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Hi, when you solve these problems? monitor resolution between 980 and 768:

1) 2)

Price on the home page is truncated: 1)

Price in the description is the real one that does not appear in the home. 1)



Hi, 26 days have passed since your last answer and any updates. I’m glad I moved to another. greetings

Its too little work to finish new update please be patient! Will give you a great update

Patience? It’s been 3 months from the reporting. No problem, now use this:


Video tutorial install ?

Have documentation and install wizard, or i can help you via teamviewer or similar program :)

Ok, contact me in skype please.

My skype : paul.bonifay And my pseudonyme in skype is Dr_WiNoP

I response you

I do not understand why because when I make a purchase it is duplicated it saves me 2 sales, double the amount and it sends two messages.

Any suggestion to solve my problem ?

For all items !

Ok i ckecking again

I have solved the problem. I have changed your code myself.

Can you implement PayPal Express Checkout ?

May be yesterday

tomorrow* no ?

oh yea i mean tomorrow

Hi, I launched the site on MAMP, but it does not show styling. Looks like this :

Also links do not work. Just shows that page doesn’t exist.

Open phpmyadmin go to table settings and edit first row where is field url set / of the end of url address

Thank you, i fixed the first problem ! But the links still do not work ( for example here : )

How do i fix this ?

Open htaccess file and edit line RewriteBase / set RewriteBase /appstle2/

Hi, sorry for bothering so much, but i have problems still. I have account created in Users table, but i cannot login with these info… Says that wrong username or password.

Mod Rewrite is enabled and yes, i do have it

Hmm can you give me ftp access and web url via email to check settings

Wrote to you in e-mail. please reply

Where is PayPal Checkout ?

I want to have PayPal Express Checkout and you have said to me that you will added this feature.. but nothing for more than two weeks

Ou give me mail to send you file

Use thibault[at]spreadrr(dot)com. Thank you :)

hey there, this is a really good script. I had it working, everything was great, but now i installed it the same i did before – i just put it under url : http://host/hereisscript/ ... now the links do not work. any ideas?

i cant find the .htaccess file – i have hidden files set to show in my mac, but it isnt there. can you maybe send it to : ?

Everything works now, thank you !

When you will update the script?

Strange, Spreadrr has his own script that does online payments. I wonder why he has bought your script and still wants you to update…

Translation and Brazilian currency is easy to add?

Yes message me via email to help u

Does the download link the user gets expire after download to keep them from sharing it with other people?

User can download item only one time but when owner update item he can download it again

In new update will have login section for users

Can you add bitcoin payments as an option?

ok no problem will add

Hi, could you fix the demo please?

Ok now will fix

Hi, please can you tell me will it work with PHP 7 and MySQLi Extension?

Yes will work

Hello, what is your email to customization request? thanks

Not the right demo, plz check!

Sorry now will check and fix issue with DEMO>

Got problem to install the shop with php7.

When will it be fixed? Its give blank page when try to install the shop.

send me access to support email to fix it.