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Hello Here Sander

I need your solution but with option to hide the price I had allready something like this made by other but after wordpress updates it did not work anymore

So can u help me today?

Please write via Private Message, its on page , form is “Email alex91ckua”

Hi Alex, The plugin still in conflicts with ; what is your work around on this? Thanks!

Hi Alex, hopefully you can assist. We are working on a client’s site and they have Product password protector (woocommerce).

This is version 1.

There is no upgrade or renewal notice showing in WP.

It is generating an error and I think we need to upgrade to latest version and probably renew payment.

The error we get is /

Fatal error: Call to undefined method WooCommerce::add_error() in /home/eosurgic/public_html/eoskills/wp-content/plugins/product_protector/product_protector.php on line 106

Can you please assist and advise how we can gain a current version?

Thanks in advance, best regards



Your client using old version of plugin. You have 2 options here:

1. Update plugin to fresh version (1.4) 2. Add fix via code

If you choose #2 just replace this line: $woocommerce->add_error( “Wrong product password.”);

with this: wc_add_notice( sprintf( “Wrong product password.”), ‘error’ );

Hi Alex, thanks for your prompt answer on this one…that got it sorted. cheers, D


I want to be able to password protect a product or category, which your plugin does fine, but most importantly I musy hide the price from those who don’t have access to the password. This is vital so that customers who buy retail don’t know the wholesale price available to my dealers.

I can’t see how to do this but feel that this must be a common requirement.

Can you help



Go to “Product Password” settings and click on “Hide price on products”

Thanks for your very prompt response. Not sure if I described my needs very clearly the first time.

I need the price hidden in the catalogue, and only those with the password can get in to see the product and the price.

Not sure if I’m being a bit thick !

LInk is I can hide the price but only if I hide the price for all the products – which I don’t want to do.



Sorry, current version of plugin does’nt have that function.

I’m planning to update plugin with that feature very soon.


Your plugin isn’t translation ready ? Is it planned ?


My purchase code : 49215926-c5f3-450d-88b2-2f631006eef6


Current version is non-translated yet. But it’s in plan.

Hi, The plugin is saying wrong password but the password is correct. the site is and the password is B3spok3 Please advise


Please write via Private Message.

By default the plugin required all products to have a password. How do I only select certain products to have passwords.

I want to hide prices and protect only certain products


Please write your website details via PM.


I just installed your plugin and it works fine on the individual product pages but does not work on the shop page. Instead of redirecting to the product page like the demo, it tries to add the product to the cart and fails. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?



Can you write your website details via PM please? I will try to help you.

Hello I just buyed your plugin but when i set a password for a category everybody can still access the category without entering a password. Please help me out


Can you write your website details via PM please? I will try to help you.

Hi nothing works even the product password. if i enter the right password it gave a error 500. also the categories are not protected when adding a password. Please you can contact me at

Check your email please ;)


Currently, the password is enable for the entire product. You can set a password for the product variant? Is there a lot of work with the addition of this functionality?


You can set a password for entire product only (not for variants). That functionality is plans and will be available in the next plugin versions.

Best Regards, Alex

Hello, I can add a password to a product category, but once I add it, I cannot delete it or disable it. The product category still says “password required” even after I have deleted the password for a given product category. Please advise.

Thank you.


That’s really strange..

Can you write your website details via PM please? I will try to help you. Not sure how to leave a private message. Please advise. Thanks.

Write via PM please.

Go to see right block “Email alex91ckua” ?

Hi, is there any way I can have to fields for passwords, and have two separate passwords that both allow addition to cart?


No, unfortunately only one password can be added.

Thanks. Can I have one field with two passwords that both work?

nope sorry, it’s not possible for now

Hello, It does not password protect woocommerce product page anymore. I think you need to update it


Please let me know what woocommerce version you’re using?

Hi, im using the latest version

Please let me know your website details via PM.

I’ll try to help you.

Hey I am wondering if I buy this product what your level of support is. I need to create the ability to password protect the product and hide the price, and depending on what password is entered, change the price of the product


Unfortunately feature which you’ve requested is not available in current package. By “support” it mean that I can help you with problems which can occur in current plugin version.

You can try to find some freelancer which can help you to customize it.

Before I purchase this plugin does it password protect a single product or does it password protect all the products?


By using this plugin you can protect single and all products as well.

Hi Alex,

I just purchased your plugin and I think it will be the perfect solution to my problem with password protecting tickets so I can create a pre-sales membership program.

I am having one small issue, the password field is not showing up with my woocommerce product (ticket). I am assuming there’s a theme styling conflict or something like this.

Are you able to give me a hand? I’ve been looking at this for a couple of days now and I haven’t had any luck getting your password field to populate by my product..

All the best,


Hi Bryan,

I’m happy to help you with your issue.

Please let me know your website details via PM (private message).

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I’m happy to help you with your issue.

Please let me know your website details via PM (private message).

Hi, how do I do that? I thought that when I went to support and filled out the field it would be a PM. can you please remove this as I don’t want the link up here? thanks

see “Email alex91ckua” box

Hi, can I apply multiple passwords for one product or category?


Unfortunately plugin allows to use only one password for single product or category

For some reason it wont work when passwording categorys,

i have tried to logout of admin to check but no luck


I’m happy to help you with your issue.

Please let me know your website details via PM (private message).