PropoDimen: client impressive proposal/quotation maker with invoice, payment, expense and KPI

PropoDimen: client impressive proposal/quotation maker with invoice, payment, expense and KPI

PropoDimen is a client impressive proposal/quotation maker that helps to win a bid. Along with your pricing it has some several facilities in Proposal format where you can:
1. Attach your portfolio photos
2. Attach your necessary documents
3. Choose custom template color(based on client’s brand color) to bring a feeling that you specially designed this Proposal for the client only

PropoDimen is an all in one software. It has facilities to manage Proposal, Invoice, Payment and Expense of your business in one place, so that you can easily manage your business by using only one software.

It’s powerful Business Intelligence Dashboard does rest of your business thought, it shows lot of statistical data to help you make your business decision.

Email: Password: 123456

Update Log 2017.12.23

New Features:
- Multiple photo attach in Proposal
- Template color choosing option for Proposal and Invoice 
- Customer can accept/decline Proposal from email
- User can accept or decline from proposal list in case of print copy send
- Email template modify feature
- Proposal web preview in email
- Customer import
- Direct invoice rather than proposal to invoice, though proposal to invoice is still available
- Notification feature
- Proposal accept/decline notification
- Reminder and calendar
- Expense Management

- UI Layout is re-organized in all over places
- Proposal and invoice format re-designed
- Customer name is now searchable in proposal/invoice form
- Date selector in Proposal/Invoice rather than auto date
- Dashboard is re-analyzed and re-built with lot of more features
- Proposal and Invoice identifier number is new formatted
- User Management redesigned
- Download feature improved
- Title is not required now for invoice
- Proposal creating orders are re-organized
- Help and Support feature improved
- User guide re-designed
- Add Customer or Product immediately in proposal/invoice page

Security Improvements
- ID Encryption method followed in all over places
- Cross Site Scripting taken cared
- Data sanitization improved
- Error handling improved 


Please email at: if you face any difficulty.