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Hi, Jodacame, do you plan to add backlink checker? Have you any roadmap of updates? Thanks.

I send an email from, please help me asap !


hallmall Purchased

the extension is not working. when I open only the popup.html i have: app.js:8 TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getSelected’ of undefined at app.js:4

within the extension installed I have the blue background and no tabs, so I cannot select.

what it’s the extension url and i check


hallmall Purchased

the same as 2 days ago:

The only difference is that today received an email from google.

We routinely review items in the Chrome Web Store for compliance with our Program policies to ensure a safe and trusted experience for our users. Your item, “WebProRank,” with ID: ghbocdpojjpbpceolfpiocflleipefdo, does not work or provide any functionality upon installation. Items on the Chrome Web Store should work and provide the promised functionality that aligns with the description of the item. Please review your item and make necessary changes so that it provides the function/service included in the item’s description.

Your item is still published, but is at risk of being removed from the Web Store. Please make the above changes within 7 days in order to avoid removal.

Please contact me using the support tab.. and i help to fix it.

Hi Jodacame, almost every time when unlogged user analyze his web, there is a problem with Google Pagespeed Mobile and Desktop test, Google usability test and Social networks. This tests are showing 0%, but when I as a logged user analyze them once again, these tests then show something which si different to 0%. Also Social networks panel in this unlogged user cases isnt showing at all. Thanks for help. Peter

Hi, your translation model is really bad. For example this text: Your page has 1 blocking script resources and 1 blocking CSS resources. This causes a delay in rendering your page. If somebody have 2 blocking script resources and 2 blocking css resources we must translate it. If these numbers change we must translate it over and over again. These numbers should be set as parameters. Also there is problem with translations loading. I must find all posibilities of Google Pagespeed answers to have a chance to translate them. This system really sucks.

There is also problem with translations of Googe Page speed MOBILE.

Pls do something with it.


Hi, yeah you’re right, I working on this now….

Is there a changelog? Wondering what changed and if I need to update (made custom changes).

update > changelog … but for update need “upload” update zip using the admin panel….


Vito227 Purchased

Do yo have any updates and new features in the works?

If a user will start to check a site but will close the page in 1-2 sec(site will not be checked full from browser), will that site be checked fully in background?

Hi, yes


nasan Purchased

Hi there, I want to use this to monitor my clients websites and get monthly reports. Can this work for me?

Yes, You can install it in private domain and start to monitoring all your customers

kudos. how can this be monetized?

Hi, Thanks. Advertising and subscriptions plans with paypal . Regards


Vito227 Purchased

Do you have any further updates in the works?

Hi, yes, You have ideas or suggestions?

Only I wanted to buy your product, as for some reason stopped working preview.

Hi, thanks for your comment, It’s working now…

Ok. Good. Great. Have a few questions before I buy. Tell me then how to do a scan without registration. And information about scanned sites to receive requests. For example, if I integrate your system into the CMS.