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Hi Jack I have purchased this player and AIO Radio Station Player. Why not implement the reading of metadata without CURL to run the covers of the songs on the air? Thanks!

Because it’s not possible to read metadata without PHP. HTML5 doesn’t support reading audio metadata, while flash does, JPlayer doesn’t. Not to mention that Flash is just used for Fall-back if browser doesn’t support HTML5 (80% support at the time responding to this comment). So the only actual solution is to read metadata via PHP or connect directly to streaming server and read from it (Icecast/Shoutcast). But all of these solutions require CURL.

But AIO Radio Station Player it’s ok, why ProRadio – Internet Radio Player not display the cover? example here : http://webradiodesign.it/proradioplayer/

P.S. I did not mean “no PHP”, I was referring to the use of LIVE STREAM (fget)

Oh, my apologies.

Only the AIO – Radio Station Player supports that option. Both HTML5 Radio and ProRadio were written a long way ago and based on Shoutcast/Icecast XML pages. I still suggest new clients to use those two options instead because reading actual stream is not always reliable. Not to mention Memory & CPU Time required to read real metadata from stream.

continuous problems ...Connecting to the first server in array: Successfully fetched data

...Getting the data from first server in array: Array ( [0] => )

...Parsing data of the first server:

...Last check run totals function (all servers): Array ( ) any solution ?

my account stream is

The provided information doesn’t really say anything about your setup so its useless. Could you please contact me via support section and add a little more details (Player URL and Shoutcast Login information)? The issues with stream information are usually related to web hosting.

I set up this way: http://audiostreamperu.com/pro/stream.png or it is otherwise? please correct me.

As usually my clients ignore FAQ section, see here: http://codecanyon.net/item/proradio-internet-radio-player/7990267/faqs/24039

The second scenario applies to your problem, you have blocked ports.

HELLO. as it could help to set out the name of the songs please.

I think your comment is half written, can you elaborate what you have in mind?

lastfm have the key but does not show me the name of the songs. something is not done well please help. http://audiostreamperu.com/pro/

I bought this player for my IOS/Android app, as well as my wix website. It turns out that I do not have the programming experience to use this player. My major problem isn’t with the player, but with the author. He was completely rude to me, and offered no real support. He was insulting and unprofessional. He asked me if my support questions were a joke, implying that my questions were so dumb they couldn’t be real. Then he proceeded to tell me that he has lost thousands of dollars on this website because everyone steals his work….... My money was credited back to me by this website. I am not angry….. I just want to warm others who to avoid this seller. My point to all of this is, look elsewhere.

Jacky, I really hope that people take my advice. Maybe next time you will offer support rather than insults.

Every one knows that Envato isn’t meant for the end users but for the web site owners and administrators. Your support questions were a joke and so I responded the same. I’m not your slave so you can treat me like nothing for 25$. I’m respectable man with respectable business.

Your first email stated that you downloaded the zip, extracted it and you found nothing “useful” in the setup (/setup/index.php) file. You also stated that the documentation link site is not working. In the next email you sent me a screenshot on your Iphone which was showing that you kept to trying accessing literal web site address “http://website.com/player-folder/setup/”. I only responded if you are kidding with me or are you for serious?

Now you are insulting me and my reputation because after you told me you seek refund I pointed you to Envato support. What I wrote was that I’m losing thousands of dollars on people who share software and you could just be the one because you purchased the script already and so you don’t deserve a refund. You also don’t deserve refund because the item is well described and so you can’t purchase wrongfully”. Seriously thanks to people like you Envato is losing items and authors.

P.S.: In future if someone else comes with the same questions, I will not respond at all.

Your player, have intro file play ?

No, that should be done on the streaming server.

I just purchased this product, I configured it and it does not work with chrome v.55. I need an urgent solution

Hello, i noticed that recently artist image is retrieved wrong, not the actual image from Last.fm but rather some weird random image, or not retrieved at all, example om.md/radio

Could it be that due to recent Last.fm site updates something went wrong with the lastfm-api-key and should be corrected in \inc\handler.php?

Thanks a lot.

Hmm, I’m getting images just fine on all my players. It could be DNS issue or something else within hosting server it self. I’m certain LastFM didn’t yet change API access methods. Please take a look or forward this to your Administrator.

Hi There, is it possible to set the volume of the player to 100% on start, by default ?



Its possible, but you will have to modify the javascript file


at line 111

cVolume = ((cVolume != null) ? cVolume : '0.5')

where is 0.5 you change it to 1.

This will also apply only to new listeners (because player uses cookie to store previously visited volume).

However if you wanted you could change this to:

cVolume = 1;

which would force volume 1 always (on the load of course, can be changed via volume slider)

Ah great, thanks ! It’s a great player, I recommend it to all !

Thanks!!! Means a lot!