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Great Work, Congratulations GLWS :)

Thanks a lot :)

congrats . wish you get good sales too :)

Thanks a lot :)

shared stock hello, the script is very good but i noticed if u “purchase” something, the stock only appears to the one that purchased it, would be nice to have shared stock with another users

Okay future i will do it.

how long it will take, at least for me is a essential feature

When i will in-form to you.

Hello Help me please! I installed the source code on my old computer and it worked fine. since i changed computers: when i do php artisan serve it puts me this message: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ’?’ in C: \ wamp64 \ www \ sgsi \ vendor \ laravel \ framework \ src \ Illuminate \ Foundation \ helpers.php on line 233 I tried to update my php to version 7.3.3 but still problem. I need to return the urgent code for me. @glossytruth

Your php version problem please check php version 5.6 to 7 if you can’t solve mail me:

sir i corcen is in sale sheet we add different tab such as date of birth yes or not ???

Please see demo properly. what’s i give after purchase that’s it.

Hi, i am looking for system like this for oxygen tube retailer. The system should be able to track the tube movement and status.

The status are empty (return by customer), filled (ready to sell), on customer.

Pls advise if the sytem ready for the function required.


Please Right now these feature not include feature i will do and you can develop it easily. These system only basic for purchase, sales & Inventory.

Can we give commission to employees?

No need to develop that.