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Needs to have refresh protection from people spam refreshing their products to get popular.

Also reCAPTCHA is a must have for the admin login. Possibly even a ‘view reset’ panel for resetting views on reviews.

Oh and my main issue with this , there’s no backup / save when making reviews , website goes offline when you submit = lost an entire review

It’s quite good though I must say! Please just implement these features.

We will add your features ASAP.

Nice work – would you sell an unlimited licence for this ?

Hi, Thanks for your appreciation, i have replied to your email, please check your inbox SIR

you can’t sell outside the CC, contact on skype : viaviwebtch


just wanted to ask 3 questions please…

1) does this script allow multi level categories? for example electronics > TV > plasma electronics > TV > LED electronics > washing machine > free standing

2) also, how hard would it be to add a general field for example “country” so i can search by country.. or say if am reviewing TVs i want to only search for 3d Tvs even that 3d is not a category but only a feature.

3) i have seen that you have a search function… but can you add advanced search, so you can search only products that have a certain type of star rating, or specific feature?

Many thanks AB

Customization needed, contact on skype of email us

When I load my website from a fresh browser / new instance , the initial load is extremely long.

I originally thought it was due to my web-server so I switched servers , then I encountered the same issue on my new server , what’s up with that?

Also it would be nice to have an optional HTTPS ‘switch’ / button in the control panel , since I use SSL , I have to manually grep / rename all http results and change it to https

Couldn’t see any documentation on how to update from a previous installation either?

Thanks for the previous replies!

Hi, This is re-installation steps
Delete db_connection.php file from admin panal file path : Movie/administrator/includes/db_connection.php also manual remove database created during instalation

If you still have any problem than you can contact us on skype or email us your details so that we can check it

“You have 5 months of support remaining for this item.”

The developer tries charging extra even though I’m still supported for 5 months , all because they think they can have their own policy which is incorrect.

The script is broken and they refuse to fix it without payment(s) , obviously I’m not paying to have them fix the broken script that they installed for me.



Hi…The buyer is totally lying
First of all we have provided basic documentation though the he is not able to configure the scrip well, we have done this for him, given him upgradation guidance, eventhough we have given him free support on many updates which are not allowed he wants more and more help, so we have refused him as per the support policy,
So request to this kind of buyers to have basic knowledge of coding so that you can understand the documentation and code and use it

You’re a typical lying moron , making up shit to cover your dumb arse. You helped me ONCE , all you did was change two files , that’s it.

For starters , upgradation isn’t even a word so it’s not surprising your script is broken , secondly, you didn’t give me free support on any updates at all, never got support on any updates , you just told me to delete two files and upload the script , that isn’t support , that’s directions.

Furthermore , your script contains no documentation on how to upgrade the script , only how to install it which is why I contacted you originally , your directions broke my script and when I ask for help you try charging me for it.

Last but not least , I’ll be posting screen shots of how you treat your ‘customers’, or should I say ‘victims’.

Money hungry morons , enjoy the 1 star.

Hello, dont need your 1 start bro, i would suggest you to get some basic knowledge of coding before buying anything from marketplace, you have not done installation properly, did not know how to give permission from server, which php version to use, so it would be good for you to learn some, we will post whole chat history till now, so all know how much we have helped you.

Hi, Now continue using this product and tried in google chrome browser on multiple mobile devices and is not shown completely. I need to urgently solve this, tell me if I need to pay you support the extention, but I need your help. thank you

contact on skype : support.viaviweb

Hi, can I use this script for affiliate products reviews, like clickbank products?

Current script not for affiliate products reviews but if you want customize please contact on skype : support.viaviweb

Excellent support, fast, reliable and very clear, really recommend their products completely.

Thanks a lot :)

want to purchase it..but while checking admin demo I figure out that it’s not possible to put adsense code or any other code at advertisement section and I think it’s not good..can you add this feature.

and one more question…is it possible that user can sign up and add reviews

Sure sir with custom modification possible to add adsense and user review. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Hello Mr Developer

I have 2 Problems with this wonderful script, i installed it , it’s work But :

( SEO Problem ) : Category tilte Not shown , it show only ” – Website Name” ( Unknown problem) : each URL end with double slashes //

i don’t know why , i’ll send details on your skype . Thanks and i hope to solve me this problem.

