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I use Progress map with Progress Map, List & Filter. We have a problem with pagination. When we press the button to switch pages, the contents do not download. Surely an Ajax problem.

Have you ever encountered this problem?


Please send me the link of your map to check this.

Thank you


We want to show the map of the individual post in single view. Is this possible in shortcode?

We have a custom template to show the single post. Would he have a way to display a small map with only that element on single view?



Yes you can do that using the shortcode “cspm_light_map”. Please check this page for more info

Thank you


We use the Progress Map plugin, List & Filter, we would like to know if it would be possible, with a shortcode or other, to select default fields when downloading the map.

Example [cspm_main_map id = “1529” category = “restaurant”]



You can do that by using this code in your theme’s “functions.php” file:

 * Change the default settings of a map
 * @since "Progress Map v3" 
function cspm_update_map_settings($map_settings, $map_id){

    if (!class_exists('CspmMainMap'))

    $CspmMainMap = CspmMainMap::this();

    $fields_prefix = $CspmMainMap->metafield_prefix;

    global $post;

    * The page IDs where the map is displayed */

    $post_ids_array = array(10);

    if(in_array($post->ID, $post_ids_array)){

        $taxonomy = 'category'; // The taxonomy slug/name
        $term_id = 7; // The term ID

        $map_settings[$fields_prefix.'_taxonomie_'.$taxonomy] = serialize(array($term_id));

     * The page templates to target */

    }elseif(is_tax() || is_category() || is_tag() || is_archive()){

        $queried_object = get_queried_object();

        $taxonomy = (isset($queried_object->taxonomy)) ? $queried_object->taxonomy : ''; // The taxonomy slug/name
        $term_id = (isset($queried_object->term_id)) ? $queried_object->term_id : ''; // The term ID

        $map_settings[$fields_prefix.'_taxonomie_'.$taxonomy] = serialize(array($term_id));


    return $map_settings;

add_filter('cspm_map_settings', 'cspm_update_map_settings', 10, 2);

Thank you

hi i would like to have a refund, because of the plugin not working with my theme as you have tryed to figure that out. in a mail you sent me you said i could get a refund so thats wat i want


I already did.

Thank you

Hi there,

Firstly, love this plugin! Looks great and the customisation options are fantastic.

However, I seem to be having a problem. The page is crashing when trying to load on iPhone (tested on both safari and chrome – both crashing).

Not sure what’s causing the problem, can you please have a look?

(P.S. It’s working fine on desktop chrome & safari and android chrome. Just seems to be an issue with iPhone)


Just checked the above url with and it’s coming back with a number of errors such as:

Error: Bad value for attribute action on element form: Must be non-empty. From line 1200, column 5385; to line 1200, column 5604 <form action=”” method=”post” id=”cspml_listings_filter_form” class=”cspml_filter_form col-lg-12 col…-xs-12 cspm_border_radius cspm_border_shadow no-padding cspm_animated fadeIn” data-map-id=”map5357”>

and Error: Duplicate ID map5357_listings_category29 From line 1200, column 6471; to line 1200, column 6544 <label for=”map5357_listings_category29” id=”map5357_listings_category29”>

Not sure if these are causing my page to crash. Any idea how I can remove these duplicates and fix the bad value errors?

Thank you!


For support, please contact me from the account you’ve used to purchase the plugin.

Thank you

Hi! I’m using your plugin Progress Map with Progress map List and Filters. You can see the map here : I’ve got a question, maybe you can help me : I want to have several filters, like “by work”, “by town”, “by type of company”, etc, but I cant display several lists. I can only have two lists at the same time. Moreoever, I dont understand how the “custom fields” are working. Could you help me please ? If you need any further informations, please ask me. Thanx Kind Regards,


Ps: I also have a problem with pagination. When you click on the other pages, it loads but doesnt display the results. Thanx

Hi, Excuse me, but I’ve purchased your plugin, and the expecting delay of response is 5 business days. I sent my message 7 days ago, and still no answer. It’s very important to have a answer before next friday, could you please write me back asap ? Thanx.

28 days, seriously ? It’s a big client for me, and they expected to have a map which is working. Please answer me asap.

