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ts2012 Purchased

Trying to install, but getting: No input file specified. Have set the subfolder path in config.php and in .htacc…

Hi ts2012,

I can take a look at it if you email your website details and fix it for you :)


ts2012 Purchased

Hi – It’s OK, found the answer in your troubleshooting note. Thanks

Great! Glad you got it working :)

Can I set a routine task for a certain group of members?


What do you mean by “routine” task? Can you describe a little bit of what you require?


Congrats…. i have a questions…. Where is the searcher? ... i need a box search for searching something in all app…. In the calendar always stay in the date actually, but …. how search a event past? .... i have that browse in each month


Currently the search system is on the front page and only allows you to search for the Project name. There isn’t a search system in place for the calendar at the moment.

I am interested in this project however before purchasing, was wondering if it is possible to disable the invoicing / expenses features in both the menu and dashboard? I could not see a disable option in the settings menu of the demo.

Congratulations on a great project!


You can only disable the Accounting section in the admin panel. If you wanted to disable the invoice section separately, you’d need to modify a few files to remove the links to those sections and add a few restrictions. I can help point you in the right direction if you need help with it :)


Hello ,i need to integrate Three offices ,such as Admission,Accountant and Examination.Examination officer will be responsive on issuing exam ID,and accountant will be able to view students who completed school fees so as they should get Exam iDs.


I’m not sure what your question is or what you need. Please let me know and I’ll be happy to help :)


is there is a way to translate it to arabic or it is have arabic language or support RTL ??



You can translate to Arabic. You just need to modify our language files which contain all the english text strings. You’ll need to save the files in UTF-8 format (this is by default, but some text editors can convert the file) and you should see arabic text.


upto Purchased

How to put the image into the “details” of an event in the calendar?


It’s currenty not possible to do this as the details of an event in the Calendar doesn’t support HTML.

Hope that helps, apologies for the delay :)

The demo is not working. Trying to login but get this no matter if the password is correct or not:

“An Error Was Encountered The action you have requested is not allowed.”

Hmmm… That leaves a lot of confusion due to the very non-detailed message.


I was able to login fine on the demo.

The details are:

User: Pass: test123


We are currently moving our web server so you may experience difficulties. Apologies!

hi, is possible to implement the customer role? I search a program to monitoring mechanical production. Instead of project i need to add drawings. Every drowings have different working phases that are the current task. But i need also to add the phases into the options that are always the same, so i can select from a drop-down menu. At the end the top bar with “all project, canceled … ” need to show the client name. if clicked the program need to show me all the drowings of that client. Is possbile to implement it? a quote? thanks


Do you think you could send me an email with this information. Do you happen to have an example of a system so I can better understand how the information is handled?


demo is down!... i want to buy but want to test again demo.


Seems to be working fine for me. Can you try again now?


Hello, I see that you update the script, but I was wonder where’s could I find the Pay Plans, you mentioned that this is new feature, where is it ?


They’re in the Admin Panel: check it out on the demo.


Y, I got it, okay, could I use it as a SaaS ?

In order to use it as a SaaS you would need an extended license I believe.

I think this may be a good application. But after I browsed around as Admin, I logged in as a demo client user: test123 and was so disappointed :( I thought I would see a project with tasks and a calendar and all of the good things I need as a client to know what to do next, what I accomplished, and what my personal calendar says. But instead there was nothing to see, just a “create project” option.
  • I need to know if a client/group can be assigned with privileges
  • I need the client/group to be able to log in and see their own task calendar
  • plus items like files they can download
  • plus tasks completed and remaining
Do you have any options for me to view what the client experience is like? All of the options are limited for setting up a true demo experience. I hope this management tool can do what I need… thank you.


A client will only see those things when they are a member of the team’s project. So when a member is added to a project, that project will appear in their dashboard for them to view. Clicking on it allows them to then look at tasks, calendar events and everything else associated with that project.

