Project manager little

Project manager little

Project management web application for small teams. Manage projects, track work items. Suitable for software development.
  • MVC4
  • C#
  • .Net 4.5
  • Entity Framework 5.0
  • MySql database storage
  • Compiled website – for quick deploy
  • Source code – for future adjustments & new features
  • Bootstrap 3 layout

For testing login with user: test password:test

Release history:

1.3 Improvements (12 May 2014)

[Bug] Documents upload – name and description are required but not validated on client side

[Bug] DB WorkType saved as Develop worktype

[req] Work items tab – all tasks and requirements bugs list – see if any bug or task is not closed

[req] Navigation improvements – preserve selected project on client projects page

[req] Release page – Dynamic statuses filters on tabs

[req] Release page – removed “Created by” – available on work item – history tab

[req] MyWorks page – when filtered by current user,only work items on active releases are shown [a closed release is a release with publish date completed ]

[req] E-mail notification – e-mails are sent by a background task

[req] Hour estimate and elapsed time – allow decimal values (2 decimals) [Require database upgrade script!]

[req] Bug description and expected behavior upgrade to 7000 chars [Require database upgrade script!]

[req] Bugs description, expected behavior, requirement description allow html inputs

[req] Requirement tasks – show total hours at the bottom

[req] Requirement page – show documents count on tab header – avoid scaning for attached documents

[req] Release statistics – add task’s timeline

[req] Release CSV export – include requirements and release bugs in CSV export with logged times

1.2 Maintenance release (06 Jan 2014)

[req] – my accout – project name as a link to project page

[req] – remove “new item” text on new requirement and new task

[req] – work next status options based on current status

[req] – LeTs field managed by db provider

[req] – release page – show requirements and bugs counters

[req] – requirement page – show tasks and bugs counters

[req] – release overview – show today statuses on timeline graph

[bug] – Requirements can’t be moved to other releases if have tasks and bugs

[bug] – Missing “Cancel” button on requirement edit

[bug] – Long requirement name broke header layout on small devices

1.1 Maintenance release (22 Nov 2013)

[bug] – Wrong attached documents data storage info

[bug] – When bug document is uploaded, return empty page

[req] – Release overview statistics

[other] – code clean-up

1.0 Initial version (15 Nov 2013)