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Nice module… but an important function is missing. In need to sort out the products to find the right one. I have 10.000 products and want to change only 5… impossible to go through all data. Please update the module with this small function. Sort or find function would be helpful at all…

thx in advance Enrico

Thx for your information. I am still waiting on your update. I would appreciate a small update to select products which updated in a time frame. So there is a need to select update time frame, i.e. 10.Sept.2015 – 14.sep.2015 and those products might be set to new if selected. I hope it isn’t much work, because it is only a select SQL statement in the form to fill out begin and end date (SELECT ps_product_shop` WHERE `date_add` between ‘xxx’ and xxx , `id_shop` = 1;) It might be wrong, but should explain the way…. ) I hope you will be active on that! Thx in advance

Hello again Enrico. I’m already working on it. It will take some time, since it’s not only putting the code. I also have to update the documentation and then send it for revision. I hope it will be available next week.

Cheers, Victor

Hi Enrico,

I’m glad to announce that I added the search feature and submitted the changes. I hope that the module will be reviewed soon and an update will be notified to you and all the customers who purchased the module.

Now you will be able to search by product ID, product name and date of addition!

Thanks for your feedback, Victor

Dear Developer,

thank you very much for the update. Now the module works more efficient. But I would appreciate further a slight adjustment. You implemented the time frame for add articles… could you do it as well for modified article… because if there is an article modified, maybe quantity has been corrected that only modified date is changed and article still without the new sign. Again, it would be very helpful to chose time frame for modified article.

Thank you in advance for the update!

Regards Enrico

Hello Enrico,

maybe in the next update this feature will be added. In the meantime it should be easy for you to change the code to select the date of modification instead of the date of addition.



thx Victor… will do so! Regards Enrico


Is this module compatible to PS

Thank you for your answer.

Hello mzima! This module is compatible with 1.6.x versions so yes, it’s compatible. If you encounter any issue please let me know!

Thanks a lot.

Works like a charm – thank you!!!!

Hello, This plugin work on Prestashop cloud ?

Hello. Sorry, but no. PrestaShop Cloud is VERY restrictive right now and it doesn’t allow many things needed for my modules. You will have to buy a PrestaShop Cloud specific module, or ask them to remove those restrictions.



Excellent job!

Thank you very much st1s! :)

Hello, Are you planning to create a module for 1.7 version?

Hello zahiras. I plan to, but I’m busy lately and didn’t have time. I have to check if the module is currently compatible with PrestaShop 1.7 and then update the description and such. It will take some time, but I will look into it.

Thanks for your feedback!

Is this module compatible to PS 1.7?

Hello estiplanti, no, it won’t work with PS 1.7. I have to adapt it. I have a full-time work and I don’t have much time. I will have to fix it one of these days. Cheers!