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Hello, i have purchased all of your project none is working . please checj the response ;

> arialshop-v6@6.3.6 dev /home/shojol/Downloads/vue/arialshop-front > cross-env NODE_ENV=development nuxt

… debug nuxt › proxy › [HPM] Proxy created: /api -> http://localhost:3000 … debug nuxt › proxy › [HPM] Proxy created: /auth -> http://localhost:3000 … debug nuxt › proxy › [HPM] Proxy created: /img -> http://localhost:3000 … debug nuxt › proxy › [HPM] Proxy created: /uploads -> http://localhost:3000 … debug nuxt › proxy › [HPM] Proxy created: /groceries -> http://localhost:3000 … debug nuxt › axios › baseURL: http://localhost:4000/ … debug nuxt › axios › browserBaseURL: / nuxt:pwa Adding icons +0ms nuxt:pwa Adding manifest +0ms nuxt:pwa Adding meta +0ms nuxt:pwa No host specified, skipping og:image +1ms nuxt:build App root: /home/shojol/Downloads/vue/arialshop-front +0ms nuxt:build Generating /home/shojol/Downloads/vue/arialshop-front/.nuxt files… +0ms nuxt:build Generating files… +5ms nuxt:build Generating routes… +14ms nuxt:build Building files… +43ms nuxt:build Adding webpack middleware… +729ms ████████████████████ 100%

Build completed in 20.889s

ERROR  Failed to compile with 2 errors                                                                                                                      12:52:06 AM

These dependencies were not found:

  • @/components/OrderA in ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib?{babelrc}}]]}\\./pages/my/orders/index.vue
  • ~/components/megamenuMobile in ./node_modules/babel-loader/lib?{babelrc}}]]}\\./components/Header.vue

To install them, you can run: npm install—save @/components/OrderA ~/components/megamenuMobile

OPEN  http://localhost:4000

Hi. Can you please download the latest version and try again. If it does not work, send me an email at admin[@] with your anydesk credentials. I will check personally.

email sent .please reply

Thanks received the email. Don’t worry we will resolve all the issues within 24 hrs.

Why the frontend design is so messed up? e.g listing page does not show blocks right, product details page has add to cart overlapped by wish list button, images does not show properly on product details page

Hello Muhammad,

Can you send me a screenshot to my email I will fix it.

OK let me put this in plain English.

All professional buyers (an your product targets exactly these people) read comments to a product they intend to buy.

After reading comments the following has become apparent.

(01) With the “Material Shop” which brought you 119 sales, one of the core selling points – Stripe – was a lie.

I have not once seen it working.

Regardless of this fact, people still were into buying your product, myself included, because it was promisingly fast and simple.

(02) After giving you a shot and spending hours over hours trying to put you as close to success as possible, I have purchased your new creation, ArialShop, which core feature – “100 light house score (PWA)” – turned out to be a lie: + (03) You have made “Fatal error” by asking “how to” technical question from your customer, reducing your USD 65/h to ZERO. When you increase the hourly rate, you absolutely should have increased your level of professionalism. If you do not do that, you “die”. + We are here to buy from you, not to comfort or teach you [or otherwise waste our time].

All the above renders the value of all my efforts effectively to zero.

If your PWA is >90, then you write ”>90 light house score (PWA)” not “100 light house score (PWA)”. The difference is not measured in digits, the difference is TRUST.


(04) Reserved.

(05) Now, after making some minor adjustments to your ArialShop page [finally following my recommendations], you have had instantly made extra 2x sales @ the USD 98 here on Envato, whereas at this pricing point the product is expected to be PERFECT, whilst yours is far, far from it, being a copycat from a well known online store with minor modifications, which basic front end does not work.

This is a rhetorical question:

+ + For USD 59 as I have had suggested earlier, that could have been forgiven IF THE UPDATE WOULD HAVE BEEN FOLLOWED INSTANTLY (which didn’t), but not at USD 98 + Look at other best selling HTML5 THEMES which are being sold at USD 65 max but are much more complex than your whole products combined.

I have no idea what you have been doing for the recent 8 months, but apparently, not iterating with your product as you make people believe you did.

Unless you would ACTUALLY implement my suggestions that I have had carefully and precisely listed over 8 months ago within 1 month or less, I am hereby signing off and from the position of a loyal / supporting customer to become a [totally] irrelevant one (this is so much worse than just negative).

The above would perfectly explain why you do not have more sales, with changes in Envato / Google / whatever search algorithms being absolutely nothing to do with.

The core of all sales is word of mouth. [besides the product itself, which is obvious]

The core of business is innovation.

The core of innovation is iteration.

Lying would not bring you anywhere.

You appear to be very young and naive.

Go get hired at the nearest McDonalds and come back only when you are a manager there, then we could talk.

They will teach you manners, business and discipline better than in any MBA school around, and they would also pay you for that.

I am encouraging honesty throughout, not a lie.

You either start listening and responding or go learn business as an intern in McDonalds.

trust restoration from <0 up to 0 checklist / 2do / actionplan:



Post respective screenshots with improved PWA 100 on the 1st page.

THEN we could talk.

