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I can’t login into demo. I’d like to test. Thanks

i corrected it, someone changed the password. try now

I boughted the PHP version and I’m having trouble with large zip files un external like Dropbox, box I have tried many and the files some times got downloaded correctly and some a portion of the file (never the same mbs) could you tell me why la this happening?

PS: Ive noticed that with the direct link yo Dropbox it downloads faster and shows the size of the final file when downloading and with the plugin doesnt and download slower.

Hello! I cannot use ProtectedLinks anymore because of this error “Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect()” I am not very good with codes so I hope you can help me with this. Thanks!

i think I added a version with mysqli extension,

Hello I need to create one link (bulk) for one file per email address and lock its availability to the same IP (1st download) Otherwise, people can share that link, and they need to pay for each file, every user can I do this?

locking to email is not there till now

ALOHA!!! Any idea when you will be updating to work with PHP7? I can’t use this product any longer because my site requires PHP7 and protected links hasn’t been updated in over a year. MAHALO Nui Loa for your help on this !!!

MAHALO!! But I have PHP 7 currently running because my WP theme requires it and protected links won’t work. It’s not even visible. :( So you know….. : D

k, let me check if i have a php7 verison

ANY update on this?? If not, I need to find another provider. Just checking to see if you’ve updated to PHP7. THANKS!!!