of arr1 in .cs file
  • Change the control name in design form aspx

Just a comment: I am a bit disappointed since this is not doing anything or me; I still have to write a proc, a class per table!!! I thought the idea here was to help me write less code?????

First I have to say this template reduces the programming time when we have n-tier programming technique, so if you know it, also you must know that usually there are 2 classes in this technique that named DAO and DTO , briefly DTO is a design pattern used to transfer data between software application subsystems. DTOs are often used in conjunction with data access objects to retrieve data from a database. I have a class that named “GDao” that does this job of the two classes and the main features are Independent of type and stored procedure’s name and column’s name, by this way it is public and you can use this class for all tables and all stored procedures.

also you have two way for set stored procedure one way which is used in this template and another one is a sp for all tables but if you try second way you should be careful about statement type because it’s recognized the procedures (insert, update, delete and etc) per a table and I don’t prefer it because it decreases Readability and increases errors.

I found another tool that seems to be more generic: Sql Helper. Thank you for your reply!

awesome ! , Good Luck with sell.