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Hello – I would like to know how to add server side information. Can you send me a version with server side storage…. did I buy the wrong thing?

Hello. Thank you for your purchase.

Please write us email and we will help you.

Best regards, Sergey.

Hello I’m lost, I can’t find where can I write my mail tu use it as a contact I need to use ORDER form but action go to demo.php but demo.php have no code ….. so my question is : perhaps I just bought development and design ? because I’am but I’am not programmer and I don’t wanna be, for that reason I bought something already done

Please let me know Thanks Regards,

Hello. I can’t find your mail. But today is new year. I wish you a lot of visitors on your project. A lot of good code and a lot of orders. About your issue. I answer to you tommorow, when i will not drunk. Happy New Year. Thank you gor your purchase.

WTF !!!! What kind of support is this ???? I don´t care if You are drunk or not, is Your life …... but was my money. You wrote—> I answer to you tommorow 4 days a go and nothing. I totally regretted of this purchase …. How can you expect to be better than SKY Forms if You are drunk, you do public, and You don´t give support. Whatever, enjoy and use my money to buy more booze … CHEERS !!!

Hello. Sorry but now in russia is chrismas holydays and all team have free time. I can try to support you but not sure. The first working day is the 10th of january. Sorry for long request time.

This product is missing bug tracker and support, If you buy, you are on your own like I was. I also see no update from them for a long time. this is a bad thing


May I ask how: 1. To turn off console debuging? 2. Why in ticker (even on live example page) step:1 is not working correctly? It visually adds step: 2. 3. Why if I have a change event it works twice instead of once?


Do you have an example of doing a multi step form with repeating sections?

So if the number of people is 4 then repeat personal details 4 time in one step of a multi step form?

I buyed the prosto forms responsive version 1.1. I want to know how do i upgrade to version 1.2?

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I buyed prosto forms responsive in version 1.1 and 1.2 was released, how do i upgrade it? Thanks.


Where can I specify which fields the form should follow and which are the mandatory fields? Where do I enter my e-mail address where the entries are sent? None of this information could be found in the documentation. Sorry.

Hi, pre-sales question: Can I set the way a customer sees the fields in a way that there is always a default value taken from a variable? Also, once the customer adds his own values to the fields, will I receive those datas in an array? I’d like use your plug-in to edit some parameters in to my database thanks Roberto

hi, is it possible integrate your script with wordpress? I tried with not good layout thanks Roberto

Hi team, sorry about all my emails!

your work is great but I need your help, I hope you can replay to me soon.

I’d like use check box to hide or show some field. Is it possible to do that? Can you show me? Thanks Roberto

hi i just bought the form framework…does it work with wordpress? if yes please describe how do i instsll and cutomize it on a wordpress site?

Hi friends! I like so much your work. I need make a order form with selects, and give the posibility to add selects to add products to the form in the front end. Each product in the select must have a price and quantity, that will be adding with other product prices, and then I need send this form an email.

My best regards!


bahrain Purchased

Great Forms! I’ve only one problem… When i implement the stars rating, its reverse hovering from right to left and not as it should from left to right… I cant find the issue. Thank you for help!

Your prosto forms product is really good !

Just one question, how can I force a scroll to top in multi-step form mode, when an user click on next ?


Other question, with star rating, what is the solution to unselect any selection?


ekelvin Purchased

why are the sample css no showing please?


ekelvin Purchased

why is the css not included, why selling a dry form. Please i want a refund.Thanks


Can your forms be embeded in Slider Rev?