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Oh, what an excellent idea… :D
Lol, good luck with sales.


Thanks :)

I had no ideas :D. So I tried around with some stuff :P

It seems interesting, but when clicked START it keep on telling me “no proxies to locate”...

so I am not getting any proxy lists?

It doesn’t produce proxy lists. It just checks the location upon where the proxy is. You need to input a proxy list from the input options and then press the input button where it will then add them into the list. Then you can press the start button and it will start to scan.

when i clicked STOP, it generated error on screen. how can i send you the snapshot of the screen

until now it is not showing up any proxy list

To IMPORT from txt file, yes there was no problem. To extract from a website which shows a lists of proxies, it doesnt extract

What method are you using to extract?

Because you need to browse for the location where you want to save it then press the export button.

Dear Secona,

I have few question which I would to ask you. I would like to know what these apps work like I am looking something similar to that Thanks in advance

Nice work! Good luck with sales