Professional BOT Traffic - With VPN

Professional BOT Traffic - With VPN

Professional BOT Traffic – Use VPN

  • This bot navigates as a human operator, at every page navigation the bot uses a new IP from VPN
  • This bot generates organic traffic recognized in Google Analytics
  • Also the bot has the following features:

  • -it offers the possibility to select a google region
  • -you have the possibility to select the number of traffic every day
  • -changes automatically the ip adress using a comand line in VPN
  • -clears cookies
  • -uses a random new user agent
  • -detects your multi-link on your website, and navigates random page
  • -random scroll on page
  • -random waiting time on page

  • Step by step:
  • 1 Open HMA! Pro VPN.exe and login with username and password.
  • 2 Open bot “Professional Traffic BOT” not “auto.exe”.
  • 3 Complete:
  • -Your website
  • -Your keyword
  • -Google (for example:
  • -Number of repetitions (for example: 1000)
  • -Waiting time until next navigation (for example: 30 for 30 seconds.)
  • After That, press the green triangle,RUN.


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