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Setup keeps saying “Connecting to stats server failed!”

This message usually appears in only two scenarios: – You have entered incorrect stats information (URL, username, password, sid/mount) – Your web hosting provider is blocking remote CURL connections or they use some sort of firewall that is blocking connections from your web hosting (application) to your Shoutcast / Icecast server (usually uncommon port for web hosting companies like 8000). Please contact your provider to resolve this issue.

When clicking “Play” on the player button immediately changes to “STOP”

Recent Chrome release version 55 implemented some new security features which no longer allow streaming over HTTP/0.9 on non default ports (any other ports than 80 and 443) which heavily affects Shoutcast streams version 1. If you think about it, Shoutcast V1.98 was released on January 2007.

More info can read here: https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chrome/bhjjSbjfN50

Currently the only solution is to upgrade Shoutcast to version 2.0.

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