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After upload to server I get error 500. I’m stuck there.

Hello. I managed to install everything successfully on my server. The message says to remove [install] folder after installation. I have done so. When i visit the site, I only see a blank page. Can you let me know why this is happening??

Can you help me?

I will move the script to another domain… because i get a great domain for this tool…, it’s like ‘seo optimization’ in english!

Well… i moved all files, and connect the database, i did a copy from htaccess and work fine! but i found some problem.

1. I can’t access with my admin account. I try to re-sent the pass but don’t work. 2. I try to change the pass via database using MD5 type… don’t work too. 3. Try to do a new account, don’t work the redirect show 404.

The script work perfect, but i need to fix my account to finish all setup, like g+ and fb login.

When i finish this, i want to do a new htaccess to redirect all ‘links’ to the new domain, if any people try to access, will be redirect to, its possible?

PS: I access you website today… i see a diqus comment in results like my site! Do you copy this idea from me or you did by yourself?

i have sent you an email with my ftp credentials – my site is – i am getting 500 error repeatedly even after .htaccess file change

check your inbox, I replied you long ago

I cannot install with PHP 7. I get errors on setup requirements for MYSQL 5.0 +

Hi. Please use support tab and let me know what error you get, and I help you.Regards

Hey there, great script but unfortunately I cannot install it. I am getting a 500 internal server error, It worked fine on my other test host but it is not working on my Bluehost server.

Please advise me on the steps required as the support team @ bluehost could not help me, thanks.

hi, please contact me using the support tab and i help you


I liked so much your plugin. My e-mail doesn’t work in the script. I tested several times. I was trying with SSL and TLS.

Another question, how i can translate the word in the menu bar (administrator)?

One think. I want to put a Whois on the script, would be more complete. One advice?

Thanks a million


1. For email please contact me using the support tab and i help you.

2. All related with admin not have option for translation sorry.


I left you a message over the support tab. Please respond a soon you´re able to do so. Thanks in advance.


I have a greater problem with my website. How do i fix it?

An uncaught Exception was encountered

Type: Error

Message: Call to a member function result_array() on boolean

Filename: /home/www/

Line Number: 161


File: /home/www/ Line: 22 Function: set_settings

File: /home/www/ Line: 295 Function: require_once

Hello i want this script before that i want to know some details. Do i want to buy licence form Domain Authority? or any other third party? plz tell me i wan to buy this script in this week itself?

you can use free api key.

Hello, No problem whith install but it’s not working at all :( “No input file specified” message on every link php 5.6.30 What’s wrong ?

Hi, after update there isnt Google Speed test. Maybe the problem is in the settings. In new section Active modules Speed test is missing…Search engine module is also missing…

When will be update ready?

hi, is under review by envato staff

Hi, why is difference between your method of measuring speed – should be Google Page speed and real Google page speed test?

Eg. this site on prorank and on Google Page speed It think that in this update it will be finally ok.


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Hey how to limit URL in sitemap i.e no more then 50,000 URL each sitemap ??? as google webmaster gave error if URL is more then 50000


Tdadwal Purchased

Any ETA on new version ? With PageSpeed fix and hope that you can fix mine issue too. Mainly sitemap one :)

hi, 4 days


Tdadwal Purchased

are these issues fixed in latest Update ?

1. not processing few domains like ? 2. Sitemap issue (more than 50.000 URL )

hello your username and password dont work some nutcase changed them. demo123 arent working