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Very nice design! But I will buy only with messagens, task description and a time control. Is there any plans to update?

Hello, any plans to update? I want to ask you if the admin assigns one task to a member, he will receive a notification email?


Is this project abandoned?

Seems like it, not buying something so outdated.

user access denied

Does admin get email alerts of tasks complete by team members?

No access, link break!!? No demo, no buy sorry

Demo login don’t work.

can you add chat feature ?

How to delete existing user …category or project :s???

For everyone whos getting login page without style and or getting login error… should follow these instructions…

1- Goto your installation folder in server via CPANEL or FTP 2- Find install.settings.php file 3- edit that file and check

Line no (3,4,5) should be same like this

$install['base_url'] = "";
$install['base_domain'] = "";
$install['base_path'] = "";