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Hi I am interested, but lot of features are missing, task items, tracking, time, etc.

I think a lot more would buy if you had some of that functionality, take a look at some of the others out there.

Client roles,

Invoices Also please your email for additional questions.

Hi smartgrid, first thanks for your interest. The main idea behind this application is to keep it simple and offer basic project progress tracking and work splitting. Of course, there a many functionalities that can be implemented and new functionalities will be added in future releases. This application does not meant to be a replacer for high scalable project manager applications. The application offer basic functionalities like requirements, tasks and bugs tracking. Task items are at requirement level, time tracking is optional and is logged if provided but now time is not included in any report, release overview is available at release level where you can see some charts with progress and works.

If you have problems with the deploy, I can help with deployment. Send me a private message for this.

Demo seems to be dead. Would of liked to try it.

I’ve reported the problem to my hosting provider…it seems to be a problem related to the domain. Re-check the page within couple of days (I might move the demo’s applications to another domain)

Hosting provider finally fixed the problems…all demos should work now.

What is the username and password?


For testing login with user: test password:test

Hi There is no default page that I can access once I have created this in IIS. Please advise.

Discussion will continue on e-mail. Thanks

How can I assign users/resources to the projects, so that users cant see any other client release/requirements or tasks?

Hi, there are no such restrictions implemented yet. Perhaps in next releases I will extend the user roles part.

Is the next release expected soon? And is there a way I can modify the queries to show the items only assigned to an user?

You have the source code if you like to make the modification’s. The next release is planned in about 2 weeks, but I cannot guarantee the timings. The developent for this application is based on needs and improvemenst that i discover during the usage of application and also based on requests from buyers and feedbacks. For more details about your request, please send me an e-mail and we will continue the discussions there. Thanks for your attention.

Actually this is a very good and simple project progress, of course we can add more funcationalities like user roles and notification , and project status and task status user wise ,

in general , its awesome !!

Many Thanks Ram

Thank’s for your appreciation…indeed, that is the main purpose of the app..keep it simple . Unfortunately, I didn’t had time for next release which will include other improvements and functionality’s.

HI its a good initiative , (but is is it possible to add some more features like ) user approval and user roles, ( i hope so)

also my understating is that i can host it in windows environment ,

DB side , i do not have any idea , is it My SQL

Also i need some support , if i am adding some more features in this ..

it is just for a sample project i am decided to to in the MVC and entitity just trying with your experience

your work is awesome!!

Thanks Ram

Hi Indeed, there is a mistake in source code. The fastest solution is to go to ProjectManagementCore->DataAccess->DbSetup and create an empty file with the name Upgrade_1_2.sql (or create a copy of Upgrade_1_1.sql and rename it to Upgrade_1_2.sql). In this version of software those scripts are not used (scripts planned for automatic update on first app run).

At first run, if no users are found in DB, the user admin with password admin is automatically created. (AccountController.cs line 46)

The email does not use user authentication, is simple SMTP protocol. Settings can be found in Web.config in “Mail config section” where you can enable/disable e-mail notification, change mailserver name, and change sender email. If you host the app on local IIS, mailserver name will be “localhost”.

Thanks for your feedback, and I will make a new package deploy as soon as possible with the fix.

Hi , I face some problem here , appreciate if you can help me to resolve the same

that is

GetAllUsers()—using (var ctx = new PmEntities()) { The underlying provider failed on Open.

{“Unable to connect to any of the specified MySQL hosts.”} how to connect to sql server not mysql

Many Thanks RAM

Is not that simple for DB migration. You have to create a MsSql database with similar structure like MySql db (same tables with same columns), the make a new EDMX, after that use your new context instead PmEntities. Also there are migration tools from microsoft for database migration if you don’t wnat to do it manually.

When I started this project I choose MySql beacuse is free and fast enought. For MsSql (other than express version which is limited to 1GB Ram and 10 GB all database size) you have to pay and it simply does not worth the money…you have free alternatives with almoust same performance.

I sent an email with the data from a SQL database I have in a hosting, and would like a version of the system that works with sql server. I tried a number of ways and could not. I look back.

I’ve already sent an e-mail 3 hours ago for the clarifications…please check your inbox for an e-mail from turcasadrian

Dear I tried to ask question in my previous email , maybe i was not clear enough,. Here I am writing you again. I have some pre-Purchase questions:

1: How can create projects and assign the employee to the client’s project?

2: Can manager or administrator create and assign one employee to one client and restrict the employee to see other projects, clients and messages ? ofcourse sometimes you do not want your employees to know all of your clients.

3: Does your product provide the branding like to change the logo on the client dashboard, make a post date invoice, etc?

4: Is that possible to show the client balance in client dashboard , sometimes client can pay upfront so they should see the balance in their dashboard to pay the future invoices. Possible?

5: A client should only see his own project and the employee assigned to him. Is that what your product offer ?

6: Do you offer ticket system in the product? Can I client have multiple logins on one project? For example if a client is a company and their two department wants to monitor the project , they can ask for two different login for one account.

5: Do you provide installation services ? Is it free or you will charge?

I provide installation support if needed for free.

Thanks for your quick response dear. As I am new in this field and know nothing. Would you please recommend me a good product?

Depending on your needs: visual studio online, jira,qdpm,...use google…I use PMLittle for personal projects, customers projects who only need to see work progress and they don’t need extra security (open projects within a company). For enterprise projects I use TFS for sorce control and task management. see also http://blog.capterra.com/free-open-source-project-management-software/

hello .. looks nice but can’t seam to open the preview

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can you please update this, its way out of date :)

I know is out of date ..is more than 3 years old without any maintenance or upgrades. Is not a priority for me now, but in medium term I intend to upgrade to MsSql and updated features. Is a plan, not a promise.

I need the project in MSSQL You already update it I want to buy it urgently.

Sorry, no updates will be available in next 4-5 months. Next version will be started from scratch. This version tend to be hard to use on projects with many releases..20+