Discussion on Progress Map Wordpress Plugin

Discussion on Progress Map Wordpress Plugin

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One of my ex-coworker bought your plugin. but since he’s gone I do not know how to update this plugin? any help would be very appreciated.

I was reviewing the page loading speed for my listing page that uses your plugin. How can we scale the images? Here’s the gtmetrix:

I think the page would load a lot faster with the scaled images. Thanks.

Hi, I have purchased the Progress Map plugin and I find it wonderful. I have a problem, when creating a map it leaves me only one type of post, I need to load multiple post types as layers so that later I can filter. For the filter, I understand that there is another complement, but does it allow to visualize multiple post types in the same map? I hope it can! Best regards Jara.



Unfortunately, you can’t use two post types on the same map. A map works with one post type only.

Thank you

Hello! Is there a way to move the map around with 1 finder on Mobile instead of two?

How can we hide the grid of items that appears under the map?

nevermind, we had to disable the list add on.

Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible to replicate a situation of this type. is it possible to create dependencies? in the sense that we insert places, but some are connected to others, is it possible to show all the places connected by clicking on one that is part?


Unfortunately no, but you can do this other ways. The first option is to use the faceted search to hide/show places by categories. The second option is to use one post to create multiple places on the map but please note that when you use this method, all places will share the same name.

You can find more details about each option at:

1. Faceted search:

2. One post, multi places:

I hope this will help.

Thank you

Thanks for reply. These solutions work also with polygon? Because we using coordinates to draw polygons.

polygons support clustering?

Hi, is it possible to remove the “More” button to stop users from clicking through to a new post or page when new locations are added to a map?

How to I make the youtube Popup videos autoplay?


Hi i have a problem with the plugin. I downloaded it there is not the possibilitIty to add markers. Seems that something lack 7754be77-35ae-4fdc-836f-38e0a8606df9

Hi I just installed your plugin in my customer website, the problem is that it is conflicting with another plugin called “WP store Locator”. How can I fix to make them both work? Unfortunately WP store locator can’t be deleted as it is already serving a map for stores. Your plugin is being used for another purpose but in the same website.

its very urgent

thanks Claudio

Hi, I purchased your map – it’s awesome. Now the client has another website (not wordpress) where he would like to show the map created in his wordpress site. Is it possible to embed the map on an external source that updates automatically when I add new items to the map?

Hello, I cannot turn on several options. Does this plugin only work if you have bought all additional add-ons?

Hello, I cannot turn on several options. Does this plugin only work if you have bought all additional add-ons?


Only part of the progress map menu on the post page is displayed… why? Could you tell me waht should I do?

Hello, I cannot turn on several options. Does this plugin only work if you have bought all additional add-ons? Also infobox, and other option that i turn on doesn’t work?

I would like to implement the add to map funktion inside a frontend form. Is there a way to use a shortcode to display the create map position, just like it shows up when creating a post or page for example.

Im using Ultimate Memeber for a membership site and I want to display every member location and be able to filter depending on certain fields, and so I need to implement the input of adress into the profile settings wich is created with a form

Is there a way to link the infobox label to a URL that is not the post that created the mappin?

I want to link without embedding and simply go to a custom URL istead fot the post link

Hello, i have a problem with your Progress map wordpress plugin. I set into infobox setting “display ellipse” to “No” but into infobox in frontend i find ellipse. How ca i solve? i have 2 website with same problem. I have last update of your plugin, wordpress and use Avada as wordpress theme. can you help me to solve? is very horrible to see that ”...” Website:

Hello, i have a problem with Google PO on my maps… I set to “No” display POI option but i continue to see POI into maps. There is a possibility to have a “READ MORE” button into infobox that link to post_url?

Can you help me? Thanks


Hello, I generated an API key and applied it to the plugin but the map says Opps! There was an error. Can you please help?

Thank you.


Please make sure to activate all the required APIs and try again.

Thank you


its not possible for me to upload a image in the custom field (HTML File Upload) The console gives me a jQuery: Error: Syntax error, unrecognized expression: .cs_file_input[id=Foto Ansprechpartner]

OK the upload button is working now, but after I save, the image is gone.

After the upload & save the image is gone.