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Add a client approval of proposal, and i’m pay more!


Hello some questions, you can change the language? add a language I can change the graphics file result of preventive logo? works on any host? Thanks ;)

For login screen, modify /application/views/login.php line 13

                case "en":
                    $selectedEn = "selected";
                    $selectedNl = "";
                    $selectedIt = "";

                case "nl":
                    $selectedEn = "";
                    $selectedNl = "selected";
                    $selectedIt = "";

                case "it":
                    $selectedEn = "";
                    $selectedNl = "";
                    $selectedIt = "selected";
        <select class="shortSelect" name="userLang">
            <option label="English (US)" value="en" <?php echo $selectedEn; ?>>English (US)</option>
            <option label="Netherlands" value="nl" <?php echo $selectedRu; ?>>Netherlands</option>
            <option label="Italian" value="it" <?php echo $selectedIt; ?>>Italian</option>

Duplicate the contents of your /application/language/ folder and put the copies into separate subfolders.

|-- en
|-- it
|-- nl

Open application/config/config.php and change the language config setting to the following:

| Default Language
| This determines which set of language files should be used. Make sure
| there is an available translation if you intend to use something other
| than english.
$config['language']    = 'it';

Don’t forget to set your time zone and modify /index.php line 54

Also make sure you use a decent editor (Notepad++, Sublime Text, Vim, etc.)

Hi I am getting this message on installation:
Unable to load the requested language file: language/en/db_lang.php

This seems to be the CodeIgniter system message indicating “Connection failed”.

Edit your application/config/database.php file accordingly.

Can you add more screenshots?

Unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment, but i would suggest you work with the Winginx (http://winginx.com/en/).

Hello ,i would like to know how does this script work?

Create a sales rep in the admin panel with the role of ‘user’ and re-login with the created credentials.

Any demo available? Hard to evaluate the script by 5 screenshots. Can I choose, which blocks are included in the offer? Can one offer have several variants ABC?

I’m sure this application will answer all your questions. However, there is no ability to create sales order.

I am sure that when I buy and install it I will find out the answers, but I would like to know it before the purchase, could not you just answer me:

Are the product represented by a html block (rich text entity), or are the products/models… represented by a plain text?

How can I order products in the proposal?

Is it possible to create proposals templates?

Can I add/remove multiple products to/from an existing template?

Can I choose, which blocks are included in the offer?


You can try Proposal Management System and get your questions answered. In PMS (2.1.4), there is no ability to create sales order.

Hi, we see the login page but she doesn’t work… can you help us? (the button doesn’t work)

Make changes to application/config/config.php file: $config[‘index_page’] = ”” to $config[‘index_page’] = “index.php”

Add your base url $config[‘base_url’] = “http://www.miosito.xx/preventivi/”;

Great plugin good luck with sales

Hi there, do you have a demo site available?

There is no online demo at the moment.

Hi I need customization. I need your php as a multi-user application.