Project Management

Project Management

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Project Management is a solution to maintain prefect integration between Clients, Contractors and Business owners to smoothly operate and manage a project during its entire development cycle. With Project Management solution you can Make sure your offsite projects are being managed efficiently. This Web app lets a Construction/ Engendering project manager to keep a grip on how a project is running on sites as well as keeping a firm contact between clients and contractors related to the projects.

App Features:

Three Separate Dashboards: 1.Admin Dashboard, 2. Client Dashboard, 3. Contractor Dashboard.

1. Project stage setting and following of the predefined stages.

2. Admin control over the stages of a project life cycle.

3. Project Details Sharing and integration over web.

4. Client and Contractor creating by Admin.

5. Project creating by Client.

6. Contractor assigning to project by Admin.

✔️ You Will Get:

1. Dot Net full source code solution

2. Sql script with sample data

3. Free service for deployment to hosting

✔️ Tools Required :

1. Visual Studio 2015 or above

2. MS sql Server

3. VS Code or Any editor of your preference

4. Node Package Manager & Angular CLI

✔️ Hosting and Account Required :

1. Windows Hosting

2. Framework 4.6.1

☎️ Skype :