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Hello, I have some presale questions please: 1- Can we customize our own PDF report with our own logo and additional info? 2- Can we replace the side bar, showing recent and similar rankings with something else? 3- Can we replace some sections of the search results “Domains Available” with our own set of metrics (updated on side menu and main page) ?



1. Yes 2. You need coding knowledge 3. You need coding knowledge


Hello, You done a great work. I see that Social Websites Data is not correct. I checked my site and its showing me 11 Likes of Site but I have 120k Likes, also you need to add Google Plus, Twitter, Insta and others. And can we make our site free means, user can review their websites but for updates or something they have to be a member?

Hi, thanks.

1. I fixing social network bug

2. You can set a free site in demo only need a free account not paid account for update.


And Also you should add compare system. Like we can compare with other site.

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I will add to my TODO

Will it be always based on “CodeIgniter”? Thinking of going to Laravel instead?

I working on a new script based on nodejs (Javascript).

So if I buy it now I will get the nodejs version and can I get all of the info from the old one into the new one?

No sry, It’s other script with others features… And it’s under developer. ETA: 3 months

just a suggestion for your next updates: an option to send quick emails to all your user from admin

hi, thanks I will add it to my TODO.

BTW: you can export users and use mailchimp.


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SMTP is not working. Please help!

please contact me using the support tab.

Hi Jodacame, here on Envato is copy of your site – Did you notice that? There are some points, which are missing in your solution and you can inspire by them:

Tips: html 5 support, keyword density (1 word list, 2 word list, 3 word list, 4 word lis), search engine index stats, heading info (h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 tags), external/internal links, meta info and so on.

Do you plan to add some of them?



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I have sent email with FTP.. Please check your spam as well.. Just wanted to make sure you got the data and fixed my site.


yogesh12 Purchased

Hi. Can you please respond to my query? Entire site is broke and not sure what is causing issue? Only homepage is working. Rest is giving 404 error..

The PDF report has lipsum ipsum… can that be changed?

Also can we change the logo to our own and host this offline, in a local host environment?

Yes, you can change logo and all text


Dux_Joe Purchased

I get this error on the sites page

DataTables warning: table id=sitesTable – Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see

Hi, check your inbox.

I just set this application up and used the bulk import tool. I added 270 domains and somehow I am getting a notice that says 1728 Domains already exist.

Is this application sending data to to another application? Has anyone else had this happen?/

I have run 2 additional imports & same issue. I sent email to you support

Hi, please send me a text plain don’t a screenshot. Regards

I ran 3 bulk imports: total of 650 domains

The application reported back the following results

77 Domains added successfully 924 Domains already exist

270 Domains added successfully 1728 Domains already exist

108 Domains added successfully 1770 Domains already exist


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Hello support,

I am having some problems with the images . Please check here:

This happen after changing to https .. all the rest is working perfectly

What can I do to fix it? Thank you

Hello, when i try to access Administrator page show this error –

with never show this category in my site ( ). How to show in this my site

Don’t show result my site (Social & technology) please tell me how to solve. this. I will use ur last update.

Hi,jodacame I mail you via support tab 3-4 time but i don’t recive reply yet. Check you mail and replay me.

process 2018-02-20 06:29:11 [SUCCESS] -> Calculating Traffics -> Done!

An uncaught Exception was encountered

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Backtrace: File: /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/application/controllers/Background.php Line: 63 Function: PR_Process

File: /home/xxxxxxxx/public_html/index.php
Line: 295
Function: require_once

how can i change the content above search bar on home page – and also how can i add some more content above footer


admin > translation