The Admin login is really what a normal client would see if they were members of those projects. The only difference is the Admin Panel option, located in the dropdown menu when clicking on the Admin’s name in the top right corner.

Hope that helps :)

Very good, that helps. Do you have a document I can review to understand the difference between role capabilities, for example, File Manager and File Operator, Task Manager and Task Operator, etc. I just want to be sure I can set up the right permissions for the client, and lets them download related files, but doesn’t let them add files, etc. Not sure what a Manager vs. an Operator allows… Things like that ;) Thanks Patchesoft!


ARGATUM Purchased

I have a problem whit this soft

Error: Upload Error: The filetype you are attempting to upload is not allowed.


When i add a new format (exemple : psd) In admin i add psd :|psd|

I contact you by mail : a solution please


Sometimes adding the file type to the admin area isn’t enough. We use MIME checking of files to determine their type and some file types have very irregular file mime types and so they don’t pass our security filter.

You can view all the allowed MIME types in this file: application/config/mimes.php. You can also make changes here by adding extra mime types to allow your file to be uploaded. To do this, you’d first need to figure out what MIME type your file is. You can do this online, or I can do it for you.

Just send me an email with your problematic file and I’ll send you a revised mime config file which should allow you to upload it.

Hello, I am very interested in your plugin, but I have some pre-purchase doubt: I tried the live demo and tried to create a project. But then one of the options in the pop-up window is PROJECT PLAN, which charges $ for the plan created. This means that every project that I create using this plugin will be charged? I don’t get it, sorry.

Hi renaodurst,

The charging for Projects is just a feature that you can enable or disable. You can turn this feature off in the Admin Panel and not use it at all. It’s primarily used for users who wish to sell access to their system.

P.S. This isn’t a WordPress plugin- I noticed you mentioned it as a plugin but it’s really a standalone app. Just wanted to clear up any confusion.


Hello Admin,

I have read your document but unable to set up installation in subfolder.

I have made changes in config.php as

and in database.php, i have used all database credentials as localhost, root, password and DB name.

I have also imported database.sql but still its doesnt seems to be running when i go to

Please help. Just share general instruction please!

However, similarly i do have htaccess for /db, /crs, /weddingleads on my server. They should also interfere na?

Hello There, i have uploaded database.sql again and files are up there again. I want to talk to you please. Please share your skype. I want to have a chat with you please. Please add me. I am at sumit.vasudeva3


I’ve added you on Skype.



Demo is not working.


Should be working now :)


Hi, do you do custom software development project. I have a project similar to this project management software


Currently I’m unavailable for doing large custom jobs. I might be more available in the new year but I’m completely swamped before then.

Apologies :)

Thanks for the update. Please let me know when you are available

Interesting plugin. The decision on purchasing would be easier if the entire demo was working. Can you please fix the “staff” demo login? I’d like to see how it differs from the “client” login and “admin panel”.


The main difference is the lack of Admin panel for a normal user. The normal user has permissions based upon the group role they are assigned in the team section. A normal user will also only see projects they are assigned to.

Unfortunately I cannot update the demo at the moment with a staff login, however, you can register a new account and it will basically act as a normal user. I’ll try and see if I can come up with a staff demo account shortly.

1. Is this still supported? I see that there hasnt been an update in a while.

2. Can announcements, messages be sent out to all team members?


It’s still supported in terms of helping new users set it up and fix any bugs users might come across.

However, our main focus going forward is our new version Titan. We are focusing on that product for updates at the moment. Maybe in the future I might give Project Box a new update but nothing is planned right now.

2) You can send messages to members of your team, but there isn’t an announcement feature. You can use the chat section to ping members of your team however.

Bug in Application

Created new user in admin section – Keith and added as a member. Created new project and added 2 new Groups called Contractor and Accountant. Added User to project Keith and assigned him Contractor. When I add a Task and add User Keith, he shows up as Accountant.

Hi danoshea60,

What page does the user show up as an accountant? Is it the Team page? Or somewhere else?