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I hope this tool will be useful for you ! If you have questions, feel free to ask :)


Will this find proxies as in IP:port or just web proxies where you use your browser. Also, will this tool list the proxies itself or just the places where proxies can be found?

ProxySourcesFinder will scrape fresh sources to harvest proxies IP:PORT (not web proxies !). The software will not harvest proxies, just scraping sources (places where proxies can be found). Because many people have differents methods to harvest proxies (for example with multiple threads, with filters, ...).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


This doesn’t do anything. I clicked “Start” on Basic and Extended… Nothing happened???

Ah I understand where is the bug. I’ll update it today. Thanks for noticed that !


Just tested and no bugs detected, all works perfectly. Try it again and tell if all is ok.


Theres no source list included. Please can you send me a source list?

You don’t need to add sources.
The software will scrape a list of sources.

You have just to select the type of process (basic or extended) and click “Start”.


Oh ok thank you! Now it works but i get only a few proxy sites. The other fetched sites are sites like google, wikipedia and other unrelated pages. Please can you fix that?

Ah ok, I didn’t make updates since a long time.
I’ll work on it and fix that asap.

Best !


Hi Beny, Just bought it : ) I will check out and see how its working.

Thank you for your support Brelle, I really appreciate !
If you find any bugs, feel free to tell me.



how many computers can i install this on. I have several work computers

There is no install limits specified by me… Maybe by Envato team, so I don’t know.

I would say that you can install it on how many PCs you want, if you are the owner of these machines.



So this is working and it will provide the proxies i need for like bookmark demon and such?

Of course it’s working :) This tool will scrape URLs where you can find daily public proxies. In complement of this tool you need a proxy scraper and a proxy checker.


Euhhm m8 99% of the urls this tool find is dead ??? i think the bleuprint you are using to find proxy links is not ok.

If you want i can help you out with a correct blueprint.

If it works like this its not worth the 4 dollars you aks sorry. If you not change this tool and update it please refund me the money then please.


I’ll give a check and update it asap if necessary :)


How long we need to w8 m8 for a proper update ?

It finds barly anything, now it found nothing. Are you going to update the tool?

Hello, I’ll check if there is a problem with proxies sources and update if necessary. :)

I just checked. Process research is a bit long (around 1 min on my computer) but it works perfectly.

I got over 1.000 URLs in one run, with 14.000 raw proxies and finally around 4.000 alive proxies (list here :

Uses “Basic process” and then “Extended process”.
Let me know how it works on your PC.

Best :)

does this still work and is it supported ?

Hello, Is it a question ?

not really a question, no. But all the proxy “sources” it finds are random websites like, facebook, pinterest and no actual proxies.

Doesn’t work at all, bull shit program.

Interesting comment. You can also ask help. Because I can certainly help you.

Just tested and it works perfectly. Found 441 sources with basic process (advanced works perfectly too).

What is your OS ?

Is the program still working?