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Great! This is what i searched… I will buy it ;)

Maybe you could add some Text lines under the picture before it flips on mouseover? I suppose that some people want to communicate something with some text so that for example the user can read that he has to put his mouse on the picture to see more info. It also could be interesting to flip the picture by klicking on a link in this textfield so that the user has more “control” about the animation (feels different).

Another thing: animating the picture upwards like “opening a car port” may be interesting. Is this included? Or do you plan to integrate something like that?


Hi, thanks your feedback, I’ll add the text field under cover in the next update. And try to add the text link to flip too. The animation available now are twirl, flipX, flipY, papercut, curl and fade.

Look at these animations of the that tab plugin: -> , for example “rightShowLeftHide”. Currently your animations are very cool, but a little bit too “overdriven” for some people I think. Thank you for reading this only as an info. (I bought your plugin now).

Ok, thanks your feedback, I’ll try to add the transition in the next update.

Hi, can you add g+ and rss icon, and also a counter option?

Also can you add a title for the widget, because WP doesn’t seem to recognize “Name” as title for the widget.

Hi again, by the lack of answer I have the feeling I’ve wasted 7$. Should I hope for these changes? I don’t get it, why would you not include g+ in a social widget?

Hi, please drop me a line via the contact form in my profile page, then I can send you the update file.

Is there any way to embed this into a post or page instead of a widget.

Hi I like the widget, I have three authors for my site and I only want to show this on each of their author pages. So if I go and click on “joe” as the author of an article it takes me to his list of articles and shows me your widget with his information. Can this be done? Thanks…

Hi Sike,

Currently I’m trying to use more than one card in widget areas on a page. The problem is that only the first one is flipping over and the ones are not. Any advise on how to solve the problem?


gerand Purchased

Hello, I’d like you to help me a question, to analyze the performance of my website at GTmetrix, they ask me to specify the size of the images, and there shows the icons of social networks Profile Card WordPress Widget are not specified, where I can specify the size of these images?