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Hi there!

When I send an email I recieve just this text “Aditional Information”.

Check it out: http://www.aguapureza.pe/calculadora-costo-agua-envasada/

Kind regards. Pablo.

It’s good purchasing license and have not any feedback!

Thanks a lot budd!

Hi! you are the author of “WPCC – WordPress Project Cost Calculator – http://codecanyon.net/item/wpcc-wordpress-project-cost-calculator-plugin/5648802" need translating help me?

Hi, Thinking about buying your plugin. Just one question, is it possible to use spam protection in the plugin?

Thanks for purchasing. I am working on it now and it will be available within 24 hours. thanks.

Thanks Satish, works great

no problems.


How can I include the plugin in Joomla? When I use a code snippet plugin I get all kinds of errors like this:

Thanks in advance.


This is caused by conflict with some other jquery or javascript plugin. You need to try disabling all your plugins and enable one by one to pinpoint exactly whats the conflicting plugin.


how I can add this type of field: <input type = “number” step = “1” name = “number” id = “field1”>

thank you

there is no such field in html. I think you are looking for text field with “only numbers allowed” in that field. It is achieved via javascript. Go here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7295843/allow-only-numbers-to-be-typed-in-a-textbox . If still unable to do, mail me your details using my profile contact form, i will do it for you.

HI, I want to buy your plugin, but I find a bug, it does’t suppport multiple select calculator , when I choose a multiple select options , it onle calculator the last one I choose , Can your fix the bug?

There is a reason it was made like that. if you want your user to choose multiple values, it will be better to use check-boxes, because a lot of people don’t know that you can hold Ctrl key and select multiple values.

Hi! Thanks for a great plugin! I got one question: how to add a field with percentage discount?

purchase code – e82d2053-56e0-41cf-a5fe-39d0e6a85783 – 11 Sep 2015 REGULAR LICENSE


I would like to calculate a value entered in a text box multiplied by the value a user selects in a dropdown.

Can this software do this?


you would have found this by now, but for others…yes it can do that.

Good morning , I bought the product ” PCC” I wanted to know if it was possible to sum caratteristichea of a product and the sum of the characteristics multiply it by the number entered by the user , for example, if I have three cakes with cream and chocolate I would multiply by the number total of cakes that my client serveal hope to esermi explained somehow

Pardon i am having difficulty understanding some of your words like caratteristichea and esermi. But it is possible to calculate based on user input in textbox or textarea(if thats what you meant).

1-is it responsive? or do I have to adapt. 2-is it possible to change the decimal places for ”” example: value: R$ 9.000,00

1.yes it’s responsive 2. decimal is possible

Hi Satish,

Is it possible to have a checkbox and a text box next to each other. The text box has a certain value which can be changed by the customer. When the checkbox is checked, the amount of the checked item will be multiplied by the number in the text box. When the checkbox is unchecked there must, of course, be no calculation.

kind regards, AB

Not possible.

Hi Satish,

The calculated output doesn’t show up in the e-mail. What could I possibly do wrong?

kind regards, AB

yes you can read documentation and follow this instruction.

Hello it’s possible to change “Additional Items” after price with new translation ? If yes, where .. I can’t find the line in the file js/html


Does it need PHP to function or is it only for Send Mail?

its completely jQuery based. you need to develop mailing functionality based on what server you have

Hi, the demo doesn’t work. Can you please fix so I can have a look? Thanks