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with wordpress ?

Let me know if you need any help. Thanks.

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Hi, Will this work with Wordpress 4.7.1 and Enfold theme? Can we use this also for iOS web app?


Think about it like a website. If your website supports PHP7, than the Progressive Web App will support it too. When a link is tapped in the app, it will open that content in the app, just like a regular website. Let me know if you’ve got other questions.

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Hey, I have a question. Does a progressive app stays running on the background on the phone when you close it?

If I have a music streaming site, will this work like a native app, so that when I press the lock button the music keeps playing?

Thank you.

Hey. It should be possible. You have to deal with the code inside the service worker. Let me know if you need any help on that. Thanks.


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How do you generate a push notification?

Also, online generator is not working.

Hello. The online generator is not working due to some technical problems with the server. It is advised on the product description page. We are trying to find a fix for that. As for the push notifications, I will re-send the update to CodeCanyon, don’t know why it is not updated for such a long time. Thanks.

there is not info about push… can you upload again the complete package. thanks

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I don’t know how to install it , I have wordpress , mail sent to you waiting your feedback



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hello. I will be back on Friday and get back to you. thanks.