THEN EVERYONE will see your effort confirmed here in the comments section.

Until THEN – wut. “The fastest online shop of 2018” MY ASS.

as you can see, the less bloat you have, the faster it is to update / easier / cheaper 2 maintain – 1 name === survival.



You fall to learn how to get up.

You lie to understand to NEVER EVER do it again.

You lie the THIRD time, there wouldn’t be a possibility for the fourth.

And then people call “prejudice” / “bias” or even “racism” when it comes to contracting “professionals” from non-commonwealth countries, “asians”, “chinese”, “indians”, “pakistani” now including Hongkongers.

YOU create these prejudices by your own hands.

Me and other decent people would never be able to wash these off regardless.

WTF give me a break.

last changelog 04-aug 6.3.6

pending 15 aug ver 6.3.7 28 aug ver 6.3.9

kindly update changelog and also update roadmap

I will add all into 6.4.0 (expected in 2 days)

hi itswadesh

lighthouse score 100/100

currenty app score

pwa score = 91 increase performance for image optimize using

this tool reduce img size 25-35 % with same quality

seo score = 90 for 100 score add sitemap.xml and robots.txt

pls add nuxt module @nuxtjs/sitemap nuxt-robots-module


Thanks for the info. The reason behind light house score of 91 is a little different. I am working on it.

hi itswadesh this site score pwa score = 100 seo score = 100 and source code

sitemap.xml and robots.txt both module use in this app

smart coding good handle nuxt.config.js

pls chk thx

Thanks for your support. This info is really helpful. I will implement this in V6.4

hi itswadesh

remove expressConfig.ts file

remove plugin not use (in admin section)

autocomplete.js – > vuejs-autocomplete bootstrap.js – > bootstrap drag.js – > vue-drag-sort-tree global.js – > Toast html5.js – > vue-html5-editor jquery.js – > jquery notie.js – > vue-notie popper.js – > popper.js ssr.js – > vue-no-ssr vue-charts.js – > hchs-vue-charts vue-material – > vuematerial.js webfontloader – > webfont.js


Thanks. You are helping me to make this package even better and cleaner. Can you leave a rating too.

hi itswadesh

nice work rating 5/5


Thank you

hi itswadesh

bug report click parent category or sub category each category render two time or switch router two time first time second time first time second time first time second time

noted if click category only show category not switch to search


hi itswadesh Arialshop ver (6.4.0) update vuetify admin and front both same version currently admin version 1.1.16 (old) front version 1.2.3 (new)

[Vuetify] ‘v-card-media’ is deprecated, use ‘v-img’ instead

Vuetify (1.2.3) error on (npm run dev)

[Vuetify] Image load failed

src: //uploads/CPDeV2S-ku75siwbMmfYWVzv.jpg

found in

-> <VCardMedia> <LazyComponent> <RouterLink> <VCard> <ProductCardFashion> at components/product-card-fashion.vue <Pages/category/Q.vue> at pages/category/_q.vue <Nuxt> <VContent> <VApp> <Default> at layouts/default.vue <Root>

error on (npm run build)

Network request for ’/category/dresses’ threw an error. TypeError: Failed to execute ‘fetch’ on ‘ServiceWorkerGlobalScope’: ‘only-if-cached’ can be set only with ‘same-origin’ mode

error on (npm run start) workbox The response for ‘,700|Material+Icons' is an opaque response. The caching strategy that you’re using will not cache opaque responses by default.


hi itswadesh Arialshop ver (6.4.0)

Reduce webpack bundle size for production

replace nuxt js to nuxt edge (nuxt edge auto bundle splitting) (if possible)

change front >plugin>Swal.js replace vue-sweetalert2 (large bundle) with vue-swal(small bundle)

change front >plugin>owl.js replace owl.carousel (using jquery) with v-owl-carousel

remove jquery plugin

add nuxt module ’@nuxtjs/moment’ (for remove locale) or plugins: [ new webpack.IgnorePlugin(/^\.\/locale$/, /moment$/), ]

import Vue from “vue”; (remove)

Optimizing dependencies import (all components side)

do not use full dependency import _ from ‘lodash’;

Just import what you really need e.g. import includes from “lodash/includes”; import isNull from “lodash/isNull”; import each from “lodash/each”;

convert all component with new syntax (webpack 4)

