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I really love your work and your script. Please take these suggestions in to good consideration.

1. Apperance spelling on Admin panel is wrong. Correct are: Appearance
2. In Bulk upload option, the script recognize and as separate websites. It adds the website with http in Queue but doesn’t process because of those websites and gives error even the bulk has 3000+ other websites in queue.
3. I changed the base links slug for made_with to made-with because URLS with ”_” doesn’t look good, the changes doesn’t show on front-end.
4. Can there be option to show the menu items on top menu instead of bottom of website? Menu items in footer only block looks ridiculous.
5. Purpose of About (Changelog) is to show which versions are latest and available with what fixes and updates been done. It doesn’t mean that which versions are we using and updates in previous versions. I don’t get any email from Envato for new version, nor the Changelog show any new updates.
6. Since nearly one month, my cronjobs are not working, hosting company says they are working from their end and developer says the cronjobs are not working. I am not able to use the script/website from last one month and till now it is just a wastage of time for me. I am stuck in the blame game.

Naveed Lodhi

Hi, ty for all suggestions

1. Fixed the next version 2. Fixed the next version 3. Fixed the next version 4. I will add only top sites and contact form for now 5. The next version you will get a email notification 6. Contact me using the support tab and giv eme cpanel access and i check all your config.


Hi, How to translate this: “Only registered user, can use this feature” help-me please

Disqus don’t apear in the page analysis

in this momment is for custom pages, but i will add this to review page on the next version. Regards

Hi, I would like to add in the option pages, the text formatting function, because when we write something on the page, and we put line break in the text this break is not reproduced on the page,

Soon the function of creating pages was not legal, since if we want to put a text with bold, italic, line break, etc., the page does not interpret these format, I suggest to put a text editor embedded in the option Create pages inside the control panel. Hugs

can you please provide more information on your statement “Some values are estimated with a professional algorithm” ?

Earning and traffic module (Based on alexa rank)

HI there, can I get no of inbound and outbound links for a domain?

hi, not for now. Sry

Hi, Congrats!

I have tested few sites and the Estimation Traffic and Earnings figures are huge difference with the real figures.

Could you please let us know if this will can be fixed.


HI, sry this is only estimated, dont exist a api for this, is calculate using alexa rank. But in the futures version i will add option to dashboard to customize some factors


firmaseo Purchased

what contain new update ? thanks


- Fixed bug titles - Fixed bug metaTitle - Fixed bug incomplete scan (background Process and Admin Process) - Add validation bulk for duplicated (Reported by @naveedlodhi) - Custom Size top (Customize limit top) - Added Home page (Top Tecnologies) - Added Home page (Top Web Servers) - Added Home page (Top Web Frameworks)


firmaseo Purchased

gr8, thanks J


firmaseo Purchased

The best CodeCanyon author, the best script 100% working. I bought a lot other scripts – many categories, but everytime was a problem somewhere. This author`s script works 100% fine. Well, just updated, everything`s good !

you’re welcome

Hi there,

I saw your demo site is used CloudFlare now, which means the caching of CoudFlare will not influence the site?

hi, after every update, required go to cloudflare and flush everything cache

How i translate this?

And about translate… i want to do a small wiki to explain some terms, with ‘how to do’. I can set a links?

Look this line: Warning! Not found a sitemap file for your website, i want to make a backlink to my wiki, with a tutorial about how to set a sitemap. I can do this?

Yes, you can translate this and add HTML code

omg! i will buy soon your script. Thanks a lot.


I have a problem:

If I analyze this page with the test: https: //

But if I analyze it in my web:

Google Speed ​​does not work, but with other pages if it works.

It’s very strange.

Thank you.

Hello, please respond to my email, I am waiting

one of the required API keys doesn’t appear to be working.

hi, working now

I have some issues with code that needs adjusting/updating.

1. The google API used for pagespeed is older version. The code uses v1 of the API. The latest API is v2. v1 is about a year old. The code needs to be updated to use V2. This isn’t a quick fix as the parsing of the google response needs to be updated to use v2. This makes a difference as website scores are different.

2. The search done by google for any keywords is using This is hard coded into the request. I’m able to change this but it really should be a variable/option as to which google to use, as future updates to code will revert this back.

3. appears to not be working. This is a required API. What’s missing from results with out this?

4. Although I’ve have mom API key there’s is not mozRank ( displays 0) in result. This maybe due to older version?

5. The code is unable to parse page properly. I’m getting garbage for some pages. May have to do with gzip compression on some pages, not sure. Is there a missing library on my server that’s required an not detected?

6. Some UI images, like logo are broken image links on result page. I haven’t researched this yet, but this should be broken as I didn’t change logo or paths.

I’ve emailed support tickets to both 4p1 and here without response yet. Looks like I’m going to need to get a programmer involved to fis some of the issues.

I did install the 1.1.2 update, but looks like the code is in need of an update be it can be turned live.


1. Fixed on the next version (Thank you for report this)

2. This funcion is deprecated, the script no work with this.

3. Working now.

4. Please use support that i need check your setting.

5. Give me example url and i check.

6. Give me a example (please use support tab)

7. Check your inbox,


Is it possible for admin to enable/disable certain features for the webstat scores. For example, turn off estimated traffic/earnings, etc… I’m sure could use CSS to hide divs, but being able to turn off certain webscore features might save server resources too. What are your thoughts? Thanks

Hi, i will add this to my TO-DO List, ty