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Also are you planning to add stats and reports? How can you track promotion click and share etc?

Sure, what email shall I use?

Cool. Email just sent

Hi Guys, The Facebook post doesn’t work? Is this to do with the new Facebook update? If so, maybe the script can be changed ti instead share on FB ??

would you be able to add linkedin, tumblr, pinterest, and google+

be carefull to buy script from this author: bugged scripts + unuseful and low quality post sale support…

is your script able to connect with SMPP to send bulk SMS?

No, That gateway is not currently supported but can be included on custom request

Hi, I have seen link, are you planning to add stats and reports? How can you track promotion click and share etc?

i am trying to access admin area and social settings but its not working. thanks

is this still supported?

Yes. It is still supported. let me know if you have any special request

Hello, script working properly? Updated? Looks awesome. Would you install it for us?

I have updated the demo. You can login using these details

Username: Password: 123456

Yes. We would be able to install it as long as purchase a support and met the server requirements.

Hi. Amazing job youve done. I sent You a ticket already. When i try to log with Facebook i get error. Fix name. What to do?

I have sent you a message. I’m looking into it now

Do u have plans to add in other social media networks such as Instagram and Google+ ? And what about reports ? Don’t seem to have any

Not at the moment.

Email sent

Are you going to be adding other social media types?

No. We are not adding other social media types at this stage

The service is pitiful. You write them and take time to answer, when they answer does nothing. I still have not gotten it to work. They take more than a year without updating the system. I lost money and time.

Hello Createapps,

Sorry for the inconvenience. But we replied your first email and you didn’t get back to us to clarify whether you eventually got it to work on not. Also it would be good when sending email, always good to send your specific environment. You seem to be the only one having this issue

What he said …

You mentioned in item description users can register, where is the user demo?

It’s not enabled in demo. Admin can allow public registration or invite only. This will be great for organizations to promote their content

Why not enabled in demo? I need to see how it works before I buy.

Also can users set there own SMS gateway or only admin does that? If so, how do you make money, is there some commission system if they buy SMS credits etc. Please clarify.


Any chance this will post to linkedIn Profiles?

This does not work for LinkedIn

I can´t make work? Can help me? Already sent email.


Instagram API is updated. If you add it, I’m totally in!

We will look into that soon

can i install this even if my server does not have laverel framework? i can see it uses php mysql

Laravel is based on php and it will work if it meets the php requirement

Hey Prodsters.

Looks like a cool product. Unfortunately I see some bugs (Facebook connecting: Oauth access_token error). I also see you had a upgrade with Facebook groups, but this version not works. Do you have a working version? Because I’m interested.

Let me know. Thanks in advance.

Hello, The product is actually not working with latest Facebook API. We are going to do an update by the end of the month.


Hey Prodsters,

Ok, great. Will there more features released by the end of the month?