Hello, Before i introduce my problem, sorry for my bad english I used the couple of plugin : progress map with the list & filter extension. After the update of your two plugins i have this problems :

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘split’ of undefined at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> ( at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> ( at Function.each ( at a.fn.init.each ( at a.fn.init.addClass ( at a.fn.init.a.fn.(anonymous function) [as addClass] ( at HTMLDocument.<anonymous> ( at i ( at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] ( at Function.ready (

You can test my website in developpement here :

I desactivate all the plugin with no effect

What’s the problem?


Sorry for the late response. This has nothing to do with the plugin. You need to check the below code in your website, it’s the one that causes the problem. Please deactivate it, then, try again.

<script type="text/javascript">(function($){$(document).ready(function(){$('.entry-content a').children('img').parent('a').addClass(function(){return(($(this).attr("href").split("?",1)[0].match(/\.(jpeg|jpg|gif|png)$/) != null) ? "et_pb_lightbox_image" : "");});});})(jQuery)</script>

Thank you

Thanks for your reply! I resolve the problem :) I add a bad function in my child theme Sorry for the inconvenience


First of all, great plugin.

I m using it with the filters addon and i have already inserted some entries. I wanted to know if theres a way to alphabetically order the list of filters.

Thank you.

We are completing a website which will use your plugin. We are creating products that will have a “Country”, “Region” and “County”. How do we correctly setup the product so that when the “Country” is selected in your filter (at, the “region” field only shows those in the selected country.

Also once the “region” is selected, the “counties”field only shows those in the selected “County”.

Your help would be greatly appreciated.


hi, i can not access the list and filer tab? I have set it up correct i am sure, can you please take a look?

I downloaded the plugin today and am receiving the error that I need the latest version of the plugin. In WP it is showing 2.2 and needs 3.0 or higher.

Any way to easily allow html in item description? Grid/List view

Figured it out – edited cspml-list-filter.php to allow tags – then added my own cases

When will datepicker filter be released? Need this very much!

Hi there,

I have some strange things happening…

1. For some reason the images on the list and filter plugin results that are usually square (as per the default content) are appearing rectangle. I have made sure the dimensions are identical to the demo images… still no luck. I would like the images to display square.

2. There seems to be a bug with the latitude and longitude, when clicking to view the location of a person the map does center itself over the correct place based on the lat and long coordinates I give it, however it does not show any map pointer or info box, instead the map pointer and info box is sitting in the completely wrong location of the map.

3. Question, is it possible to have the results automatically filter when a user makes changes to the filter settings rather than having to select search again each time?

Could you send me your email / let me know if you need backend access to look at this.

Thanks, James

I have managed to fix issue number 2. Issue number 1 is still a mystery, why will a square image not display as a square?

I would have expected a response by now?? For some reason the images on the list and filter plugin results that are usually square (as per the default content) are appearing rectangle. I have made sure the dimensions are identical to the demo images… still no luck. I would like the images to display square???

I like how your map works. Question for you. I have a client that is a Veteran Garden that has roughly 25 monuments in the garden. I can input the GPS coordinates of each monument into it’s own post. However, the google map doesn’t have all the details on the map. Is it possible to put an overlay on the map that would highlight the trails to each monument and a highlighted area where the actual monument is? I can provide a drawn map of the location if that might help explain what I need to do. Randy.


Could you let me know the best way to allow HTML tags in “List Item Description”?



I have one question.

How can i sort alphabetically the filters that i ve inserted?

I have 2 values, area and art and several others under them. Although while i make the data input i cannot insert them in order and the values of area and art are mixed. Is there a way to sort them after?

Thank you.

Dear Codespacing, I installed progressive map plugin on your template (Hemma) When I do, the Hamburger menu and the title of the page moves a litte to the left (only on the particular page I use the plugin). Is there anything I can do to fix this? Thank you. It’s a wonderful template.


Thank you for a great plugin.

On my map, the infoboxes are set to be title only (no images), however they take a long time to load – around 10 seconds. Is there a reason for this?

Thank you Kristy

Hello – just wondering whether anyone has been able to look at this?