For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

all URL’s have // and it is stopping pages from loading. For example

Please contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Hello sir, Thanks for your interest on our script and test our product. You are right about this testing and It’s speed depend on server. We try to give best HTML structure on this script then also we will check again all details..

hello is the script complete OOP php OR use php frame work

Thanks for your interest on our script. This script develop in Core PHP.

Im interested in buying this script but I have a few things I would like to see first. First thing I would like to is way to integrate paypal and be able to have top listing and difrent packages to pick from. Second thing is maybe sub categories. What I want to be able to do is organize things by brands so like samsung – cellphones and listed under Samsung cellphones would be all phones by samsungs. I have alot more suggestions as well and would be more then happy to talk to you more about them. Those are just my main ones

I added you on skype I would be more then happy to talk about a custom option

We will add you soon and discuss with you..

Give me message on Skype so i can contact you.

This script is full of errors. I had to amend the database to allow me to add products, no response on skype. I would stay away from this one, its badly put together and there is no support, I had to fix the issues myself.

WARNING ! Please be aware that this script has major security issues, SQL Injection vulnerabilities and XSS Vulnerabilities. Install this on your server and your information and databases become vulnerable. I WOULD RECCOMEND YOU REMOVE THIS SCRIPT OFF ANY SERVER UNTIL THIS IS FIXED.


GET parameter ‘id’ is ‘MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind’ injectable

heuristic (XSS) test shows that GET parameter ‘id’ is vulnerable to cross-site scripting attacks

GET parameter ‘id’ is ‘AND boolean-based blind – WHERE or HAVING clause’ injectable (with—string=”NC”)

GET parameter ‘id’ is vulnerable. Identified the following injection point(s) with a total of 259 HTTP requests:

” Parameter: id (GET) Type: boolean-based blind Title: AND boolean-based blind – WHERE or HAVING clause Payload: id=29’ AND 7480=7480 AND ‘phoN’=’phoN “

Type: AND/OR time-based blind
Title: MySQL >= 5.0.12 AND time-based blind
Payload: id=29' AND SLEEP(10) AND 'YxKH'='YxKH

Thanks for purchase our product. All buyer use this script and other client have no problem. Why should you have only this issue? This script already secure.

This script working fine and even we not got any message from you on Skype for support. If you have any problem then contact on Skype in our support time.

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

Have a Good Time.

there is a issue with umlaut like “üöä” they wount be insered corectly in the db and aolso if ö OR ä OR ü in the url tittle , it does not work., does not show any result. can you help please.

i have contacted you by email sir : my email is : “kauf.**”

the first issue solved my self, the second need you assistance regarding the ”//” after the domain name, this should be fixed.

Sir i told you please try to come on Skype so i can give you proper support. I need to check many things and we can only talk proper on Skype. Still i not get any mail from your side. Send me mail on this:

Sir, I am unable to install this theme on server. I have uploaded the files on server in sub domain folder, but it shows could not connect to database error. please help me

Thanks for purchase our script. You not properly configure database that’s why it’s not work. For more information contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

hi can i add android app to admin panel. web-android app =1 admin panel

Thanks for your interest on our app. We not understand your question. Can you explain proper what exact you try to ask?

please i want to purchase this stuff for use on something quite different from sales but i need to know if it can select product randomly from the database, not at each refresh but while the user in on the page. something like product refresh to pick another set fromt he databse. Thesame thing with the popular, recent and comment tabs. I want them to be picked at random without the user having to refresh the whole page. Also reading the comments i have all security fixes and bugs are not fixed. ones thats a go then. But please i would love to use this stuff just need it to select at radom of maybe four to the page without page refresh. Thanks

Thanks for your interest on our product. We read your requirement and this all things possible with customization. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT


ihnsie Purchased

Have install your item under….after this i have visit the admin page under….have place the admin/admin on it in order to visit the admin dashboard….it come the mistake wrong username / pass

Can you help me?

Hi, You not configure database file that’s why you face issue. First read proper document file then after setup and try to configure.