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Nice Script I checked demo, I am interested to buy this script. I have question where is Student Section I mean separately

student section is available in class wise

parent and student login not working. what SMS gate way is integrated? can it send the marks details via sms automatically?

some one has changed the link. please check the once . And you can add your own sms API

I can’t add the subject in Exam, nothing happen when I am trying to add

You can add please check one

Also Is there any document to understand How complete system works

Yes we provide the documentation clearly

I can’t see the student details, If I want to see class wise student. Also when I go to the registration page, I see there one student I have registered but when I click to see the student details browser doesn’t respond and after that loading this page “”. there are lots of bug inside the application but few things are good and due to this I just wanted to buy this application. please see if you could fix all issues ASAP.


You can see the students details and yes there are some bugs and we are updating the script and adding some features but it will take some time to complete.

hi pre-sales questions please, i need this script for people who are less internet literate. so my questions are as follows; 1. can i replace email login with user ids and passwords. 2. i need multiple admin privileges 3. can i integrate any sms gateway apart from twilionand clicka…

sorry for late replay 1. yes you can 2. Yes 3.Yes

can u update teacher link and & librarian links ?? and also exam section with exam scheduling ??

sorry for late replay we are presently updating your script we will let you know once it was completed


bwochi Purchased

nice script, i am interest to buy this script, first i want document of this projects, and SMS work.

once you have purchased the item the documentation is involved in that


bwochi Purchased

hello, i purchased this script, please tell me how to install, i installed in my site using document, its con’t install proper way, tell me how can i do. my link

it will word properly in main domain and sub domain not in sub folder

Hello ,i need to integrate Three offices ,such as Admission,Accountant and Examination.Examination officer will be responsive on issuing exam ID,and accountant will be able to view students who completed school fees so as they should get Exam iDs.

sorry these features are not available right not but you can customize the script as per your requirement

i want to test exam section with marks?

Please check our demo

Cannot login with student and parents. Please solve this

please check now

Can I replace GPA with student class position in exam field

Sorry its not possible


almodad Purchased

Hi, the demo link is not working. I would like to see it before I buy

Hello, I have purchased your script. Installed in our server. its not working properly.

send me the screen shot

Email already sent. please check and let me know.

you can claim for refund. Thanks

can you send the demo link to

This comment is currently being reviewed.

can you please tell me how can we use offline …...

it was included in documentation

Hi Author,

I really loved this script, before i buy this, i wanted to confirm if it is possible to send sms notification once student logins to the system? and send again notification once student logs-out? hope to hear a feedback soon.


Thanks for your interest
Presently this option is not possible. But you can customize the script.

Pre-sales Question 1. Which Version of PHP ? 2. Does this software tested on PHP 7.0 ? 3. Have you used any PHP Frameworks ? 4. Any new version or updates available as of now ?

How to install in local … unable to find to Example: .htaccess file if it is to be installed in subfolder RewriteBase /school/ Config.php file if it is to be installed in subfolder <base href=”” />

to change ..