const LoginModal = () => import(”@/components/modal/LoginModal”); const Contact = () => import(”@/components/modal/Contact”); const Topmenu = () => import(”@/components/Topmenu”); const Megamenu = () => import(”@/components/Megamenu”); const MegamenuMobile = () => import(”@/components/MegamenuMobile”); const Zip = () => import(”@/components/modal/Zip”); const ZipMenu = () => import(”@/components/modal/ZipMenu”); const Submit = () => import(”@/components/Submit”); const Breadcrumb = () => import(”@/components/Breadcrumb”); const OauthButtons = () => import(”@/components/OauthButtons”); const account = () => import(”@/layouts/account”); const loginFormEmail = () => import(”@/components/login-form-email”); const ListImage = () => import(”@/components/ListImage”); const productCard2 = () => import(”@/components/product-card2”); const productCardFashion = () => import(”@/components/product-card-fashion”); const SummaryCards = () => import(”@/components/SummaryCards”); const deals = () => import(”@/components/deals”); const sale = () => import(”@/components/sale”); const WishButton = () => import(”@/components/ProductDetail/WishButton”); const NameWeight = () => import(”@/components/ProductDetail/NameWeight”); const PriceDiscount = () => import(”@/components/ProductDetail/PriceDiscount”); const OtherAvailable = () => import(”@/components/ProductDetail/OtherAvailable”); const reviews = () => import(”@/components/reviews”); const RelatedProducts = () => import(”@/components/related-products”); const cta = () => import(”@/components/cta”); const slider = () => import(”@/components/slider”); const brands = () => import(”@/components/brands”); const featured = () => import(”@/components/featured”); const OrderDetail = () => import(”@/components/OrderDetail”); const OrderA = () => import(”@/components/OrderA”);


hi itswadesh Arialshop ver (6.4.0) convert all img (jpeg) to webp

add plugin Lazy Load Image Progressive Loading Responsive Images

npm install vue-lazy-images import Vue from “vue”; import { VLazyImagePlugin } from “v-lazy-image”; Vue.use(VLazyImagePlugin);


npm install vue-progressive-image import Vue from ‘vue’ import VueProgressiveImage from ‘vue-progressive-image’ Vue.use(VueProgressiveImage)


vuetify v-img (Progressive Loading) thx

This one also looks interesting. Can it be integrated with any other theme?

Yes this can also be integrated with other themes because of its headless nature


Pending Request appox 2 week

1 ) convert nuxt 1.4.2 to 2.0.0 (nuxt-edge) 2 ) convert vuetify 1.1.16 to vuetify 1.2.4 show error [Vuetify] Image load failed src: //uploads/CPDeV2S-ku75siwbMmfYWVzv.jpg -> <VCardMedia> <LazyComponent> <RouterLink> <VCard> <ProductCardFashion> at components\product-card-fashion.vue <Pages\search\Q.vue> at pages\search\_q.vue <Nuxt> <VContent> <VApp> <Filters> at layouts\filters.vue <Root>

3 ) reduce bundle size & build optimization import shrinkRay from ‘shrink-ray-current’ render: { compressor: shrinkRay() }

build: { extractCSS: true, optimization: { splitChunks: { name: true } }, working link

4) all components change to new syntax like Header.vue components: { Topmenu : () => import(”@/components/Topmenu”), Megamenu : () => import(”@/components/Megamenu”), MegamenuMobile : () => import(”@/components/MegamenuMobile”), Zip : () => import(”@/components/modal/Zip”), ZipMenu : () => import(”@/components/modal/ZipMenu”) thx

5) progressive and lazy loading images like
6) lighthouse score no improvement etc PWA 91
7) changelog, weekly update & Road Map

Hi. I have noted all these requirements and solution. You have been a great help for me in terms of both testing and improvements.

I am implementing a live project with 200K products. I think we should talk and discuss some things. Can you send me an email at

hi itswadesh ok noted next time all matter discuss in email thx

pls chk email my email address kindly reply asap thx

which the user and password for backend ?


pass: codenx

why the $999 price tag?

Everything included with $999.

Production version of code

Development Version of code

Store Front + Store admin + Store API

Hi, your demo is empty. Where can I test it?


Thanks for the information. The demo issue has been resolved. You can access it at

i need (Grocery Store) demo

Hi. Here is a grocery store implemented using the arialshop stack

really seems great but while i see others comments related bugs i don’t want to taker risk for 999$ :) have good business with it it look great

I want to run shopping ads, is there an extension like exporting feed for google merchants? tks


Hi there, can your script handle multi-vendor setup? (its a script, – after looking at buyer comments on issues, i think calling it a script makes more sense). Also how good is after sales support? Paid / unpaid extra costs?

Hi. I am interested in this project. Can do it for 50% of the cost while meeting all the quality standards as well as NDA. Please let me know if that makes sense.

Hi there,

i did go through a lot of stuff on and litekart demo. also sent you a slack invite.

What is confusing to me: “Litekart storefront demo”, all the literature about Svelte, then some links still points to hoppyshoppy.

Again, coming back to Litekart storefront demo – is that a developer friendly thing or for sale or for what? also it has some links to multi-vendor (seller link), but nothing goes beyond that point. Seems you already have MV options, but under WIP? or done? or license only?

Also, RESTful APIs are so old school :-), we are already on GraphQL, those REST things will slow everything down. However there are few ways we can stage.

I can’t comment on what makes sense in this context, however lets chat on Slack, see whether we can do something with at least one of all the things (As advertised on your website).


Sure. I was still deciding whether I should migrate to graphql. But taking inspiration from you made the final decision and already started migration to typescript and graphql.

Regarding litekart I am trying to provide service both to developers and direct clients. For developer I made an open source project using Svelte hoping that Svelte will get more attraction in future because of its simplicity.

The multivendor platform using Vue and I have made 2 live implementation using that in fashion industry.

Meet you at slack.


ather74 Purchased

kindly update new version

Hi. I will try to update this month.