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Hi, How to seperate the residential & commercial property for list

Check this guide for android app:!/quick_start_with_app

Just put your links into file

.....pls respond to this questions …sales related first , second rent, third commercial, etc., feature property on side wise.(right side)

Please provide your link and sketch via support email.

You are welcome!

the pagination at the bottom of the frontend is not working, do you have any fix for that?

you should restore original “templates” folder

how to do that because i made many changes in my template?

You should ask developer who made changes, because changes containing HTML and javascript errors.


sancat Purchased

When I click on the calendar does not make me choose the dates to book … why?

You should add available rates for specific property. Admin->Booking->Rates

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Is it possible to change the currency for the price? I want to change the curreny symbol to Rp instead of $

Please advise


How can I apply “number_format(value)” for the price (decimal sparator)

hello, is there any plans on future updates with more features? i also have been testing another script and which is wordpress based, too be honest i prefer yours but there is a feature on the map i like and one of the page styles with map / results i like, would you be able to do me a mod similar ?

Hi, i’ve replied to the email address, i’ve included my other site for you to look at with a write up of what i want

Hi, i’ve replied to the email address, i’ve included my other site for you to look at with a write up of what i want

Hello! I bought your 2 portals, android application and all the additional scripts. I have some doubts:

1) This portal came without any file, came only empty folders. See the following prints: Http:// Http:// Http:// Send me the corrected ZIP file to my email please?

2) How do I install the portals and databases of your system in my hosting? Do you have any install.php type automation to facilitate the installation of the system?

Hugs! Fabio

1. You have this issue:

2. Nice cpanel guide:

You are welcome!

Where is my purchase code? x)

Hello! I bought this template and the Real Estate Agency Portal, but I would like to have more templates to offer to my future clients … 1) How many templates are there that are compatible with your system? 2) Could you send me the link of all available compatible templates?

Hugs! Fabio

Thank you =)))

Hello! Follow my doubts: Print: 1) How to hide this top? 2) How to hide these links? 3) How to add a dynamic search like this without the “radius” field (km)?

Hugs =)

1. Via HTML changes, or custom template, guides:!/add_pages

2. Via HTML changes

3. You can customize search form:!/custom_search_form

Hello! A few more questions:


1) How to put a space between the symbol and the numerical value? Example: R$ (space) price

2) How do I choose which fields should be included here? Because I do not want these to be …

3) How do I leave this form “stuck” for when the customer scrolls down, the form is still visible?

Hugs! =)


1. Via HTML, CSS or just add space into field prefix

2. Via HTML, or I’m not sure if this is included or will be in next version, this way: Admin->Settings->Design template->Manage templates->Result item templates->Edit Standard

3. Only with custom HTML+CSS+JS changes.

You are welcome!

Hi, I like your product, have question 1. is it possible to edit or add example “Manager” in the value “Agent”?, 2. Admin> Home / Users, Add a new user in Payment details, is it possible to add another Payment details box for property owner? 3. Does your script support Multi admins (Staff Roles)? Best Regards.


1. You can rename agent to manager if you need

2. I’m not sure what you mean, but payment details can be defined in admin->settings

3. You can have multiple admins, admin have all privileges.

You are welcome!

I don’t see your message, please open support ticket if you have any issue.

You are welcome!

Hello! I bought your addons and I have some doubts: Print:

1) The instructions to install each of these addons did not come. How do I install each one? 2) This addon came with installation instructions and I was able to install correctly. But how do I translate climate texts into my language? Example: rain, sun, snow, etc …

Hugs! Fabio


1. Like2unlock is not compatible with this template version, you can ask for refund or replace. Other can be just extracted or instructions file is attached.

2. Can you provide screenshot and your link via support ticket, so developer can check for solution? I think this text is returned by weather api and usually not translatable.


I created a ticket #13841. Please check this… Thank you! =)