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I just purchased you plugin to password protect subscription downloads that I sell using the Subscriptions plugin at

It all works fine, except when a user does not enter a password. When a user does not enter a password, the page reloads and no warning message is displayed to the user telling them they must enter a password.

Please can you fix it so that an error message is displayed if no password is entered.

FYI, an error message is displayed if no password is entered on normal products. There is just no error message for subscription products.

Many thanks.


It’s looking like a conflict between woocomerce-subscriptions plugin.

Please provide website details via PM (private message).

Hello I do not see how to add a password to a single item


Have you tried to find it on “Products > Edit product” page?

Where is the image of the CATEGORY PROTECTION….I see a few people have asked for this and you have not provided it….....I want to buy it but I need you to provide a FULL snapshot of what it is I am buying…. PLEASE ADD AN IMAGE OF CATEGORY PROTECTION


I always try to help my customers, you want to see a screenshot of what this setting looks like?


That would be great…...there are just to many unknowns when it comes to plugins…..Thank you.

When you’re trying to “Add to cart” some product from protected category, plugin will redirect you to single product page and will show error, see a screenshot

I have installed and set category password but there is no box on the order page to enter a password!

Plugin is not compatible with Event Ticket plugin.

Hi, I can not install the Plugin.. Wordpress says the following error message (its German):

Installiere Plugin aus Datei:

Entpacken des Pakets …

Das Plugin wird installiert …

Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Es wurden keine funktionsfähigen Plugins gefunden.

Die Plugininstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.

Zurück zur Plugin-Installation


It’s looking like you’re trying to upload whole package, not plugin.

You should unzip and select plugin file only (

Please let me know if it works for you

Hi, when installing the plugin I get an error saying install failed, no plugin found. Could you help please. Thanks Jon

Hi Jon,

Off course I’ll try to help you.

Please provide website details via PM (private message).

Thanks for this. Where do I pm you?

Go to

see form on right hand side?

i am using dokan plugin but it not showing any password setting option

please help us to resolve this


Please provide website details via PM (private message).

Hi, we would know if with this plugin with password set on a single product the price is hide or you just can’t purchase but price is visible?


Please provide website details via PM (private message).

“Second we would to know if there is a way to set password for a tag and not a category (bulk password protect for all item with same tag)” – Nah, sorry it’s not possible yet.



Pre-sales question. Is this plugin compatible with Wordpress 4.9.1 and php 7.1?

Also will you be actively updating it, if needs be?



Yeah, it’s compatible. Also we’re working on massive update which will be released really soon.

Thanks for the prompt reply, already bought it, works a treat, saved me a lot of hassle. Can I make a suggestion for the update, it would be great if you could put custom text above where you enter the password. Thanks again…

Thanks for your message, really appreciate! That feature will be included in next build, I’ll release it in 1-2 days.

Hello, I have a Visual Builder plugin at my webshop. I have a “Build your own” button besides “Add to cart”. I am looking for a solution to add 20 products available for everyone and +10 products with password protection, which can be purchased. With the protected products I would like to hide the “Add to cart” and also the “Build your own’ button. Can you please let me know if your plugin can solve this? (It’s okay if a whole category is hidden). Thanks, Julia

Thanks for taking a look! But do you think I can password protect a whole subcategory? I would like to offer 5 free designs and include an option to buy 12 more. If someone buys this, I send out a password and so he/she can enter it to unlock the subcategory with the 12 editable designs itself. Is this possible with your plugin? Thanks, J.

Plugin can block products only (on single product page), unfortunately it’s not working on categories pages.

I see :( Still, thanks!

hi, is this plugin compatible with woocommerce subscriptions and woocommerce force sells

Hi, yes it’s compatible


emporio3 Purchased

Hi, is it possible to import password protector flag and value in product page with wc all import or other way?


Not sure what you mean.. you want export/import password protector settings?


emporio3 Purchased

hi, i mean a bulk import. you can set product password in every product product. i want to know if is it possible to to that (set flag and password)with a bulk import like csv file etc….instead i have to set manually in every product

Sure, you can use any plugin which allow to export/import woocommerce products (include product meta fields)

Hi – We searched and tried some things, then found your product. For some reason is not working on this page:

Scanned your comments here and saw a note about a subscription plugin. We are using Subscriptio at that site. Is this the problem, and what do you recommend for a fix?

Thanks – Scott


Please provide website details via PM (private message).